Red Eagle Politics: The Palmetto Pushovers

This ought to be good.

I’ve been looking forward to this.

Jaye Ryan has been wondering about this for years.

Why does South Carolina have such awful politicians these days?

Note: The history of South Carolina is glorious … the Barbadian expansion, the first state to leave the Union, Fort Sumter, Calhoun, Rhett, Preston Brooks, Francis Marion, Fort Moultrie, “Pitchfork” Ben Tillman, “Cotton Ed” Smith. Today, the state has Lady G, Tim Scott, Nikki Haley and Nancy Mace.


  1. The people of S.C keep voting for these sellouts and traitors. These sellouts could care less about the history of S.C. To them it means nothing. It’s not just S.C.,its all over.

  2. Don’t forget the disastrous Mark Sandford who disappeared and claimed he was hiking the Appalachian Trail, which was code for hitting the Argentinian Tail.

  3. I lived there between 2013-2917. Nice people but hopelessly cucked. You must worship each of the following: US military, Clemson or USC, negroes, Baptist or Methodist.

    Whites were afraid to bring up anything disparaging about negroes. I was waiting to get my hair cut and some women were talking about that weekends college football game. Jamis Winston was on one of the teams and had been accused of shoplifting. The subject had come up and I remarked that none of these players should even be in college, let alone on a scholarship and several should be in jail. It was as though I disparaged Christ himself.

    • @skeptic16 The only things these people can see that negroes engage in at a high level are sports and crime. Their worship of them is some kind of sickness. They believe in a god that created a lower form in the primate ape level of humans, that “is just like us”. You’d have to seriously question a god that would do something that looks so very much like evolution playing out, and we didn’t evolve from them.

    • Patrick- It’s the perVERSION of true Creedal Protestant Xtianity that is emasculating states like SC.
      The Baptists are not a Christian denomination (God only knows what they REALLY are) and the proposed split between the UMC and the GMC cannot happen fast enough…. But both are idolatrous Nigger worshipers.

      “So, in dealing with the Church as the [only] Body of Christ. Christendom is White Europe.; this, too, is historical fact. And, over the millennia, since she took over the moniker ‘Chosen People,’ in her (the Church’s/Christendom’s) bosom are ‘wheat and tares,’ just as it always has been: and from WITHIN THE CHURCH there is a ‘race of God’s People:’ and from them- and only from them- does the Elect in the Church, come- just like the O.T. records of the People of God- they weren’t all ‘saved,’ you know.

      But the modern-day Jews, the Moslems, Asians, Mexicans, etc., and the N-words? NOT EVEN UNDER CONSIDERATION by YHWH God. Doubt me? The ONLY TWO PEOPLE GROUPS talked about in the New Covenant were non-Edomitic Jews, and Hellenes (Greeks). i.e., Europeans.

      Prior to the Reformation, that ‘Christendom’ meant EUROPE… we all know this, for goodness’ sake! This is true, just as IT WAS in the O.T. – There were godly Hebrews, and UNGODLY Hebrews- AND THE FIRST CHOSE LIFE, AND THE SECOND GROUP, CHOSE DEATH. But all the other peoples WERE NOT EVEN UNDER CONSIDERATION FOR GOD’S FAVOR, save those very few whom HE used for His sovereign purpose (Cyrus, Nebuchadnezzar, etc.- even Pharaoh was used by God).

      Yet still, it was ONLY THE SONS OF EBER who were the ‘apple of God’s eye’! NO ‘GOYIM’ were ever considered as a ‘son of the covenant.’

      IN THE SAME MANNER, the Jews (Khazars/Edomites/Pharisees) NEVER WERE PART OF THAT 12-TRIBED Family- witness the forced conversion to (by then, post-Babylonian Captivity) Talmudism in 150 B.C. of the cursed Edomites, under Hyrcanus. This is history, verifiable in the Apocrypha, Josephus, pagan records, etc.

      THIS FINAL SOLUTION by the Jews- this non-biblical ATTEMPT TO CIRCUMVENT GOD’S ELECTION, led to the ‘bowl of wrath’ of the [sic] ‘Jews’ being filled to the brim- precisely because of their religious AND racial syncretism, prior to Christ’s coming. In short, their evil was the proximate cause for Christ, the Son of God, to incarnate on Earth, for crying out loud- to save the Chosen Race, Holy People, Royal Priesthood from MISCEGENATING THEMSELVES OUT OF EXISTENCE!

