Tucker Carlson: Censor Rogan!

Liberalism is dead.

Woke progressivism is the new governing ideology of the Democratic Party. The “illiberal Right” devotes much of its time these days to pointing out how formerly liberal institutions like the New York Times or The Atlantic have been conquered from within by young leftists.

Note: The “illiberal Right” doesn’t care that Joe Rogan has a popular podcast.


  1. The attack on constitutional laws and rights is only a precursor to the coming attack on Christ. Why do they hate an innocent man who did know wrong? Why, why a thousand times why?

    • Jesus broke up their shekel changing racket. To them Jesus is the first incarnation of Adolf Hitler.

  2. …and all of a sudden, Tucker quickly, very quickly and very glibly, slips in a wild
    non sequitur: “Weapons cause harm!”
    Uh. Tucker, no.
    PEOPLE who WANT to cause harm….cause harm: not inanimate things.
    I have very sharp knives in my kitchen that are necessary for preparing meals…and I will not give them away or throw them away because knives are used BY SOME PEOPLE to attack other people.
    Tucker: stay on track, please.

    • Yea, that’s exactly what Tucker did. He subliminally winked and nodded to the gun grabbers that he is on their side. Totally.


  3. Joe Rogan’s interview with Dr. Malone is very much worth your time, if you have not watched it. Niel Young very likely did’nt even watch the interview, or maybe he is such a sold out hypocrite that he cannot hear it.

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