1. For those who have access, meaning a Twitter account (Twitter recently started blocking you from seeing a user’s entire timeline unless you are signed-in), yesterday Richard Hanania had a good thread with clips of Putin explaining what’s going on with Ukraine from a Russian perspective, including all the western/ZOG treachery and skulduggery directed at Russia since the dissolution of the Soviet Union — it only confirmed what I already felt: my sympathies lie with Russia in this matter.

      • Even if what he says is obviously true and has been corroborated elsewhere for some time? — asking for a friend.

    • @eah – Yes, I noticed that too about twitter this past week. I was never signed up, but I did like to read the timelines of the last remaining dissident accounts. Most of those have been shoahed recently anyway, so good riddance. They really are determined to exclude any opposition from he so-called “national conversation”.

  2. Twitter/Adam KinzingerI hate to be so personal, but Hawley is one of the worst human beings, and a self egrandizing (sic) con artist. When Trump goes down I certainly hope this evil will be layed (sic) in the open for all to see, and be ashamed of.

    Above is Kinzinger’s reply to Josh Hawley urging Biden to drop support for Ukraine membership in NATO — I add (sic) because there is no such word as egrandize — it’s aggrandize — also it’s laid, not ‘layed’.

    So aside from the grotesqueness of the statement/sentiment, Kinzinger is obviously a mal-educated moron.

    The replies are even worse, if you can believe that.

    I know people talk about dissolving the US, i.e. some kind of separation — but think about it: Would you really want to live next to a country full of these people?

    • I know people talk about dissolving the US, i.e. some kind of separation — but think about it: Would you really want to live next to a country full of these people?

      It may not be ideal, but isn’t living next door to a psycho still a better deal than living in the same house with him?

      What other alternatives are there anyway?

  3. Deployment of a few thousand troops is woefully inadequate for a real ground conflict, but the U.S. has no intention of using its own regular uniformed troops in Ukraine. The global bully U.ncle S.hmuel seems confident that he can keep pushing Russia around and Russia will keep retreating and a hot war will never happen.

    Yes, the U.S. withdrew its regular uniformed troops from Afghanistan just a few months before launching a coup/colour revolution to take over neighboring Kazakhstan, a greater strategic prize than Afghanistan. They were calling it “Russia’s soft underbelly.” It borders both Russia and China.

    The U.S. won’t allow Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Uzebekistan, or any other “stan” that it has invaded to really ever go free. The U.S.’s Hybrid war for control of Central Asia (and Russia and China) continues. Peace cannot be allowed. It is the nature of an imperial parasite that it must keep feeding.

    • What amazes me about comments like yours is there’s no criticism of China or Russia as if they’re being run by choir boys and boy scouts. The US troops are going to Poland, others are being pulled out of Germany. Since Ukraine is not a member of NATO there won’t be any troops sent there. Why would anyone expect Ukraine to roll over and play dead knowing the history of Russian aggression against them and their recent declaration of independence?

      • “What amazes me about comments like yours is there’s no criticism of China or Russia”:

        I understand. If you read enough of my comments you will find criticism of Russia and China – that both are only partially ethno-socialist, and Russia has even less of it than China. Both nations are suffering from the same “disease” In the short run (as it is said “we all live and die in the short run”) the disease may run its course, and Russia, China and the world may regress to an earlier stage of human development, such as full, unmitigated capitalism-imperialism, or even monarcho-feudalism, with extreme economic inequality and exploitation, sustained by constant war. But if mankind is to survive in the long term, socialism – specifically, natural, Ethno-national socialism that provides the maximum of peace, freedom and prosperity to all – must replace all existing systems.

        “there won’t be any troops sent there”:

        That is because the U.S. intends to fight to the last Ukrainian, Pole, Hungarian, etc. – all willing proxies so that regular uniformed troops won’t be needed. But there are plenty of U.S. special forces, CIA agents, private mercenaries,. NGO proxies, and even state national guard troops already deployed in Ukraine. See video below!

        “knowing the history of Russian aggression against (Ukraine)”:

        That is impossible because Ukraine really IS Russia. You should read ACCURATE history of Ukraine and Crimea, going back to Kievan Rus in the tenth century. Eastern and central Ukraine is the original motherland of Russia. Western Ukraine is what the word “Ukraine” really means: “a borderland” between Orthodox Russia and other Slavic countries, especially Poland, that fell under the control of Rome. Poland ruled much of eastern Ukraine for centuries and left its influence. Crimea and southern Ukraine were controlled by the Khazars, Turks and Muslim Tatars for centuries until conquered and settled by Russians, called “Novo- (New) Russia.”

        • “Ukraine really is Russia”. Well then I suppose if Ukraine ever conquered Russia, the Russians would be ok with Ukrainization of their country.

    • Central Asia is important for China’s belt and road plan, which is why the USA will not leave them be. Russia (and China) need to step up their security game, ban all Western intelligence front “NGOs,” Western media, and Western tech companies. For now, China is much better than Russia is on internal security, since Russia still allows western social media to brainwash their youth. It doesn’t matter if Russia can militarily defend their borders when their youngest generation is being brought up on undiluted western propaganda from the internet. They will be defeated without a shot if their kids all become Americanized. China at least tries to cut off western internet influence. Honestly, banning western tech should have been done years ago.

    • US needs war to drop all Russian organized disagreements like MAGA and unite all patriotic americans behind Joe Governent.