      THAT WAS WHY HE CAME TO EARTH- to render judgment on a mongrel race who claimed (and still does, to this very day- i.e., the Talmudics) to be HIS PEOPLE, when they are not! [ cf. St. John’s Gospel, Chapter 8, Rev. 3:8,9]”

      • You make a passionate and compelling argument, Fr. John. But if Jesus was sent to preach salvation to the White Gentiles of Europe then why wasn’t his ministry based in Rome, Athens, Lugdunum or Londinium?

  4. My ancestors have been in South Carolina for 11 generations. I am the first generation to be born out of the state. My ancestors fought in the American Revolution, the Confederacy, and every major war out of South Carolina. They were part of the states glorious history and they are rolling over in their graves as they see Lindsey Graham and Nikki Haley part of the same carpetbagging party that destroyed Dixie.

    I’m more South Carolinian than Nikki “Randhawa.” Deo Vindice!

  5. Yes, what’s with the Palmettos? Hunter, ‘Bama needs to analyze this. I’ll say that one factor might be that conservatism there is deep and ingrained, but kind of unthinking. It’s assumed if someone is “conservative,” “religious”, believes in “values”, then he’s the one. As we’ve seen, this is a poor yardstick. Most conservatives are liars, anyway. Someone joins the GOP, make pretty speeches, and you’re in like Flynn. I don’t consider Scott and Haley any kind of conservative supporting white interests, but there you go. A lot of Palmettos are military/church types, and they tend to go along with what someone like Graham or Rush tells them what is right.
    I recall when Trump lost, Brian Kilmeade, a sort of Hannity clone, came out almost bleating for a new GOP. “we gotta have a dream ticket,” he said breathlessly, “and here it is: Haley and Scott. that’s the dream ticket! C’mon! Haley and Scott 2024! ” He really said that. He kind of sucks up to anyone in uniform and any minority, so I guess he’s an honorary Palmetto.

    • I think I remember that statement by Kilmeade. He’s a big “muh Constitution” guy, isn’t he? He apparently doesn’t know the 12th Amendment requires the President and VP to be from different states. But – as you point out – he’s a Hannity clone, and that means he’s aggressively stupid, like Sean.

  6. My take is that of others here. Today’s South Carolinians are the worst of patriotards: 110% uncritical nut-huggers of Pentagram generals like that scum Milley, Nu Souf evanjewlickal christers. They don’t see color no more – no sir! As long as a nigra has a Personal Relationship with JEEEE-sus ‘n’ can tote that ol’ pigskin, why, they can even marry their daughters!

  7. > Why does South Carolina have such awful politicians these days?

    All of the voting machines in South Carolina are those no-ballot, no-audit trail electronic machines. Just like their electronic gambling machines, in fact. So the white Republican establishment controls the voting machines thus the votes and the white, conservative, Republican establishment in South Carolina prefers the easy to control types like Lindsey Ladybugs Graham.

    It is that simple, it’s not rocket science.

  8. I was told by a member of our movement who was lobbying for a major corporation that a big reason Graham gets re-elected is he takes good & attentive care of his donors, and above all, business groups. When you walk into Graham’s office, you find he knows as much or more than you do about the pertinent issues you are there for, is very engaged, sympathetic, and energetic, and follows up on your visit with tangible actions that “meet your needs.” In short, Graham is an excellent retail politician.

    As I’ve posted before, Nancy Mace comes from bad stock. Her father – a career Army officer – was widely regarded as a psychopath when he was a tactical officer at The Citadel in the early 70s, and it’s clear from her behavior in the video that Nancy inherited some of those tendencies. Of course, as the first female graduate of The Citadel, she is a radical feminist.

  9. Is he ever going to get around to mentioning that Graham is a flaming homo?

    Nope. Because that has nothing to do with why Ladybugs has Anftifa’s social policy, is a prostitute for the MIC and Big Gay Capital and displays Greg Johnson levels of queeny Machiavellianism.

    Real “kek” posters call out homos for being homos. 2022 groyper-adjacent alt-Lite optics-cucks don’t dare call out homos for obvious reasons.

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