Donald Trump Is Talking About White People Now

Here is my grand theory of Donald Trump:

Donald Trump is a Boomer.

Donald Trump watches FOX News and was never on the internet. He doesn’t read.

Donald Trump usually says what he thinks is popular like with the vax.

Donald Trump says what he thinks can get him elected based on polls.

Donald Trump is suddenly talking about White people and anti-White discrimination, which he didn’t do throughout his entire presidency, because Tucker Carlson broke the ice in 2021.

So, the real question for us is how do we influence people who write Tucker Carlson’s content because that is evidently the leading indicator of our politics.

Note: It was taboo to even talk about White people until Dump lost the 2020 election. I still say that defeat was a much needed kick in the ass.

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  1. Unrelated.

    Just found out Colin Flaherty passed.
    What a fine man, to express truth about one of our forced social ills and the consequences of it.

    GB. Colin Flaherty…..

      • @RB: Don’t besmirch a good man’s name.

        Doherty Funeral Homes, Inc. – Pike Creek
        3200 Limestone Road
        Wilmington, DE

        The man’s contributions to our cause were stand out, & his bona fides well-earned.
        He didn’t, “name the J …” but whatsay we take – & honor – the good one of our own does and/or, did.
        Rest in peace Colin Flaherty & thank you.

        • He loved them Christ killers, that good enough for you Christ killer? The Irish are not on our side, they are subversives used by Jews to undermine Christ and Christianity.

          • RB, if the Irish are so diabolical and powerful why haven’t they killed you yet? Are you just faking all this anti-Irish hysteria and are really a secret “Irish informant” yourself?

            I am asking this for my dear beautiful white Irish mom’s sake who died over 30 years ago and was earlier excommunicated by the Roman Catholic Church because my white English Protestant father refused to allow his children to be brought up in the RC faith.

            This “heretic” would like to know.

        • It’s not that he didn’t name them. It’s that he vigorously defended them. Defending our worst racial enemy more than counteracts whatever else he wrote about Black violence.

          The Black violence focus isn’t even all that useful, to be honest, because even most libtards know that Blacks are absurdly violent. They just believe it’s White people’s fault that they are violent, because White people are too mean to them and make them feel bad which forces them to commit violent crimes or something. Only a small 5% of extremely brainwashed true believers who outsource their thinking to CNN are able to overlook Black violence, so “Black people are violent” isn’t really news to anyone.

          • @BannedofLife—-That Karen Dunn is really something, ain’t she Mick? When are you going to get all uppity and righteous of the persecution of innocent whites by your own kind? When Mick when? You need the ladder 4 treatment, all Irish do. We will see what God has planned for you Christ killer, no way in hell is your kind ever going to repent.

          • @RB
            I hear you O’Brien. You ready to take me to Room 101 yet? Am I not screaming at the teleprompter loud enough or with enough passion for you during your two minute hate drills. Tough, Yankee. Go bully someone else.

  2. Donald Trump is a pitchman.
    He knows how to sell a deal, an image.
    The pitch is rarely the substance of the deal.

  3. Yep, what whites need to realize is that Martin Luther King’s “dream” was written for him by his white communist handers. What did he really think? CRT? Who knows but whites need to understand the black mindset really had no philosophical problem with the old system, they just wanted to trade places with whites. The color blind utopia is something appealing to white liberals. Now with the democrats elevating blacks as their most trusted allies in their crusade against Trump’s base you have 90 IQ black women “intellectuals” spouting their mouths and it isn’t MLK’s “dream” and high minded utopianism, it’s trading places, resentment, and spiteful punishment for whites.

    • Re: “Martin Luther King’s ‘dream’ was written for him”:

      Malcolm X’s dream was entirely different, and I think, original.

      “color blind utopia is something appealing to white liberals”:

      And it’s just as appealing to white conservatives, who also serve the same unnatural cosmopolitan system.

    • “Yep, what whites need to realize is that Martin Luther King’s “dream” was written for him by his white (you mean ‘fellow white’ ?) communist handers.”

  4. It was taboo to even talk about White people until Dump lost the 2020 election. I still say that defeat was a much needed kick in the ass.

    I can’t disagree with this, though we disagree about the steal. As I’ve noted before, even the theft is ultimately on Dumpf’s head because the retarded boomer refused to do do anything about it. Instead, he delegated it (along with everything else) to Kang Jared, then acted surprised when it all went to shit. The “stable genius” claim is as bogus as “liberal democracy” is. The thing that is truly crazy about Dumpf’s evangelical supporters is their complete refusal to understand that the Chabad sect of Talmudism (Kang Jared and Queen Esther’s sect) is literally a form of Satanic Sorcery. So this supposedly “Christian” leader has a son-in-law who worships the devil and his own daughter converted to Satanism. It wasn’t an Austrian painter who characterized them as “The Synagogue of Satan” it was Christ himself.

