Don Lemon Slams America’s Casual Racism

Don Lemon, a highly successful gay black man with a prime time show no one watches, occasionally wears these glasses because he thinks it makes him look smart. He went on a tirade last night about the “everyday hate” of racial humor which is “infecting our country.”

Note: Why do you think Democrats are seen as “preachy” by swing voters?


  1. Hey Whitey — shhhhh! Did ja hear this one? After decades of spending (trillions), groveling, cowardice, lies, appeasement and unbelievable delusion Whites have directed toward the “African-American,” — we like to call them niggers behind their backs … this failed species is no closer to meeting the minimal standards of civilized behavior then when they staggered off the jew slave ships in chains. I’d like to think all this insane waste of effort would warrant at least some positive acknowledgement or maybe a “Well, you really tried”, but apparently, genetic reality doesn’t change no matter how much money is spent or blood is shed. Instead, itz just more lies about niggers’ staggering over-representation in crime statistics. So, it’s only right that we should no longer be able to access mugshots of criminals, because 90% of them aren’t White. Displaying them would be racist, and after all, some White person, as difficult is it is for them, might make the connection.

    • They have a whole continent they’ve decided was their own, so much that they took South Africa, which they ruined.
      If they really believe they are being persecuted, they can go over there. We whites have no homeland anymore, as they’ve polluted every single country of ours.

  2. The negro pot is calling the kettle White. I can only imagine what he says behind closed doors. Weren’t there leaked videos of his casual “racism” ?

  3. For decades, I rarely ever used the word “nigger”. As the Negro Worship and anti-White hatred started ramping up to eleven, and then beyond, I began to make a point of using it daily.

    People like Don Lemon truly do harden my resolve to never bow-down and be cowed by a word that was once in common usage. Especially when White people are savaged on a daily basis – violently and viciously.

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