1. The police are agents of the govt tyrants. We’re just following orders. I see when they follow orders it’s doing their job. When the “Nazis” followed orders, it was a holoco$t and they were war criminals. The hypocrisy of the victors.

    • “The hypocrisy of the victors.”

      That’s America, in every aspect, hypocrisy.
      Most American institutions are based on hypocrisy.

      “Races are equal, diversity is strength, everyone is the same ” etc.

    • The next phase in the truck protests on both sides of the border should be truckers agreeing to stay home, not work and park their trucks for three days straight. Are the police going to arrest them for not working? Does the government have an extra million truck drivers and big rigs to fill in the gap? The Government would do nothing but screech about racism through their stenographers, the Lügenpresse.

      This would cause great problems and show the world how the Government is powerless against this kind of civil disobedience. Places like NYC and Washington DC would run out of many things by the third day, fuck ’em. An exception could be made for medical supplies.

      Instead of trucks blocking streets which seems to aggravate the ruling class so much the truckers could help them out and leave the streets clear of trucks for three days straight. That would make it easy for them to drive their beamers around without much traffic, until they ran out of gasoline.

  2. The system’s vulnerability is being exposed by the Canadian truckers. In an interdependent world, simple noncooperation breaks the chain of causation in the production of wealth generating assets. That is how to fight. Even 80 IQ prisoners under nonstop surveillance and custody know they can force concessions via nonviolent malingering. The rest of us can do the same to TPTB, the Oligarchy, the Establishment, ZOG, or whatever label is applied to Those Who Rule.

    And the beautiful thing about doing so is that others will react the same way when someone or some group makes the first move to fight the power. Live not by lies, as Solzhenitsyn said so well. If your values are real, prove it by sacrificing something to bring the valuable result of living honestly into existence. No more going along to get along. Sovereign Wealth Fund based UBI or bust.

    • Yes. Excellent observation. The votes of the zeks aren’t counted by the machines but they nevertheless can cast their votes via other means. Stop playing the game by the Plutocracy’s rules. If there’s no money to pay the badge-gang’s pensions, they’ll soon stop going to work. It’s not as if they are protecting you from criminals or anything – especially when they’re explicitly ordered not to.

  3. I doubt that 2 years ago our overlords had any idea that they were setting off a chain of events which may well result in their own undoing.

  4. Defunding the police is really an own-goal for the PMCs. Having seen their loathsome behavior over the last two years, I’m all for it. The badge-gang is well beyond useless. They will obey any order regardless of its legality or morality. Defund their damned pensions as well.

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