CNN: #DeleteSpotify Goes Viral After Joe Rogan’s Podcast Draws Criticism

I pretty much covered this in the previous article.

This new Twitter-based campaign to cancel Spotify for refusing to deplatform Joe Rogan whose audience dwarfs the CNN audience really says it all. There are no “guardrails” anymore. As James Carville said yesterday, it is another example of a tiny faction of the Democratic Party and an even smaller faction of Americans throwing their weight around and making a lot of noise.

Note: Democracy isn’t trusting people to make up their own minds. It is PMCs telling them what to do and censoring their critics.


  1. Money trumps everything else. Many more viewers on Rogan and Fox means greater commercial opportunity that is too “good” to be missed. The record profit making by Big Pharma and the rest of the HIC (Health Industry Complex) from the extremely poorly-managed, very real and deadly pandemic will continue, and so will Rogan’s anti-vaxx cult show on Spotify as long as it draws such a huge audience. Note that the current exemplars of the cult are vaxxed themselves!

    • Hunter, why not throw some of your own weight around and ban this tiresome commie troll? Despite what they claim, people generally feel royally pissed at being banned, so it seems like waste to let the opportunity for some cheap schadenfreude go begging. (And I’m sure your readers would thank you for it.)

    • Yes money trumps everything … but one has to realise where the ‘money’ comes from

      Fed-printed bux given to bondholders and thus to Blackrock etc dwarf any ‘profits’ from Spotify … they’ve cancelled many would-be profitable things, and as things go darker they will likely cancel many more

      They are just starting to go after Joe Rogan, and also Substack where various Rogan dissident guests are hanging out … and in time they can use all the same techniques, pull the payment processors etc

      Via the fed the elites have as much ‘money’ as they need, it is more about control

      We are just in a phase where some dissident venues are still allowed to function for a time, if often in quasi-shadowbanned condition

  2. This was coordinated as part of the Neil Young thing. You can tell that libtardism is still run by decrepit boomers because they think going on rants about Bull Connor and trying to use Neil Young to kick off their spotify purge is the key to victory. These people will be stuck in the 1960s until they die.

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