1. These days the shitlibs have become so unhinged that it’s almost impossible to tell which are the satire accounts and which are actually serious about what they say.

  2. The gays are allies of the Jews in their hatred of the innocent Christ. The hatred of the innocent is the essence of evil. Why do they hate Christ? Because he, Christ wanted them to live by Gods laws. And this gay hates those who want to live according to Gods laws just as much as he hates God himself.

  3. Why do they hate Christ?

    Your christ who sanctions hate against innocent Irish mothers should be hated. Get a life/brain, White hater.

    You’re just rambling…you know absolutely nothing about all the hypocrisy you are spewing out. Remember, you attack innocent white Irish mothers. How “brave” you are, loser.

    • Go to hell Christ killer, it is where you belong. And take your worthless whore of a mom with you. How do you like them apples Mick?

  4. “Less White” says it all. These people aren’t wrong or mistaken or “well-intended”. They’re evil.

  5. I wish we’d go back to saner times when these homos were put in mental institutions where they belong or better yet, do what the Saudi’s do, thrown them off the roofs.

  6. Nice clown display on the site headers, HW. Very appropriate for Murika, which has been thoroughly clownland by now. The solemn faces of Ministry of Truth figures look much better with clown-noses. It would be hard to come up with one for Nosferatu though – probably cover his entire hideous face. Honk-honk!

  7. This is a satire video from a guy who is reading his own Tweets as “hate speech”. The scary thing is how parody so closely resembles reality

  8. Is it a mere coincidence that these people are overwhelmingly located in the Northeast, Great Lakes States, or on the Left Coast?

    Over 90% of the Jews in America live in the strip between Philadelphia and Boston. Or the so-called Acela corridor, or the Bos-Wash Megalopolis, as it was sometimes called.

    Michael Cushman at SNN was on to something when said that getting rid of the Northern States would essentially get rid of all of the Jews, and most of our socio-political problems. The original Southern Nationalists were, too.

    It’s time to promote Calexit, Cascadia and Yankee State secession.

    Maybe we can get the United States of New England to leave us.

    End the dictatorship of Massachusetts and New York.

    End Reconstruction. End the War.

    • >most of our socio-political problems.
      All do respect, James, but the negrophile capitals of the USA are SEC college towns. Texas and Florida have the same demographics as California. I also don’t recall a ton of Southern dissent when the ball was getting rolling on the GWOT. I’m generally sympathetic, but let’s not drift into unreality.

        • Hunter, as an alumnus of UA, it hurts deeply that UA has changed five building names, while Auburn refused to. DEI was actually at Auburn first, but unlike at UA, it does not seem to have affected Auburn’s culture.

      • They really are far gone. I remember a story from a decade or so back about these college recruiters literally pimping out White girls to their Black affletes. Loser sports fans are some of the most brainwashed anti-racists around.

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