  5. It is almost meaningless political jargon. “White,” as in Caucasoid, is a very broad biological concept, and the term “White” is also used to describe the MIXTURE of descendants of European ethnicities that now constitute about half of the ethnically and racially mixed U.S. population (which is not a people). Where you have more than one ethnicity, more than one language, more than one culture, religion and history, sharing (competing for) one geographic space, you don’t have a people or a nation, you have an empire!

    • I don’t see what’s wrong with “White” being a biological concept, except insofar as biology alone cannot unite a people the way WigNats and Appolonians wish. It goes without saying that a unitary language, culture, religion, and historical narrative is needed to unite a people, which in the past, was tied at the hip with ethnicity, as opposed to race, which is a continental and global concept.

      That all said, the fact that race is a biological concept has serious ramifications. Our enemies wish to dismiss Whiteness as a meaningless “social construct” because they instinctively know such a critique is the ultimate way to decouple Whiteness from biology, and thus strip it of all its value.

      Whiteness as a biological concept implies that some people are allowed in the breeding pool, and some are not. There was intense controversy about this in the past: Should the Irish, Italians, Poles, Greeks, and other SE Euros or Non-Anglo Euros be allowed to immigrate to America and thus breed with the native Anglo population? These all tie into existential questions of what exactly White people are, and should be, issues that continue to embroil the WN Movement.

      In 2022, I think Whiteness is paradoxically more crystalized now then it was in the past. All non-Jewish Europeans, with limited exceptions, are biologically White and thus are not at risk of contaminating or degrading the gene pool – which is the great, totally justified fear of miscegenation and race mixing.

      A tanned Italian guy with brown eyes and a Germanic looking face having kids with an ivory skinned, blue eyed beauty from England is not race mixing. The kids of such unions look just as often like the Nordic parent as they do the Dark & Handsome one. As Jack Ryan likes to say, the Nordic genes are strong.

      A sub-saharran African man mating with a European women, or a European man mating with an East Asian women, one the other hand, both produce half breed offspring that look nothing like the White parent, and act nothing like we expect Good Whites to act when they grow up.

      Its been awhile since I talked about this stuff in frank terms, as my own views on the matter have shifted over the years. I get why some Ethnic Nationalists like Andrew Fraser of Occidental Observer don’t like the idea of interethnic mixing within the White Race.

      The problem I have with those positions – and in this specific regard, I begrudgingly agree with the goddamned Appolonians – is that petty nationalism can indeed get in the way of White Unity, which, whether that concept leads to Empire or not, is the only way I see Whites being able to sufficiently block our enemies from dominating us, subordinating us, humiliating us, and tormenting us.

      • “A tanned Italian guy with brown eyes and a Germanic looking face having kids with an ivory skinned, blue eyed beauty from England is not race mixing. The kids of such unions look just as often like the Nordic parent as they do the Dark & Handsome one. As Jack Ryan likes to say, the Nordic genes are strong.”

        Wrong. The children will look like the Italian, unless one of his parents had the blonde/blue genes. Nordic genes are recessive and can go extinct if their population is swamped with dominant genes.

        • The math is actually 75:25 regardless if his parents had the blue/green eyed gene or not. Once you add in the fact that a significant amount of Europeans have the light eyed gene regardless of their own phenotype, it effectively becomes a coin toss, which explains why I see so many White couple where one parent is a Brown eyed Brunette, the other is a Blue eyed Blonde, and their kids never look like just one parent. In fact, I honestly don’t know a whole lot of couples where both parents have Blue eyes, and yet, the trait persists. And I live in Midwest America. Plenty of Germans, Irish, and English around.

    • @anonymous – “It is almost meaningless political jargon. “White,” as in Caucasoid, is a very broad biological concept…”
      ^^ You know a Black person when you see one, correct? Well then you surely know a WHITE person when you see one — especially for politcal purposes.

  6. Stalin also did not used internet and not even watched Fox. He thought about how to bring entire enemy network down.

    If Donald doesn’t want to do something really big, why he needs presodency . He has already everithing.

    • Because when the Donald needs to screw in a lightbulb, it’s really simple. All he has to do is hold the bulb and the entire planet revolves around him. Very Stalinesque in that respect, complete with Cult of Personality.

