CNN’s Collapse Is Now Complete

Good points.

Jeff Zucker, the boss, is gone.

Chris Cuomo, who had the highest ratings, is gone.

90% of the audience is gone. They couldn’t take the 1/6 coverage anymore.

CNN’s brand as a news organization has been completely trashed.

The Eunuch, Jake Tapper and Jim Acosta’s democracy sermons, Jeffrey Toobin wanking on Zoom and Anderson Cooper are all that is left amid the ruins. Don Lemon, a highly successful black man with a relatively small audience, is also there and will be streaming another show. Compared to what it was in the 1990s or 2000s though, CNN has precipitously declined in prestige and influence.


  1. >… CNN has precipitously declined in prestige and influence.

    It was ruined — but no doubt the rise of the internet as a news source seriously dented their audience too.

    >in the 1990s or 2000s

    My earliest fond memories of CNN go further back, to the 1980s — sitting down to watch Sports Tonight with Nick Charles (RIP) and Fred Hickman — back then CNN was a normal, watchable news channel.

  2. CNN Communist News Network.

    When CNN first came out, in 1979, and was associated with Ted Turner and WTBS Atlanta, it was good. It was the first new channel that we got. Before that, we had seven channels. One local, and the rest out of Dallas. However,
    Ted the Red Turner went far Left and hooked up with Jane Fonda. It’s been down hill ever since.

      • Ted tried and was blocked at every turn by ((them)). That’s the reason ((they)) always go for the control of banks, it gives((them)) almost limitless power.

    • James Owens writes all truths but leaves off the crucial JQ.

      Ted Turner was always “Liberal” and was strongly anti lower class Southern Bible Christian – he couldn’t stand this culture.

      But Ted Turner stood out as virtually the only White Gentile media owner and he didn’t hate White Southern people, culture. Ted Turner helped fund movies like Gettysberg and “Gods and Generals”.

      Ted Turner was making noise about become the top guy at CBS.

      The J Media mafia would not have this any more than the Sicilian Italian Mafia would have Js or Irish getting too high.

      Yes, Ted Turner did marry Hanoi Jane Fonda and tried to use her Left Coast connections to make it in Hollywood/Southern California media world. When Ted Turner merged TBS, CNN with Gerald Levin’s Time Warner Inc – he though he had gained entrance to this Hollywood Media world. Instead it was just the J Media mafia buying him out, Ted Turner basically fell off the face of the earth.

      The Key which so many Right Wing White Conservatives just can’t seem to grasp is that our USA terrible mainstream media and even the fake Conservative opposition media (National Review) the problem isn’t “Liberal bias” as stated in Bernard Goldberg’s “Bias”.

      The problem is the USA media is dominated by racial, ethnic and sexual groups that hate us – the top being the J media mafia.

      Yeah, Ted Turner was once, always a “Liberal” he gave money to Bill Clinton and even gave lots of Money to the United Nations.

      But, Ted Turner was a White Southern Gentile – CNN featured the likes of Pat Buchanan. The J media mafia won’t allow this.

    • You have it completely backwards. It is a C.apitalist “N.ews” N.etwork!

      For accurate, real news, look to Global Times, Granma, Telesur, Tass, PressTv, etc. It is extremely hard to find the real news FROM Nicaragua using a U.S.-based search engine because “They” don’t want you to access it. What you get are endless pages of results with fake news (U.S. hybrid war propaganda) ABOUT Nicaragua. Use the Russian (Yandex) search engine to find La Prensa and much more real news!

  3. I couldn’t stand being forced to listen to CNN blared from TV sets at airport gates. If CNN hadn’t stopped this, I was going to buy one of the “TV-be-Gone” universal remotes that fits on a keychain to shut them off.

    • skeptic16 – yep, absolutely. I love my TV B GONE. It’s a mind weapon all race realists, alternative or just sane people should have. Much, much more effective than all these GUNS GUNS GUNS that are never used.

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