Breaking Points: Ukraine Crisis: Is Biden Bumbling Us Into WW3?

This is why it was important to give Joe Biden credit on Afghanistan.

The fact that Biden took such a big hit in the polls for doing the right thing and withdrawing American troops from Afghanistan means that it will be harder for him to stand up to all the warmongers over Ukraine. Rest assured, the usual suspects are already warning him that he will take another big hit in the polls unless he is willing to go to the mat with Putin over Ukraine which no one cares about.

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  1. It’s starting to look as if Biden ended the US occupation of Afghanistan with the intention of provoking a conflict in the Ukraine instead.

  2. I suspect Ukraine is a primary source of child sex slaves for Israel. Shlomo doesn’t want to lose that.

  3. I think Biden’s handlers are trying to get the US into another war more than Biden himself. Biden doesn’t have the cognitive reasoning skills to make that type of decision. It’s being made for him.

  4. The fact that Biden took such a big hit in the polls for doing the right thing and withdrawing American troops from Afghanistan means that it will be harder for him to stand up to all the warmongers over Ukraine.

    I would be at least somewhat wary about approved polls declaring the withdrawl from two-decades of worthless spending in lives and treasure attempting to establish a rainbow Trashcanistan (along with securing the poppyfields for the Sacklers) being unpopular with the average normie in Murika – clueless and stupid as most can be. The fake-president’s unpopularity might have other reasons not stated by the congenital lairs working in the Ministry of Truth in their surveys, whose purpose is chiefly to manipulate and misinform.

    Let’s put it this way. If anyone thinks the drooling shitpants who can’t even read the teleprompter actually decides anything whatsoever, they are utterly deluded. He’s no more of a real power than Oz the Great was (Oz was much more impressive). Larry Fink and Mark Zuckerberg have more input into what actions will be taken by the lawless regime situated in Sodom-on-Potomac than the pathetic clown living in the White House movie set – and they are probably front-men for the real movers and shakers behind the scenes. Anyone with half a brain realizes how war with Russia worked out so well for both Napoleon and Hitler. This won’t stop the masters of the universe (their own self-description) though, for whom world history only started in 1968. Satan Klaus and his Davos pals could care less about what the idiocracy thinks and they are high as a kite from smoking their own supply.

  5. Both world wars were entered with a democratic president surrounded with jewish advisers. Will history repeat itself?

  6. The too stupid to go fishing crowd is being setup to take the fall for the destruction of America. Biden, Miley, Sullivan, the Irish are all in place. And when death and destruction rains down on America it will not be the Jews saying it is our fault, we bear responsibility for the destruction, no no no. It will be the Jews pointing the fingers of guilt at this worthless Irish filth. How stupid can you be?

    • Re: “the Irish are all in place”:

      Headline news today: “Irish fisherman say they will disrupt Russian naval exercise”

      Across the Irish Sea, I’m sorry to say the “Welsh” socialist party “of Wales” that is also misguided by rootless-cosmopolitan Neo-Marxist/Trotskyist “leftists” is failing to even mention Russia and Ukraine on its website. What a shame for Wales that was the first nation in the world to raise the red flag (Merthyr Rising) that now its “socialism” is no longer ethno-national (anyone can be Welsh now) and consists mostly of wokeness.

    • They probably got too many “blowfish” and slimy “eels” like yourself on their lines in their nets that they were forced to try something else.

      You must be half Black and half Jew or maybe 3/4 Black and 3/4 Jew would be more accurate.

      But you are an anti-White for sure.

      • Did you know the two most hated groups in England are Muslims and Irish travelers? I don’t hate the Irish, but they are best left in Ireland.

        • I disagree. I would never trust an opinion poll. The Left uses these anti-White “opinions” to attack us. They work the phones and call up people, employers, etc and try to make pro-White look like the scum of the earth.

  7. The elite living in and around the beltway want their toys broken!

    The white working class pays for new ones to be broken again!

    HW how many Hummers have you paid for in Iraq or Afghanistan?

  8. >How stupid can you be?

    There is no one in the universe that can be as stupid as you, no one. You have a lock on it.

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