MSNBC: Divided America Leads To Civil War Speculation

The speculation is coming from the faltering political establishment and obviously reflects their grim mood and fear of losing power through normal democratic processes.

From our perspective, Joe Biden is a lame duck president who is drowning in a sea of inflation, Wokeism and COVID. Democrats are sinking like the Titanic. There isn’t any need to go out and engage in domestic terrorism or to launch an “insurgency.” We can sit here and watch the spectacular collapse of the establishment on all fronts which been completely discredited by Joe Biden’s presidency.

We have Joe Biden to make our case for us now. 66% of Republican voters believe the Great Replacement is happening now. Ibram X. Kendi has persuaded millions of White people that antiracism is anti-White. The endgame is that our views steadily gain ground and become obvious and more broadly accepted and reflected in American politics. Coastal media continues to talk to itself inside its shrinking regional bubble. “Disinformation” continues to spread like Omicron outside of bankrupted institutions. Demands to cancel this or that person seem to be getting less effective.

No one can say what the final blow will be to the political establishment which has lost its legitimacy. Political support is rapidly evaporating. It could be something like inflation which takes down the regime in one big blow. It could be another foreign policy disaster which has become a lot more conceivable after Afghanistan. I think the most likely candidate is Trump Derangement Syndrome with the desperate and flailing establishment launching another failed color revolution like the George Floyd riots after Trump wins the 2024 election. It is only 2022 and we are already on “Jim Crow 2.0” level hysteria.

The narrative is already being set up for this: any Republican political victory is due to “voter suppression” and “election subversion” and “Jim Crow 2.0” and is thus undemocratic and illegitimate. The election was stolen from us by “white supremacists.” This will be the Democrat version of the “Big Lie.” It will be the basis for a failed coup from the establishment which will likely be the loser in 2024.

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  1. ZOG seems genuinely worried that white working class Americans could rise up against them at any moment. But I don’t see any signs of organized resistance – UNFORTUNATELY.

    • Spawn. Don’t be such a pessimist. If even CNN is against Biden…. well, miracles are happening every day!

  2. Question: is it better to continue to advocate for white separatism, or stop providing them with “evidence” they can spin against it?

  3. Trump is not going to win in 2024. Why do so many think this is possible? The next “Trump” is going to be someone who says similar things, but more intelligently. If Pat Buchanan were 30 years younger, this would be his time. Do we have someone like that?

  4. “Divided America Leads To Civil War Speculation”

    This is a cheap scare tactic, to scare the simple-minded away from populism and back into the woke camp.

    What I fear is the creation of an external war, to garner support ” we must rally around the President In this time of crisis”.

    • Arr- the Jews would destroy their own nation, to keep their hegemony over the levers of Christian/White power.

      Example: Palestine, AD 70. [And there, they even had to crucify their God.]

      Nuff said.

  5. They clearly want it to distract normies from their utter incompetence. The “Professional Managerial Class” is only professional at screaming Church of Woke dogmas. When it comes to actual management, they’re as incompetent as the negroes they worship and adore. Using BLM, Antifa, the FBI and various federal and state Stasi to ignite armed resistance – over lockdowns, hauling families away to camps, etc. would distract. Normies still believe far to much of the narrative and remain unaware of the total evil of the regime.

  6. The two sides of divided America do agree about the essentials, including maintaining cheap oil and the Petrodollar system, and full support of Zionism. Neither side cares that the Yemeni people who never invaded or threatened anyone are being genocided by the U.S.’s chief allies the House of Saud and the Emirs of Abu Dhabi so that the royal Saudis and Emiratis can take their land (including the beautiful island of Socotra, an unspoiled paradise, intended for tourist industry) and large untapped oil reserves.

    But YESTERDAY, starving little Yemen struck back at the biggest bloated U.S.- and Israeli-allied bully, the United Arab Emirates. Today. little Yemen struck hard blows at the international airport in Abu Dhabi, and oil refineries and other strategic sites, using ballistic missiles and many armed drones that hit the targets with precision. The U.A.E. has oil and oil refineries that are very important for the U.S., and it faces the Strait of Hormuz, hosts important U.S. military facilities, and has a very large global tourist industry. I think the Empire is fully united in imperialism and will fight more external wars, not a civil war in its “homeland.”

