1. It’s not voter turnout, you should quit being a shitlib monitor for a day and see that dead voting and hundreds of supposed registered voters out of 1 residence is ummmmmmmm “FROWD” er fraud maybe. Your a dissident but think our elections that you don’t vote in are on the up and up, very strange.

      • The drastic increase to 81 million votes did not occur in “upper middle class neighborhoods” lol. As for the 1/7000 vote margin that made up the difference in the electoral college, this is not a random result, not the expected result of such an election. It is what happens when Democrats cheat. Something they’ve always done, and they do so with the tacit approval and support of “right-wing dissidents” who think saying what they want to hear gives you some sort of “credibility.” I don’t care about credibility with those people, I care about my people and I KNOW 100% the Democratic party attempts to disenfranchise my people with voter fraud EVERY SINGLE TIME.


        • Joe Biden’s margin was down in the big cities. He won the 2020 election in the suburbs. He won it by picking up votes in White upper middle class suburbs all over the country. The case for fraud rests on the notion that these places full of Mitt Romney type Republicans went out and committed voter fraud in suburban ring counties on a massive scale and that the pattern was consistent in states which Trump won like Kansas and Tennessee

          • The fraud narrative also implies that the DNC went to the trouble of rigging the presidential election, but didn’t rig the house and senate races while they were at it. According to the fraud narrative, democrats trucked in bundles of fake ballots all across the country but didn’t bother to mark D in house or senate races on the fake ballots. And they somehow managed to rig the election in just such a way that it was in line with exit polling and pre-election polling.

          • They closed the effing polls in all the swing states on election night when Dump was up by half a mil in each swing state. I watched it in real time, then the next day the gap was practically closed when said polls were supposedly closed, with the media predictably silent. Don’t give me the song and dance about more local shit like senators or legislators. For shitlib monitors, you can’t be bothered about watching the whole shit go down, too boring I guess, watch moar footbawl.

          • The wokelash was in full effect in the recent presidential election, the shit was rigged in the cosmo big cities of all the swing states. HW is definitely not wrong to a major degree of the overall but they engaged in criminal activity and that can’t be quantified and the shitlib coverup explanation for closed polls not couting votes and closing the gaps overnight was rando white suburburitos carried Shitpants Brandon over the hump.

        • @JPS. Yes, the D-jerseys have been cheating for decades running (so have the R-jerseys). Like you, I disagree with HW about the validity of the 2020 election. It was probably stolen. What you’re missing it that it’s Cheetohead’s own damned fault. The 2018 mid-terms had massive fraud as well. It was basically a dry-run for 2020. Hell they were busing “voters” from Chicago and St. Louis to vote in the Alabama primaries and election that year.

          What did the “God-Emperor” do? Not a damned thing – like a typical Republican. He appointed the lifelong swamp-dweller William Barr (who did pro-bono work for FBI assassin Lon Horiuchi) to be AG, then acted shocked when Barr protected the swamp. Cheetohead is either a bloviating moron (the obvious) or he’s part of the swamp (likely). He indeed behaved idiotically, but those who fell for his scam are the bigger idiots. It’s proof that you can’t make something idiot-proof because they’re making bigger idiots every day.

          The R-jerseys signed a consent decree in 1983 under which they agreed to never challenge vote-fraud in minority-districts (D-jersey turf). This decree expired only in 2018 because the evil Kritarch who penned it died of old age. This year we’ve seen R-jersey legislatures and governors in red states where they enjoy huge pluralities siding with the D-jerseys to reduce the number of R-jersey districts. The whole damned thing is rigged from the local level up.

          Voting changes nothing of importance. The entire selection process is rigged. Nobody outside the system is even allowed to run. If by some fluke a real outsider gets voted in (recent case in NJ), their one vote in the legislature will be ignored – drowned in a sea of R and D jerseys celebrating “bi-partisanship” on any issue of importance. The existing third parties are controlled also, used to split votes so that someone on the D or R squad who’s popular and making noises which the oligarchs dislike can be derailed. Being ridiculously charitable, Trump may have started as an outsider but was soon brought under control of the usual suspects.

  2. Get rid of the two party oligarch is a good start to fix “democracy” IQ test before you can vote would be another.

    • You don’t even need an IQ test. All you have to demand at the polls is a correct answer to 3 questions:

      1. Who is the current president?

      2. Who is the current governor?

      3. Who is the current US representative or Senator? (either one)

      Those who cannot answer these three questions should not be permitted to vote. Period. Simply put, they ain’t tall enough for the ride. It would weed out a significant number of idiots. Once this was enshrined, more detailed questions could be posted for an improved voter filter.

  3. @ j avalon, talking that old stale, democracy, civil rights tripe, founding stock knows we are a constitutionally limited “Republic”, democracy is for those other people, not us…….

    • Mr. Smith,

      I will own that your Republic seemed to work for your people until the disaster of 1861-1865. You have never been the same since. You were like early Romans. Now you are more akin to Sodom and Gomorrah. So is a good portion of the rest of the world since where America leads most of the world follows.

      • @ Miss Alva, ma’m once again you are correct 1781- 1861 was by and large a very happy time for the common people, but in reality we were already two distinct peoples in one house, I am not saying, that we the white south was not without sin, but I honestly think, if we had kept control of the country, we would have kept it on a better track, we were more interested in being free and living well, trying to boss everyone one else around, is something we tend too be uncomfortable with, along with sticking our noses in everyone else’s business, too bad our brothers too the north, back then, didn’t share that virtue with us, the world would be a.better place, but we will never know, as always nice too hear from you, thank you for your reply…..

        • “trying to boss everyone one else around, is something we tend too be uncomfortable with, along with sticking our noses ”

          Hmm, those sound like the traits of a certain tribe.
          Who could that be , just ((who)) behaves like that ?

  4. Thanks but no thanks Mr BS! It´s time to end this utterly failed social experiment! it is YOU who need a reality check if anyone

    Secession today Secession tomorrow Secession always

    Deo Vindice

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