Jimmy Dore: Blue States Drop COVID Mandates and Ignore CDC Recommendations

They had no choice, Jimmy.

Have you seen the internals of that CNN poll?

Democrats are fighting for their political lives in the midterms.


  1. Never forget WHO is was that started this BOLSHEVIK BULLSH*T. The (((J-LEFT))).

    Never forgive… until the bodies hang still….

  2. Mehdi Hasan- Who the eff cares what some FOREIGNER is saying?

    KICK HIM OUT. America for Americans.

    BY pretending that ANYONE but White Europeans matters – to either God or this land, people like Pat Buchanan merely confirm the heresy of his Novus Ordo VATICAN EWW Antichrist religion.
    Catholics used to say, ‘Europe is the Faith; the Faith, Europe.’ – H. Belloc
    Anglicans used to say ‘The White Man’s Burden’ – Kipling.
    American presidents used to say, ‘No hyphenated American’ – T. Roosevelt.

    This nation (indeed, all Christendom) is being JUDGED BY GOD, just as all heretical sects, cults, and heretics have been judged throughout history. ADULTERY- of your family, or of your people, IS A SIN.

    Adultery is the ADULTERATION of the People of God- and that is what scum are proclaiming. All theological heresies are (surprise!) heresies of the MARRIAGE COVENANT between YHWH/Jesus Christ, and ‘His People.’ [ Matt. 1:21] Universalism is a HERESY- which means Multiculturalism is, as well.

    As Justin Martyr so clearly said, ‘Christ is our King, and Christianity is our race which you knew once as Israel.”

    “Who has ever seen ‘the individual,’ if not defined by his family, his region, his profession, his language, his inheritance, his faith? Removed from these defining characteristics the individual is an abstraction, and a political system based on an abstraction must either end in despotism or revolution.”- Juan Vazquez de Mella, https://www.unz.com/article/can-the-south-rise-again/

    People like this man and his ilk, are next.
    Someone named Hasan killed people on American soil. WHY IS His tribe ALLOWED TO LIVE HERE?
    People who usurp OUR Jurisprudence continue to spew forth Anti-white Hatred. Why are THEY allowed to live here?

    They are illegitimate residents in the USA, because they are POC. All such, need to go.

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