      He’s not on our side. Shitlib ranting and screeching is just more Kabuki theatre. They called Jorge W. Busheron “Bushitler” and they said Trump was “literally Hitler”. To paraphrase C.J. Hopkins: ‘Here I voted for Hitler and all I got was this retarded boomer. Even the ‘Hitler’ from the fake-musical Springtime for Hitler was better.’

    • Stalin also inspired thousands of Russian women to fight on the front lines, long-range sniping, even flying bombers (Germans called them “the flying witches”) etc.

  7. You keep saying that the 2022 midterms will be a big win for Republicans. That assumes free and fair elections. The Democrats stole the 2020 election (I know you don’t believe that but many of us do). Why would they not steal every election from now on?

  8. Golly thanks Trumpy — your only concern for Whitey is he has to wait longer to get the Jew-Poison shot?

    There isn’t any other discrimination against white folk you could think of? …anything?

  9. I would like to see somebody, talk about being President of the Confederacy, promote secession, and call muster on The Army of Northern Virginia; to see who shows up. I don’t feel that Trump is that man.

  10. I officially no longer give a shit. The only change is going to come from outside this system.

    • Or the system will eventually collapse, in which case it will be too late and life will be hell for everyone.

    • The grift that keeps on grifting…. Jared’s busy counting the shekels so he’s not obviously issuing orders at the moment. Maybe Dumpf is running on his con-man instincts, which are superb.

  11. >Here is my grand theory of Donald Trump: …

    You forgot to mention that he’s as dumb as a rock.

    >Donald Trump is suddenly talking about White people and anti-White discrimination, …

    Did he do so in any context other than COVID treatment? — because as I noted before, re certain kinds of (allegedly scarce) COVID treatment, this ‘discrimination’ could be justified epidemiologically by using CDC national data.

    Let us know when he talks about white people being displaced as America’s majority population — this is important, because it’s obvious that non-whites don’t seem to have any qualms about demonizing, scapegoating, and legally persecuting Whites, so it’s natural to wonder what comes next.

  12. Whites were being discriminated and attacked before he was in office and when he was in office but he didn’t seem to care than, so why should be care now? The answer, he doesn’t. It’s all political theater to get the hard lines Whites to vote for him again. Don’t fall for it. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.

  13. It’s hard to believe Trump really wanted to win reelection when his 2020 campaign was run in such an incredibly stupid, inept manner. Shamelessly and relentlessly pandering to groups that he should have known damn well were never going to vote for him? And if he genuinely believed the election was stolen from him why didn’t he challenge the results in court? Why didn’t he organize massive Stop the Steal rallies? Instead he left office in a hasty, clumsy and disgraceful manner.

  14. Rhetoric is misleading legislation is who these people really are. and trump is a billionaire zionist faggot that doesn’t give a fuck about White people.

  15. Your theory on Trump is wrong because he doesn’t make any decisions himself. Trump is just an actor with a team of Zionists, neocons and grifters telling him what to do and say. Trump promotes the vaccines even though his hardcore supporters are against it. The only reason for him to have this position that is unpopular with his supporters is because someone is telling him promote it, likely some rich Jews in the pharmaceutical industry.

    Trump cynically noticing White people exist is just another example of some dirty Jew being in his ear telling him to pretend to be a quasi White Nationalist.

    By the way it’s not a positive development when Jews take over the conversation about anti-White discrimination.

  16. I think we need to reevaluate how we see politics and synthesize a few contradictory. First, the WN 1.0 theories:

    >Democrats vs. Republicans is as fake as pro wresting. Its Kabuki theater, designed to give off the appearance of conflict and struggle when in fact, both parties are two wings of the same bird of prey.

    >The Russian Interference hoax was a prime example of this Kabuki theater. It wasn’t a serious response by a system responding to the existential threat of a political outsider, it was All Part Of The Plan.

    >All U.S. Presidents are puppets that do exactly as their puppet masters tell them to do. All Senators and Congressmen are effectively puppets as well. Whether they go along with this willingly or knowingly, or whether they are dumb stooges, its all the same.

    >The culture war is fake. Left vs. Right is fake. Culture war issues are dragged up every election cycle by both political parties to fire up their base, get them to vote, and thus legitimize the absolute control of “The Jews” or “The Capitalists” or “The System” or whatever the enemy is.

    >There is no hope of toppling or changing the system without resorting to either Turner Diaries style violence or radical critique premised on Continental Philosophy. Voting is pointless. Voting legitimizes the system and cannot possibly destabilize it.

