Jacobin: Democrats Are Ditching Class, and It’s Costing Them Working-Class Voters

The “civil war” has begun.

We’re still eight months out from the 2022 midterms and liberals and leftists, moderates and progressives are pointing fingers and blaming each other for the looming fiasco.


“More than a year into Joe Biden’s presidency, it’s clear that the president is not, as some had anticipated, the “second coming of FDR and LBJ.” His signature infrastructure bill, which the White House touted as being “twice as big” as the New Deal, is no New Deal at all — it doesn’t even hold a candle to the Great Society.

Biden’s failure to fulfill the liberal punditry’s most breathless predictions about his administration is bad news for America’s working class, most of whom are living paycheck to paycheck. It’s also bad news for the Democratic Party, which has been hemorrhaging working-class voters for decades and has now entered triage.

The Democratic Party’s top brass has portrayed this shift as a conscious strategy. As New York senator Chuck Schumer put it, “For every blue-collar Democrat we lose in western Pennsylvania, we will pick up two moderate Republicans in the suburbs in Philadelphia.” But those numbers don’t add up electorally. To stay afloat, the party needs to win back the working-class voters it’s lost. And to do that, it needs to demonstrate that it’s able to enact policy in workers’ favor, which the Biden administration has so far been unable to accomplish. …

Throughout this more contemporary window, antagonism to globalization and liberal cultural values has persisted, which may offer a cogent explanation of exactly why the shift toward Republicans is occurring. …”

As an outsider, I obviously agree with the liberals like James Carville, Ruy Teixeira and Bill Maher about how Wokeism is a massive albatross for Democrats. In their more lucid moments, leftists like the people at Jacobin, Ben Burgis, Krystal Ball and Kyle Kulinski will concede the point that these people are destructive and not even engaged in politics so much as religion, as when they tried to get Bernie Sanders to disavow Joe Rogan and Spotify to deplatform his show. Jimmy Dore hates the shitlibs and has gone to war with them. Matt Karp and Thomas Frank deserve credit for diagnosing the problem. Jonathan Chait also wrote the best article about how both sides are right about each other.


  1. When have “working class” voters supported Democrats last? Mondale? Democrats are the government bureaucrat voting block.

  2. I read the article, and the author doesn’t even mention how immigration affects the working class negatively, and then go on to explain that workers vote against their own interest.
    That even the radical left can go on lying like this, shows that they don’t really care about the now multiethnic working class in America, only good boy points from their laptop class peers.

  3. Scumocrats certainly haven’t “ditched ” their protected classes of blacks, jews, LatinX,, lgbtqp, woke asians, and illegal immigrants POCs.

    While the retardicans, most favored classes are jews, the ultra wealthy, and Christian zionists.

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