      They think that minor border conflict with less than 3000 US soldiers dead gets the job done.

    • >Obviously (from the leaked documents) the U.S. is still very confident it can continue to bully Russia.

      The reason is simple: dollar hegemony — they threaten Russia with economic and financial sanctions, which as a major oil producer has the potential to really harm the Russians (generally, Russia’s prosperity is inordinately dependent on natural resource extraction).

      As I’ve said a number of times, the most useful thing the Russians and Chinese could do together (along with any other interested nations) for themselves (as well as the rest of the world) is to work to undermine dollar hegemony — the main reason the US is able to behave as it does is that via the Federal Reserve, the US federal government has access to seemingly infinite amounts of money — the rest of the world tolerates the US creating all that money to prop up its hegemony because at the moment there is no reasonable alternative to the USD.

      Until dollar hegemony is broken, nothing will change.

  4. Russia is not listened to, so they have chosen to use the strategy of tension to be heard, now that they have real military power.

    Russia has thus moved offensive forces from bases behind the Ural to bases near NATO and the Ukraine’s borders, and that forces NATO and the Ukraine to also station troops near Russia’s borders.
    It’s different politically and economically for Russia to move bases and equipment around in Russia, than for NATO to station NATO troops in Eastern Europe, even if it the same militarily.
    Russia has sent a letter to most European countries where they ask if one country can increase their security at the expense of another, so the ones that answer yes, will get some Russian military installation or troops close to their border as possible.

    Russia also have Europe by the balls when it comes to gas, since it’s not enough LNG capacity to replace Russian gas in Europe in the short run, and Europe is already suffering unprecedented gas prices because of the shortage from the NS2 sanctions.
    This shortage and the following price increases have stopped production of ammonia in at least parts of Europe, even with the exploding fertilizer prices, so both Russia and China have banned exports.

    The reason for the warmongering could be that Globohomo is incompetent and really think Russia will take the Ukraine by force, but it could also be because countries like the USA and the UK will be forced to station troops and equipment in Eastern Europe to counter the Russian troops just across the border. For Buden to station perhaps 40.000 troops in E-Europe is hard politically, unless Russia looks dangerous enough to warrant it. It becomes especially hard, when republican voters no longer trust the regime media, and will see all moves as Globohomo aggression.

    • Russia is not listened to, so they have chosen to use the strategy of tension to be heard, now that they have real military power.

      It isn’t Russia who’s creating the ‘tension’.

      Such idiocy.

  5. I never gave him credit, it was clear that only had been done to re-deploy the war machine to aim at other targets.

    • >The country is broke, …

      It isn’t ‘broke’ — a sovereign nation like the US with control over its own currency can never be ‘broke’, since it can create as much of its currency as the rest of the world tolerates.

      The problem today is that there is still no credible international alternative to the USD, so via the Federal Reserve the US federal government effectively has access to infinite amounts of money, creating and spending as much as necessary to maintain US political and military hegemony, which protects and ensures dollar hegemony.

      Dollar hegemony must be broken or nothing will change.

    • Yep, and WHY does the USA always have to play policeman and get involved in every conflict? Maybe it’s not OUR business. Maybe the USA needs to stop the southern invasion, than worry about Russia and the Ukraine.

    • When the U.S. stops the Russian gas pipeline to Germany, it will cause the price of gas to skyrocket as the U.S. will become the only supplier. Liquid natural gas from the U.S. will be delivered by ocean tankers to Europe at a much higher price than Russian gas. For awhile the U.S. was even selling shiploads of coal to Ukraine, when Russian coal fields with much lower priced coal are just across the border! The U.S. may be “broke” (it is the world’s greatest debtor) but it is determined to make every nation on earth even more broke, and even pay for their own destruction.

    • I should have known that sleazy, lying, daughter-molesting, pants-shitting Irish O’Asshole Joe Biden was up to no good when he ordered US troops out of Afghanistan, Olde Dutch.

  6. When your approval ratings are in the toilet, start a war with a nuclear power. The US military and NATO might have bitten off more than they can chew with this one.

  7. The US keeps it’s never ending Warmongering Empire going and NATO plays a role in that. Staying in the Middle East for all those Years would turn anybody against the US. The US wants control over the World but can’t even stop a bunch of Black Thugs called Black Lives Matter from destroying cities all over America in 2020. What a joke. I like Russia and Putin. I think “Nationalism” is on the rise in Russia and hopefully that will spread around the White World. Deo Vindice !

  8. Do you remember when we gave Joe Biden credit in August for pulling troops out of Afghanistan? At the end of the day, he simply signed off on a higher military budget and sent them to a different country.

    Biden is merely a retarded monkey who drools, defecates and jerks about to its master’s incessant shrill wailing of klezmer tunes. The hapless creature deserves no credit for anything apart from maybe his ineptness in obeying his masters, which is partly due to his stage two dementia (though there was never much of a brain to start with). Obviously those behind the curtain decided to leave Trashcanistan in order to start a color-revolution in Kazakhstan – where they have another bio-warfare facility. Looks like they lost that gambit, so now on to a distraction in Ukraine shithole. Now the twatterati (who are all in favor of Jim Snow for YT here) are calling the Russians ‘snow-niggers’. Wonder what Whoopi thinks of that?

  9. It was cold in Ukraine last night, below 20. Same predicted for the next few nights. The ground should be good and solid. They should be good to roll now.

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