Brion McClanahan: What Is “Equality”?

It is a good question.

Equality has fallen out of fashion though. “Equity” is the goal of woke progressivism which is now the governing ideology of the Democratic Party. We’ve moved on from mere equality to openly championing the idea of treating blacks better than all other races.

Brion McClananan is probably going to be accused of “illiberalism” and being part of the “lumpen intelligentsia” for distinguishing between equality and equity, which are opposites, and also between natural equality, civil equality, political equality and social equality.

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  1. @ ” What is equity ” !? Equity is walking around, with this great big chip on your shoulder, thinking somebody has done something too you, thinking somebody owes me something and that somebody is you Cracka Flynn and the woken progressive intellegencia declares it too be so………

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