DEMOCRACY IN PERIL: Tucker Carlson’s Strongman Fetish

If Agent Nelson Van Alden from Boardwalk Empire had a show on CNN, it would be Jim Acosta’s “Democracy In Peril.”

New York Times:

“WASHINGTON — As President Biden tries to forge a united allied response to Russian aggression in Ukraine, unity on the home front is strained by a Republican Party torn between traditional hawks in the leadership and a wing still loyal to Donald J. Trump’s isolationist instincts and pro-Russian sentiment.

Republican leaders, by and large, have struck an aggressive posture, encouraging Mr. Biden to get tougher on Russia, through immediate sanctions on Russian energy exports and more lethal aid to Ukraine’s military. But that message has been undermined by the party’s far right, which has questioned why the United States would side with Ukraine at all, and has obliquely suggested with no evidence that the president is bolstering his son Hunter Biden’s business interests.

Driven by a steady diet of pro-Russian or anti-interventionist rhetoric from the Fox News host Tucker Carlson, the Republican right has become increasingly vocal in undercutting not only U.S. foreign policy but also the positions of the party’s leaders.

Just as significant, some said on Wednesday, is the silence from Republicans, who have refused to speak out against their fringe. …”

It is “far right” to oppose stupid interventions by the Washington foreign policy establishment in places that no one cares about like Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine, etc.


  1. Acosta seems like an automaton mindlessly vocalizing whatever is scrolling in front of him. Not terribly convincing, I’m afraid.

  2. Our warmongering elites are pure evil. Dear Lord, please hear our prayers, and silence their lying forked tongues.

    • >Our warmongering elites are pure evil.

      You’re right — but they are also the products, loyal adherents/servants, and mercenary beneficiaries of the national security state, which will always seek new enemies to justify its existence and budget — as long as you have a bloated and expanding national security state, you will have ‘warmongering elites’.

      Voice these concerns as often as you can to as many people as you can.

    • Lol, absolutely, Tucker is so middle ground but he’s a master scold to where it’s comedy and In a way they are trying to emulate him but they’re failing miserably, they’re ridiculous people.

  3. DEMOCRACY IN PERIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    These clowns are so over the top, f**king hell.

  4. If this black woman Biden puts on the bench does not have a penis, there is going to be big trouble.

  5. “It is ‘far right’ to oppose stupid interventions by the Washington foreign policy establishment in places that no one cares about like Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine, etc.”:

    It is real Left to oppose NOT ONLY stupid interventions, poorly-executed interventions, unsuccessful interventions, and interventions in places no one cares about, BUT ALL interventions, and the entire system, the existence of which depends on, and necessarily involves, imperialism! Imperialism will never stop until the entire system is replaced.

    Meanwhile it is generally good for the intended victims if the U.S.’s interventions are stupid and fail. “When the enemy is committed to making a mistake, we should NOT interrupt him too soon.”

  6. Chinese Ambassador Wang Yi;

    “Today, in the 21st century, all parties must completely abandon the Cold War mentality and form a balanced, effective and sustainable negotiated European security mechanism,” he told Blinken, according to the ministry’s official website.”

    We have a bunch of Cold War relics and museum pieces for a government. They’re still living in 1983-4, not the 21st Century.

    The worst part, however, is that we’re stuck with a bunch of up-and-comers like AOC, who follow a discredited 19th/20th political philosophy, and Neocon protegés, who still think it’s 1984, the year that many of them were born, or else were sophomores in high screwel at the time, watching Red Dawn at the local UA moviehouse, and living in fear of an imminent Soviet nuclear attack.

    Which means it’ll be a long time, if ever, before we get to live in the 21st Century, or have modern policies, foreign and domestic. Or Peace.

    We can’t escape from the past because we’re still living in it.

    End Reconstruction. End the War.

  7. What democracy? One party, if they are losing, closes the building, boards up the windows, kicks out poll watchers, and wheels in pallets full of ballots for their candidate, until they have enough to win. Buy moar ammo.

  8. People of Ukraine are winning already.

    “”…Israel, Jewish Groups Discuss Airlifting Ukraine’s Jews if Russia Invades
    As threat of Russian invasion looms, top officials examine possibility of emergency evacuation for up to 75,000 Ukrainians thought to be eligible for Israeli citizenship under Law of Return…””

    Russians pushing for Afghanistan scenario that Elite can take their stolen money and get out from Ukraine. There is a lot on mess down here now but now it looks that Ukraine hostile Elite may accept Russian offer in some form.

    • Parasites flown away from the sinking shithole they strip-mined to ruin. Totally evil as they truly are, this would be the best possible thing for Ukraine’s people. Hopefully Clown Zelensky will be first to board the El-Al luxury liner to wisk the bloodsuckers off to Tel-Aviv.

  9. That sanctimonious guinea jew-whore, with the borrowed chutzpah to whine that CARLSON is the mouthpiece of “oligarchs”…Oh yes: the (((oligarchs))) pulling Acosta’s spaghetti strings are on the side of Truth, jewstice ‘n’ duh Amurricun Way…lol. Only Carlson is “dividing us for ratings”. How DARE he rile up those White Racist Domestic Terrorist Scum out in Flyova.

    • >That sanctimonious guinea jew-whore

      I assume you’re talking about Ruth Ben-Ghiat.

      Admittedly Twitter is not the best platform for it, but note she does not address the content of Carlson’s remarks at all; she immediately launches an ad hominem attack — this is typical female, and typical Jewish, behavior.

      It simply isn’t possible to engage with these people — however it is always possible to point out their anti-intellectuality and hypocrisy, e.g. complaining about ‘hate’ while rhetorically demonizing others.

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