Breaking Points: The Conspiracy Against Joe Rogan

Just out of curiosity, who is trying to take out Joe Rogan?

Spoiler: Of course, it is the power elite of the Democratic Party: Bezos, Hollywood celebrities, Silicon Valley billionaires, Wall Street, the “journalists,” the “disinfo” and “antiracism” grifters, etc. In other words, it is the people who control the party who Krystal Ball and Kyle Kulinksi are affiliated with. It is those people who pressured Joe Rogan and Spotify to zap the episode the Kyle Kulinski.


  1. Democracy is lowest common denominator rule for drooling duped dullards that are too stupid to exist.
    Hiveborg is the way to the gulag and the smart control grid matrix slavestate.
    Outlaw is the way to freedom and happiness.
    Illegitimate gov owned by hostile foreign interests deserves no respect or obedience.

  2. Watched Rogan once, years ago. Very deeply immersed in the drug culture, a drug addict. Garbage. Is Joe Rogan some kind of moral compass? If so it points straight to hell.

    • Rogan tried to market himself as a hip, edgy GenX tough guy. Now we see him for what he truly is – an aging eunuch groveling on his knees in front of his Semitic masters not to be tossed out of the palace.

  3. There is no conspiracy against Rogan. The left just doesn’t want anyone talking about the vaccine or anything behind it. Those (leftist) reporters just want to make a name for themselves by inflating things.

  4. Spahnranch,

    One thing I have to give the producers of Joe Rogan’s sow credit for is their ability to book some really interesting guests like Randall Carlson.

    You stated that you have an interest in civilizations that might have risen before Mesopotamia. Both Randall Carlson and Graham Hancock were some of the most fascinating guests on Rogan’s show.

    • GMTA I posted about that same “Great Debate” on another thread on here. I think I’ve watched that vid about three times.

  5. I’m linking Renegade here.

    Joe Rogan is Jewish. Joe Rogan is politically aligned with his tribe against white people. This is the kind of oblivious discourse that allowed alt right to be fooled by Trump. I don’t have the clip, but there is also a clip of Joe Rogan laughing when a young white cop described targeting white people to get his racial quota.

    Rogan hates us. He doesn’t care that we have been kicked off the internet. He uses his platform to call us “nazis”. This article should make light of this jew vs jew shitshow but in no way garner any sympathy for jewish Joe Rogan.

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