The Guardian: The U.S. Senate Presents a Long Term Threat To U.S. Democracy

So true.

The real “far right” threat to “our democracy” is the Senate where Wyoming is the equal of California and New York is the equal of Rhode Island.

The Guardian:

“Enabled by Democratic senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, a united front of US Senate Republicans dealt American democracy a massive blow last week by blocking the Freedom to Vote: John R Lewis Act. The US Senate: a place where desperately needed federal voting rights legislation goes to die – a spectacle unworthy of what Democratic Representative Jamie Raskin called “the world’s greatest deliberative body”.

Raskin was referring to the Senate’s reputation not necessarily in an affirmative, but in an aspirational way: he wanted to issue a challenge to the senators to live up to this glorious notion. Nevertheless, the mythical idea of the Senate as “the world’s greatest deliberative body” is widely held among the country’s political elite – the kind of American exceptionalism that still very much warps the perspective on US history and politics.

What we really need to grapple with is the fact that the current situation is not just a disgraceful aberration from the Senate’s supposedly noble past and true character. In some fundamental ways, the Senate is working as intended. It has always been one of the most powerful undemocratic distortions in the political system – and not by accident, but because that’s what it was designed to be. …

Since the filibuster was not part of the Senate’s original design and only came to be by accident in the early 19th century, it is tempting to portray it as the real culprit – a stain on an otherwise admirable institution. Let’s remember, however, that just like the electoral college, the Senate was always intended to be a layer of insulation between those in power and the people – which is why senators were initially appointed by state legislatures. The senate was supposed to help stave off what many of the founders saw as the “threat” of too much democracy. So, what we see today is not just an institution hijacked by a radicalized Republican party (although it is that too) – but an institution badly in need of structural reform that should go well beyond getting rid of the filibuster.

In the current political situation, reforming the Senate, just like protecting voting rights, is considered a “partisan” idea – and it is, but only because democracy itself has become a partisan issue. Of the two major parties, only the Democratic party is a democratic party. …”

The Democratic Party is the only democratic party in the United States. Therefore, it is impossible for them to democratically lose an election.

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  1. The “our democracy” crap was always about reducing the power of rural red states. And you got McConnell puking up that “our democracy” crap too. That is a problem that needs to be addressed by the voters.

  2. Why don’t Republicans start countering with how “democracy is a threat to *OUR REPUBLIC*”?

    Why do these conservatards ALWAYS let the Democrats take the offensive position and the “moral high ground”, always on their back foot?

    To ask the question is to answer it, I suppose.

  3. The inbred white trash racists of Flyova have no moral right to representation, let alone the right to bollix up the smooth working of the federal government which should & must be controlled by jews, billionaires, technocrats & the intelligent, educated voters of coastal cities.

    I mean, come ON, for fuck’s sake!

  4. If blacks are too stupid to have an ID for voting, then they’re too stupid to show one for food stamps, welfare, rent subsidies, and Medicaid and should not be allowed those, either.

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