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  1. She was selected not really boosted by AA. Sucking Brown’s little Willy was the audition. The power brokers are just so old and out of touch that they thought this was a good idea.

  2. It’s hilarious that the puppet masters have to keep Joe on life support longer than initially planned due to the fact Gamala has proven to be way worse than they already knew.

    • Or it’s part of the demoralization process. The more they suck the better. Biden seems too far gone for even just sucking tho.

  3. She was Wall Street’s favourite and remember, I predicted she would be the VP candidate from the very beginning of the primary season. All that matters is that she will do whatever the elites want. Black Rock and the BIg Banks run the U.S. Her Marxist father disowned her long ago for her slavish devotion to capitalism.

  4. >Kamala Harris is the embodiment of affirmative action.

    You could just as easily say she’s emblematic of America’s future — are you old enough to remember those public service announcements about drugs? — ‘This is your brain on drugs.’ (link) — about Kamala Harris you could say: ‘This is your country on diversity.’

  5. “Kabala Ha’aretz”- the poster slut for 2024’s ‘Whore of Babylon’ title.

    “And he saith unto me, The waters which thou sawest, where the whore sitteth, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues.” Rev. 17:15

    Traif. Get rid of her/it.

  6. @ what’s there really too say !? Except, wow, have we really fallen ! Being president or vice president, just don’t mean that much anymore, if the likes of the he current office holders have it…..

  7. Nicholas Stix has a fitting tribute to the only single person with a national holiday in Kwa-Bananaland, the homeland of the Rotten Banana Empire:


    There were even a couple of things there I was unaware of, to wit:

    The Holy Rev. Keehng’s handler, the Communist Jew Stanley Levinson, was an active member of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, where being an atheist infidel was no impediment to membership or promotion.

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