Poll Watch: Joe Biden Gets ‘F’ From 37 Percent In New One-Year Performance Poll

It is because Chuck Todd spends all of his time dunking on Joe Biden!

Seriously though, Joe Biden never recovered from the hit that he took from the mainstream media over Afghanistan last August. It was also the “journalists,” not us, who trashed his image. They convinced Independent voters that he is incompetent at the very moment Delta was surging. There is a grain of truth to the argument that the “journalists” have destroyed American democracy.

Note: 40% approval in the latest Politico/Morning Consult poll suggests Joe Biden’s true approval rating is sliding into the 30s. This is normally a good poll for Biden.

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  1. I can’t flunk Batshit Biden because he did end the the stupid and pointless US occupation of Afghanistan. And I did receive two $1400 stimulus checks with his signature on them. As far as the breakdown of law and order goes that was already well under way during the Kushner-Ivanka regime.

    • The prices caused by those checks have already eaten up more than the checks gave you.

      • ” I did receive two $1400 stimulus checks with his signature on them”

        Just wait. You haven’t seen the cost of those checks, yet.

        • It’s true, inflation has eaten up most of those two stimulus checks. They probably knew that would happen when they mailed ’em out.

  2. In spite of everything if Trump were to ask me if I miss him yet my answer would be a resounding and unequivocal NO.

  3. The Democrats and Joe Biden have a problem because they went so extreme left wing and brought in all the Anarchists, Marxists, Black Supremacists, and others into the party and helped get Joe Biden elected. That naturally has turned off many White Americans. I agree that moderate voters…many of those being White got Joe Biden elected President. Trump lost the Moderate vote because he never brought the country together, never worked with the Democrats on anything, and his absolute failure dealing with Covid-19. Think about it….Joe Biden was elected President while a bunch of Anarchists and Black Supremacists was burning American cities. Think about that. That shows how much Americans was turned off from Trump over Covid-19 even happening in the first place. Joe Biden has a problem now going against the Black Supremacist wing of his party….aka him reaching out to White Voters. One thing I think he should do is put Medicare for All in place asap. Just the fact that everybody would have health care would help his poll numbers. However we know the Corporations rule both parties so even doing that would turn off the Super Rich who laugh at the Working Poor and Middle Class. It’s basically a case of doing the right thing for America and Biden, Trump, and the rest of the politicians just can’t get it done anymore. Thus why “Vote Third Party” is still so important. Deo Vindice !

    • Obviously you don’t work and would enjoy getting it free. You do realize that all of the foreigners here already get free Medicaid and Medicare, which comes from our taxed incomes.
      The US is spending trillions on free stuff for people.

      • ” Medicare for All in place asap”

        Hey, a rocket ride to bankruptcy, we’re headed there anyway. Might as well hit the wall at full throttle.

        • @Arrian,

          Iirc, Jorge W. Bush Jr’s administration was responsible for signing Medicare Part D into law to enrich his wealthy friends who have hundreds of millions invested in Big Pharma, and of course, get the senior citizen vote.

        • “Part D alone, will wreck Medicare”:

          Medicare always was a wreck – for people, and it was and will always be a masterpiece – for Business. A real nation would already have free national health care, which is a human right. But the U.S. is not a real nation. Two financial corporations ultimately control the entire “HIC” (Health Industrial Complex) of the U.S., that sells the most expensive, least cost-effective, and MOST PROFITABLE medical care in human history. Remember what President Calvin Coolidge said: “The business of America is business!”

          The pandemic has been treated in the U.S. as a money-making opportunity and the greed of business comes, as always, before the needs (rights) of people.

    • I didn’t vote for Trump, I can’t stand Trump, I don’t want to win again, but if you think 1 out of 7000 ballots in key states was the real count and not part of the artificial margin created by the Democratic Party (with the cooperation of the Republican Party) you’re not a realist.

  4. Biden-Kamala is a “left” strawman bound to fail, to prepare the masses to accept “the only other alternative” which is an openly, explicitly right-wing regime with increased austerity. There is no grand conspiracy however, just the logic of the system, the way it works.

    I would grade an F too, if I answered the poll’s loaded question, but I would never help a professional pollster. Let the polling industry make up the results they want out of whole cloth.

    I doubt that Biden really decided to withdraw from Afghanistan or made any other decision of any importance besides how to decorate the White House. A POTUS is a figurehead distracting the masses from noticing the real powers that be, and sometimes, a whipping boy figurehead to be blamed.

    Beating on Biden and Kamala day after day just like the mainstream media (especially Faux News) is doing is just what the system wants, and is only reinforcing, making the system stronger.

      • Yes, you’re right about that but in the big picture doesn’t it really matter? The Republicans aren’t on our side any more than the Democrats.

        • True.

          I spend most of my time making fun of people who are so deeply invested in partisan politics. We’re not deeply invested in this shitshow. Lots of people really are though

          • You’re not alone. I do the same thing. I was walking my dog on the trails today and I got to know a few “conservatives” and they all say the same thing… “We have to get Biden out of office and hope Trump runs again so we can get him back in. I used to try and wake them up to the two party scam but now I bite my tongue because it pointless arguing with them.

  5. Trump will be able to do very very little, if given a second term.
    The internal forces of decay have gone too far for anyone to fix.
    The Natural forces of economics are going to wrench this country into a tangled mess.

  6. Should be an F…We have train robberies going on again, as if this is the old west or something except this time it’s the derelicts and druggies camping out in LA raiding rail yards. Tens of thousands of opened boxes littered along the urban rails. These liberal politicians created the sci fi dystopia LA from the movies in the 80s and 90s with street rabble like Calcutta. How do you bring to life stuff that even Hollywood was trying to warn against? Except in the movies it was all the fault of capitalism, and the dystopia came to an end in the films closing minutes when the action hero would dispatch the stereotypical rich white capitalist sitting in their Ivory Tower. In real life however, LA went from Brady Bunch Wonderland to Apocalypse simply due to bad government by liberals not controlling bad people. One of the essential roles of government is controlling those with psychopathic and other antisocial personality disorders. That’s why they hate the old America so much, they want Pottersville on steroids, transexuals, hobos, and meth heads instead of simply straight adult alcoholics going to the bars, casinos, and burlesque. Biden is at the helm and you have straight up piracy going on with an already strained commerce. I believe it too, I am seeing a huge spike in claims with shipping companies over packages going missing where I work. Biden and Buttplug seem to be missing in action about these empty shelves and even the stupidest people who voted for that idiot are starting to notice it.

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