    • Re: “the Empire is fully united in imperialism and it will fight more external wars, not a civil war in its homeland”:

      Deep-Southron (Mississippian) Senator Wicker is itching for an external war, but not a civil war. He is bragging that “As of yet no one has given Vladimir Putin a bloody nose (but) this time Vladimir Putin will get a bloody nose.” North and South, coastal and inland, eastern and western states, all agree about the necessity of imperialism and imperialist war. The U.S. has always been at war from its very beginning, and it will have much more and bigger war soon, but not another civil war.

        • Nope. But it wouldn’t bother me if Russia rolled over all of W. Europe and sent the entire Western political class to work camps in Siberia.

        • I think something will come out of it. U.S. mercenaries brought chemical weapons into Ukraine recently, and mainstream media is preparing the public with the story that “Russia is planning to stage a false flag as an excuse to invade.” But that means the U.S. is planning to use its Ukro-Nazi proxies to stage a false flag, possibly with chemical weapons. Media-amplified false flag chemical weapons attacks in Syria are still believed-in by many people. A lie repeated often and loudly enough, especially on Fox News, becomes truth that justifies imperialism and imperialist war. The U.S. is at this moment finishing building an oil refinery in the northeast corner of Syria (where Syria’s oil fields are) that the U.S. still occupies, to refine the oil that it steals from the Syrian people.

          No I do not agree that nothing will come of the Russia situation. There are things coming out of it every day and have been coming out of it, for years. Once the empire bites it never lets go. It hasn’t let go of Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Korea, Afghanistan, etc. Russia was colonized in the 1990s but during the Middle East wars of the early 2000s it began to slip away under the leadership of Putin, along with various Latin American countries that went “pink” during that periiod but have mostly been recovered under right-wing regimes.

          The Empire or global Hegemon will keep biting into Russia until it finally submits and is fully re-colonized. As Paul Craig Roberts said, the fall of the Soviet Union was the greatest tragedy to befall mankind in our lifetime, because it created a unipolar world. .

    • Russia is going to coordinate with China, Iran, and North Korea, it is going to take time to sit down and come to an understanding, but Russia wins this fight without even firing a shot. America can not fight Russia, China, Iran and North Korea all at once and the prospect of having to fight all at once will force a Biden back down. Then the pipeline opens and Russian gains a huge economic advantage over Europe.

      • “Russia wins this fight without even firing a shot. America cannot fight Russia, China, Iran and North Korea all at once”:

        It won’t have to. China is busy with the Olympics now, and thinks it can resist the Empire by financial and economic means, and is very unlikely to come to the aid of Russia militarily. North Korea will stay neutral, and Iran can do little to help Russia militarily. The Empire will defeat and dispose of them one by one. It is still financially all-powerful (not even China comes close, as U.S. DOLLARS buy the loyalty of most of the world) and it has by far the world’s most powerful media (propaganda machine) as well as the largest military in world history with a budget only a little less than all other nations’ military spending combined and nearly 1,000 overseas bases large and small on all continents. Ignore the little “news” stories (nonsense) about falling popularity opinion poll numbers for the current POTUS figurehead and the “threat” of a “civil war.” Look at the forest (The Empire): See the Empire is more unified than ever before (about what really counts: big business and imperialism), and richer (while common people are poorer) and stronger – financially, ideologically and militarily – than ever before!

  7. I hope the shitlib race traitors go absolutely apeshit, 100 times worse than ’20 The sooner they do and finally set it off, the sooner they & the kikes can be gotten at in the ensuing chaos.

  8. Not going to happen. Too many still walking around clueless to who the real puppet masters are. Many still believe in voting and we have to elect the Republicans to get Biden out. It started long before Biden took office. The problem with people is they have very short attention spans. Pissed off one day and forgetful the next.

    • All it takes is getting 15 to 20% of the country on your side. The rest of the herd will follow whoever is in charge.

  9. @marxist-leninist Anonymous,

    I wholeheartedly agree with you about ZOG-USA’s international crimes of stealing the sovereign nation of Syria’s natural resources, but I also wholeheartedly disagree with the sentiment of communist WASP sympathizer Paul Craig Roberts.

    On a pro-White timeline (that was interfered with by the two Anglo-Judeo empires), the United Soviet Socialist Republic would have been crushed in defeat by Europe’s greatest leader and military of all-time, and replaced with a National Socialist government bereft of jewish influence, power, or tyranny. With a neutralized USSR, and it’s wealth of natural resources under its control, the Western (((all-lies))) would have received the well earned devastating losses they deserved.

    That’s the unipolar world that would have been wünderbar. Imagine the progress we would have made had the Anglo establishment elites been on the right side of European history.

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