Students Value Free Speech, But Feel Theirs Is Threatened

The president has already been canceled.

Members of Congress have been canceled.

The woke mob is currently trying to cancel Joe Rogan who has the largest media platform in the country over “misinformation.” If Trump and Rogan can be canceled, no one is safe.

Note: Thomas Main would say that illiberalism is a tiny problem on the Left. It is not like these people control coastal media, the universities, corporations, Silicon Valley, the “intelligence community ” etc.


  1. Everybody is entitled to their opinion, their own point of view, their own way of seeing things.

    The suppression of speech is to hide the truth of what bearing down on us at break neck speed, YES, Moshiach is coming, he is on his way. And should all the scheming and conniving of kykes come to light and be know to all,…… well it would not be a good thing for the kyke people. Not a good thing at all.

    • So, even in Cartersville, Georgia posting flyers about the (((chosenites))) brings the attention of the Polizei. NW suburb of ATL (Bartow County). Interesting that Nosferatu & Co. rule even in places like this. According to Wokepedia Nergo population near 18%. Instead of working on violent black crime, Barnet Fyfe and homies will be chasing Not-zees. Yet another reason the empire needs to collapse.

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