Harry Enten: Why Polls May Be Underestimating Republicans

Joe Biden’s approval rating is now four or five points worse than it was when Glenn Youngkin won in Virginia.


“(CNN) – Most polls you’re looking at right now are likely underestimating Republicans’ position heading into the midterm election cycle. It’s not that the polls are “wrong.” Rather, it’s that most polls at this point are asking all registered voters who they’re going to vote for in November, when it’s likely only a distinct subset of voters who will cast a ballot.

The voters who will actually turn out for the fall election are likely going to be disproportionately Republican based on current polling data and history. …”

Joe Biden is also insisting that Russia will invade Ukraine.

If that happens, gas prices are going to go to moon and Joe’s approval rating is going to go into catastrophic decline.


  1. Joe is already backing down form the Russia fight.


    Why isn’t Joe in on this security agreement?

    A bigger tell of Joes’ unwillingness to war with Russia is the presence of Kamala Harris in Munich to meet with Zelenskyy.

    WTF is she doing there? If Joe was serious about going to war with Russia he would not have sent Harris. Harris gets the jobs that nobody else wants, going to Honduras and Guatemala, going to the border. Harris gets the jobs that make you look bad, the jobs that bear no political fruit and make you look like a loser.

    • Give me FREEDOM or GIVE ME DEATH.

      “If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.” – John 8:36

      Or, as someone once said, “I’m WHITE tonight!”

      And people disparage Christian Identity…..

    • So true,
      Freedom, liberty, rights are all WHITE concepts.
      You don’t find those ideals among other races.

      Of course, they have to slander WHITES by using ‘supremacy’, which is entirely false, since we extend those same rights to all races, unlike (((them))).

      • Arrian,

        An interesting comment. I think non-whites believe in some freedom and rights but usually more narrowly defined and generally only practically applying to us, not as universal principles unless self-interest is involved.

        The constitutions of the republics like Mexico that revolted against Spain mimic the US constitution since they were Freemasonic inspired but they are not honored much.

        For instance Mexico has a Right to Keep and Bear Arms but it is so strictly applied that it is difficult for a common Mexican to obtain a firearm nowadays. The Army has taken over civilian ownership of firearms and to the best of my knowledge there is only 1 gun shop in Mexico located in Mexico City.

        The Mexican police and military have more freedom of action against civilians than the USA and Canada but I see with the January 6 imprisonments in the USA and the police state actions in Canada against protesters’ bank accounts I believe the USA and Canada might be catching up.

        • >>> Cristina Romana Alva,

          Yes, Mexico has some of the most enlightened laws of any republic, however they are mostly ignored. As we saw in Chiapas, many Mexicans own guns illegally, to deal with gangs, like the Knights Templar.
          . I believe it’s the consequences of a mixed race society, European , Aztec, Mayan etc. From a confusion of races comes a confusion of laws, ethics, philosophies, principles etc.
          In order to have a coherent society, it requires a coherent racial basis.

          Cristina, did you see how El Salvador has relaxed private gun ownership to deal with the out of control gang violence?

          • Arrian,

            Nice to hear from you. By American standards El Salvador has strict gun laws but by the world’s standards? Fairly lenient, Easier than Great Britain of course.

            Many male members of my family/relatives are military officers or police and privately own firearms. I will ask them what they think of how relaxed or strict they believe gun laws should be in latin american countries.

            El Salvadoran gun laws are in the link below:



    The “Antifa Hunter” Jack Corbin has been released from prison

    He’s back!

    Woe to Antifa!

    Go get ’em … and their hackers!

      • Jack Corbin is innocent. Don Gathers is a criminal.

        Activist Don Gathers charged with misdemeanor assault and battery

        CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WINA) – Don Gathers, a member of the city’s first Police Civilian Review Board and Blue Ribbon Commission on Race, Memorials and Public Spaces, is charged with misdemeanor assault and battery for allegedly grabbing a woman’s breast.

        The woman says she was on duty at the Home2 Suits by Hilton located at Ridge Street and Monticello when Gathers asked her to help him inventory a Coca Cola delivery, during which he grabbed her right breast with both hands. She states in her criminal complaint that Gathers had made verbal advances over the course of several days leading up to the incident, and that she had told him multiple times that she has a boyfriend and did not want him.

        Gathers next court appearance is scheduled for November 17.


        Here is Don Gathers in action swinging at white people:


      • More videos of the “mostly peaceful” Don Gathers swinging something like a broom handle overhead and has to be restrained by one of his associates before he does some damage.

        Gathers said that “god” was there with them. I guess his “god” must have told him to start beating people over the head and who was he to refuse.


  3. “”… Russia will invade Ukraine..””

    Now all participants want to prolong the conflict and keep tensions in the stratosphere.

    Ukraine and some Eastern European countries want to milk out as much resources from Empire as possible, Anti Empire forces want to put as much pressure as possible to the Empire. As economical and financial, but also psychological.

    Sometimes they are the same people. For example milking out resources gives benefit for some Eastern European country but in the very same time helps to put enormous stress to the Empire operatives and helps to turn them into human wreckages like Hitler was on his last days. Human wreckages are not very effective, they make mistakes and may run Empire into ground.

    There might be successful provocation what will launch the shooting war but more realistic is that current hysteria will last and this means that in addition to rising prices and other Joe problems, Empire may also suffer collective mental breakdown as Hitler in the downfall movie.

    Some signs demonstrate that pressure works. For example we saw recently in Canada that global elite can not understand and manage problems even on minimum acceptable level. Canada was massive PR crash.

  4. Does not seem like it. Fami;ies in my area want that goddamn tax money in advance. A Bird in the Hand. But of course “republicans” will tell us it’s welfare and to be ashamed.

    The Grand Old Party is the biggest Scam on White People that has ever existed.

    Of this, I am certain.

    Bring on the 2022 Caravan Tactic.

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