Joe Biden: We’re Facing Jim Crow 2.0

Fact check: Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) are blocking the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act in the Senate.

Note: Joe Biden’s own personal unpopularity which sits at 33% in the latest Quinnipiac poll and 42% in the RCP average is the real “voter suppression.” There is nothing that the GOP is doing at the state level which is having a bigger suppressive effect on voters than Joe Biden.

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    • Perhaps we could reach some sort of compromise with the Negroes, since repatriating all 40 million of ’em to Africa would be an undertaking almost as formidable as sending a team of astronauts to Mars. They can reside in certain counties of Mississippi, Tennessee and Alabama as long as they behave. If they get out of line they and their immediate families are tagged or branded and sent to Liberia, never to return.

      • @Spahnranch – That is no longer feasible. They consider this — the civilization Whites built — their house now They want the whole thing, and us enslaved, on reservations. Blacks want a racial revenge that they are not owed .

    • @Arrian I still think we are in the minority but more people than ever before are starting to realize that the system is propped up on theatrics and lies. Most Fox viewers you speak with will talk about the racist Democrats and CNN viewers love going on about the January 6th deadly insurrection. But more and more I speak to someone who like us gets that everything the politicians and media state are lies and exaggerations.

      A serious society would laugh in unison at the proposition of “you need ID and vax passports to buy a gun or dog and to enter a McDonalds” but getting a basic ID is way too difficult and time consuming to expect blacks and Salvadorans who want to vote in federal elections. I could care less who gets elected anymore but the way they speak about the solemn act of voting followed by claims that the lazy and illiterate are being discriminated against is insane. And more and more people are realizing this because no honest person believes Jan 6th was a deadly insurrection or that asking black people to fill out an ID form is discriminatory.

  1. “We’re Facing Jim Crow 2.0?

    You mean, like the looting of all the Union Pacific trains in LA? Looks like Haiti, with all the trash strewn along the tracks.

    Biden is not facing senility, he’s embracing it.

    • >the looting of all the Union Pacific trains in LA

      The elites don’t care about (what they see as) trifling bullshit like that — they ignored de-industrialization and its consequences for decades, and for an encore they ignored 750k+ opioid overdose deaths over a 20 year time span before deciding it was time for them to pretend to give a damn.

  2. Those so called “Voter supression laws” are similar to what europan countries demand when voring (meaning a credible ID).

  3. We do need a buffer between common, decent, God fearing whites and this whoring Irish filth. Joe might to be on to something.

    • Sir, your actually are the anti-White filth that needs to be removed trying to confuse people thinking you are helping Whites. You trying to divide and conquer Whites by attacking our warrior-class white Celts and I personally think you are the blackest and dumbest troll that has ever come on here.

  4. Biden and his democrat/marxist party are nothing but assholes. What were we taught when we were kids if a kid keeps being an asshole and won’t leave you alone??? Was it something along the lines of just punching them straight in the nose?? That’s what needs to be done. These assholes need to be punched straight in the nose.

  5. Batshit Joe doesn’t write any of those tweets. I think he’s living in a nursing home in Delaware that has a TV studio in it made to look like the Oval Office.

  6. Who’s that loud-mouthed colored guy with the red MAGA ball cap on Sean Hannity’s panel? Is he supposed to be like Rochester on the Jack Benny Show?

  7. The more images like the one above are evidence that Biden’s Alzheimer’s disease is presenting with outbursts of aggression and anger. Ten to fifteen percent of all Alzheimer’s patients exhibit such irrational behavior.

    • Again, I think Batshit Joe lives in a nursing home in Delaware that has a TV studio in it which has been decorated to resemble the Oval Office. None of the tweets issued under his name are written by him. He has no real presidential authority. A team of “experts” and consultants are in charge of the government. His wife, Dr. Jill, is shtupping George Stephanopoulos.

    • Side note….most sportsball fans do not read and they spell his name as SABIN…this, the greatest coach ever in his sport.

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