COVID Pandemic Officially Over As Polls Show Democrats Losing Ground

The “vaxxed and done” thing is real.

Lord Fauci had to come out and make a statement saying that we are going to have to live in “equilibrium” with COVID now. In spite of our best performative efforts, it isn’t going away. The “science” is adjusting itself to the political gravity of the rapidly approaching midterms.


“COVID-19 pandemic restrictions could end “soon,” even as early as this year, NIAID director Anthony Fauci told the Financial Times in an interview published Tuesday.

The big picture: Fauci explained that he does not believe “we are going to eradicate this virus,” but said that it will instead reach an “equilibrium.” …”

If you saw that Nate Cohn piece, you know why the pandemic is over now.

New York Times:

“A wave of polls taken as the Omicron variant crested across much of the United States shows new signs that the public’s resolve to combat the coronavirus pandemic is waning.

The surveys depict an increasingly frustrated and pessimistic nation that is as worried by the specter of an endless pandemic as it is fearful of the disease. While a majority of voters remain concerned about the coronavirus, the balance of recent polling suggests that the desire to return to normalcy has approached or even overtaken alarm about the virus itself.

A recent Yahoo News/YouGov survey found that 46 percent of respondents thought Americans should “learn to live with” the pandemic “and get back to normal,” while just 43 percent thought “we need to do more to vaccinate, wear masks and test.”

A Republican firm, Echelon Insights, had similar findings, reporting that 55 percent of voters thought Covid-19 should be “treated as an endemic disease that will never fully go away,” like the flu, while 38 percent said it should be “treated as a public health emergency.”

The results are especially striking at a time when coronavirus cases, hospitalizations and even deaths are near record highs. …”

This isn’t the first time that COVID has been over.

Back in May 2021 and June 2021, the narrative was that the vaccine was going out and that “hot vax summer” was here. Joe Biden declared victory over COVID on July the 4th as the Delta variant was dropping. The CDC had told people that they didn’t have to wear masks anymore.

Daily Mail:

“Democrat-led states across the country have announced plans to drop their mask mandates in the coming weeks, and Republicans are claiming politics are at play. 

New Jersey, New York, California, Oregon, Connecticut and Delaware have all announced plans to roll back their mask requirements just within the last day.    

‘I’d love to see whatever internal polling went around the Democrat Party last week – it’s certainly no coincidence that Democrat-run states are dropping mandates as fast as they can!,’ Rep. Kevin Hern, R-Okla., told  

The Biden administration, however, still recommends indoor masking for schools and other public places.

New York’s Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul said she will allow the state’s requirement that businesses either check vaccination status or require masks expire on Wednesday. California will soon lift its indoor mask mandate for vaccinated individuals, and Delaware and Oregon will also soon end their mask mandates. New Jersey and Connecticut are ending universal school masking policies.  

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker is expected to make a similar announcement Wednesday, sources confirmed to 

In many of those states, school districts and localities would still have the power to implement their own mask mandates, as would private businesses.

But Centers for Disease Control (CDC) director Rochelle Walensky said Tuesday that COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations are still ‘too high’ to consider dropping restrictions despite daily infections having declined by 47 percent over the past seven days. …”

I don’t live in a Blue State.

I’ve heard that vaccine passports are common in New York City and that people in Brooklyn are walking around wearing N95 masks. Children have been forced to wear masks in schools there. I haven’t seen anything like that in my area. We have service workers who are still required to wear masks because of corporate policies. Mask wearing is sporadic. Otherwise, life is normal.


  1. It will never be over, especially for the ones that injected themselves with the govt poison. The “vaccine” that is in their system will start attacking healthy organs causing cancer and other aliments.

  2. You are fortunate in your experience. Understand that you aren’t in the majority with it.

    Most of us have had to navigate this mess every day for years now. Many of us have lost our businesses and livelihoods.

    As flippantly as this will be discarded as old news out of expediency and a cynical desire to dispose of this albatross now that its become inconvenient, I for one will never forgive or forget it.

    I’m not alone in that.

  3. Mask mandates are ending in more places. MSM announced yesterday that the Delta variant has disappeared completely.

    • “COVID-19 pandemic restrictions could end “soon,” even as early as this year,

      It was over for us in March of ’21. Nobody thinks about it anymore.

  4. Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker is expected to make a similar announcement Wednesday, sources confirmed to

    Jabba the Hutt will be making an announcement. It’s difficult for him as he’ll need to temporarily remove the turkey leg from his cavernous mouth. I’ve no doubt the gaslight media will come up with a new, even more terrifying variant just in time for the mid-term “elections”.

  5. The Great Man… is colder, harder, less hesitating, and without fear of ‘opinion’; he lacks the virtues that accompany respect and ‘respectability,’ and altogether everything that is the ‘virtue of the herd.’ If he cannot lead, he goes alone… He knows he is incommunicable: he finds it tasteless to be familiar… When not speaking to himself, he wears a mask. There is a solitude within him that is inaccessible to praise or blame.

    Friedrich Nietzsche

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