Things Are Looking Bad For Little Brian

Seriously, Brian Stelter’s biggest fans are the Populist Right. Everyone adores Brian and would be genuinely sad to see him gone. We have made him the face of coastal media.

Note: Tucker calls him The Eunuch on national television.

Stelter obviously reminds Tucker of the sort of gelded men who used to thrive in the courts of Antiquity who knew all the palace gossip. He is Jeff Zucker’s eunuch or “keeper of the poultry.”

“At that time they say that the Emperor Honorius in Ravenna received the message from one of the eunuchs, evidently a keeper of the poultry, that Rome had perished. And he cried out and said, ‘And yet it has just eaten from my hands!’ For he had a very large cock, Rome by name; and the eunuch comprehending his words said that it was the city of Rome which had perished at the hands of Alaric, and the emperor with a sigh of relief answered quickly: ‘But I, my good fellow, thought that my fowl Rome had perished.’ So great, they say, was the folly with which this emperor was possessed.”

Procopius, The Vandalic War (III.2.25-26)


  1. Cutting and erudite — more posts like this and fewer about Thomas Main.

    OT (but a further bit of erudition since ‘that’s who we are’)

    Former cheerleaders are testifying before Congress that Dan Snyder, Jewish owner of The Football Team That Shall Not Be Called the Redskins, liked to see their private parts — link


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