    The logical conclusion of all these theories is that the voters don’t matter. The people we are (presumably) trying to convert don’t matter. Its all hopeless. Nihilism. Black Pilled. Etc etc. If I was a CIA agent leading a psyop, or a Democrat Party partisan trying to suppress Right Wing voter turnout, I’d come up with similar narratives.

    Lets examine mainstream/Normie theories, from a Right Wing perspective:

    >The Democrat Party since the 1980s has become more shrill, radical, and leftist. It exists to push a toxic, socially liberal agenda that shits on and alienates every core value America used to hold dear.

    >The Democrat Party pushes policies that are harmful and destructive to normal Americans – which is to say, middle Americans, not ghetto scum trailer and trash that live off welfare, or upper class snobs like Dickie Spence. Republican Party policies may or may not objectively help their base, but they rarely harm them.

    >The Republican Party says all the right things about opposing Democrat Party/Cultural Leftist aggression, but then governs like moderate pussies and faggots. Politicians like John McCain and Lindsay Graham were adored by the Liberal Media for being “mavericks” who “just wanted bipartisanship.” Bipartisanship only goes one way: The Democrat base gets everything, the GOP gets scraps.

    >The Republican Party is full of politicians like Mitch McConnell who despise their base and wish it was a party of Social Liberalism + Economic Reaganism (Neoliberalism), when its base wants Social Conservatism and an Economic system that merely *doesn’t* conspire to loot its hard earned money and redistribute it downwards *or* upwards. Important note: The social conservatism matters much more then the Economics. Clinton was wrong about the economy. Broke: Muh Stagnating Wages. Woke: Opposing the totalitarian lockdowns.

    >Starting in the 1994 midterms and continuing through the Tea Party era of 2009-2012, there was a concentrated effort by Conservative voters and Conservative media establishment to push the GOP in a more Right Wing direction. To force the Newt Gingrich and McConnell types to practice what they preach, or else face getting primaried. The GOP has objectively moved in the direction of gridlock and partisanship – ALL at the behest of its Right Wing voter base, and ALL in reaction to Democrat Party aggression.

    >The GOP claims it wants to Own The Libs but doesn’t actually Own The Libs. Since 2009, Lib Owning has progressively (ahe) intensified.

    These latter theories are premised on the foundation that engagement in politics matters. That voting matters. That rhetoric matters. Its a White Pilled view. We can change things – we can topple an entire system – through scorched earth politics. We can not just Own The Libs, we can marginalize them and politically destroy them. We can ritualistically humiliate them for flooding our nation with criminals and rapists, and for conspiring to make our own lives miserable.

    How to synthesize this with the BlackPilled views of WN 1.0 and 2.0, which assumes that all hope is lost and a “National Socialist” system will never come into existence?


    Politics is less grand, less “interesting,” and more simplistic, then any of us wish to admit. Personally, yeah, I buy into a lot of the grand conspiracies about the Illuminati, a 500 year long Rothschild plot that is all powerful and all encompassing, total Jewish dominance of all relevant institutions, etc.

    What if all that is real….and what if none of it matters???

    What if the last 20 years of American politics are basically just a response to Al Gore losing the 2000 election to a 5-4 decision by the Rhenquist court? What if politics really is an actual struggle between competing interests for power and influence? What if the balance of power shifted hands from the Neocons (2000-2006) to the Shit Libs (2006-2010) to political gridlock (2011-2016) to the Reaganites (2017-2020) back to the Shitlibs (2021-today)?

    Here’s the synthesis: One group of Jews is naive enough and behind the times enough to think that a President like Trump can keep the goyim in check. He cant, and they cant, and the rest of the Jews know that. Jonathan Greenblat wasn’t overextending his hand. He was applying the same pressure tactics that worked for decades. He simply underestimated how radicalized the GOP base has become.

    Tucker was a big fish. Bigger then him have been cancelled. Entire Presidencies have been cancelled. Tucker wasn’t cancelled because he CANT be cancelled because that particular golem has grown beyond the control of the puppet masters. Everyone at CNN, the New York Times, and the constellation of Leftist websites and “extremist watchers” knows this.

    The Russian Interference hoax was not kabuki theater. It was a preemptive strike at an emerging existential threat, with some blowhard real estate mogul from New York serving as its avatar. The preemptive strike failed, and now they are in panic mode. Power is slipping through their fingers.

    Whether we support and vote for Trump in 2024 or not should depend on one issue alone: Does his rhetoric and actions further destabilize “Our Democracy” and radicalize the Normies? Does his rhetoric advance or hinder White Nationalist/Right Wing objectives? If he runs on a campaign of revenge and scorched earth, I’m voting for him. Same for the entire Republican Party.

    Lets Go Brandon.

    Hail Victory

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