Meet the Press: San Francisco Recall Election

In San Francisco, it was white adjacent AAPIs fed up with Wokeism in public education for a variety of reasons that triggered the landslide recall election.

New York Times:

“SAN FRANCISCO — As Election Day approached, a flurry of messages flashed across the phones of San Francisco’s Chinese American community. “Remember to vote,” said one message in Chinese from a campaign organizer, Selena Chu. “And throw out the commissioners who are discriminating against us and disrespecting our community.”

The lopsided victory in a recall election on Tuesday that ousted three members of the San Francisco school board shook the city’s liberal establishment and was a resounding alarm of parental anger over the way the public school system handled the coronavirus pandemic.

Parents of varying ethnicities and income levels who had coalesced last year while San Francisco schools remained closed — they stayed shut for much longer than those in other large cities — organized themselves through Facebook groups and vowed to push out Board of Education members for what they saw as incompetence. They kept their promise: The three commissioners were removed by as much as 79 percent of voters, an unequivocal rejection in a city renowned for fractious politics.

For many Asian Americans in the city, especially the large Chinese American community, the results were an affirmation of the group’s voting power, coming with a high degree of organizing, turnout and intensity not seen in many years. In an election where every registered voter received a ballot, overall turnout was relatively low at 26 percent; turnout among the 30,000 people who requested Chinese-language ballots was significantly higher at 37 percent.

In an overwhelmingly liberal city, Asian American voters have sided with Democrats for decades. But in recent years, a growing number of Chinese residents, many of them born in mainland China, have become a moderating political force. Most Chinese residents in the city are registered as independents and, as Tuesday’s election appeared to show, they are not afraid to buck some of the more liberal elements of the Democratic Party. It is a pattern that has emerged in other cities, like New York, that are largely Democratic with significant Asian American populations.

“They are absolutely up for grabs,” David Lee, a political science lecturer at San Francisco State University, said of Asian American voters in the city.

In Tuesday’s election, two issues in particular motivated Chinese American voters. The Board of Education had voted to put in place a lottery admission system at the highly selective Lowell High School, replacing an admission process that primarily selected students with the highest grades and test scores. Lowell, whose long list of notable alumni includes Justice Stephen G. Breyer, for decades had represented what one community member described as the “gateway to the American dream.” The introduction of the lottery system has reduced the number of Asian and white ninth graders at Lowell by around one-quarter and increased Black and Latino ninth graders by more than 40 percent.

Chinese voters were also upset by tweets by Alison Collins, one of the recalled school board members, that were unearthed during the campaign. Ms. Collins said Asian Americans used “white supremacist thinking to assimilate and ‘get ahead.’” She went on to compare Asian Americans to slaves who had the advantage of working inside a slave owner’s home instead of doing more grueling labor in the fields, using asterisks to mask an anti-Black racial slur. The tweets reinforced a sentiment among many Chinese voters of being taken for granted, underrepresented and insulted, people involved in the recall campaign said. …”

New York Times:

“Seventy percent of the people in San Francisco tried to warn us,” he said of the battle among Democrats that ended up with voters firing three far-left school board members who mandated a long break from in-person learning during the pandemic and who wanted to rechristen schools named after Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.

“They’re not popular,” Carville said of such far-lefties, adding in a line spoken directly to them: “People don’t like you.”

The Democrats have repeatedly tried to jam the square peg of America in 2022 into their preferred black and white round hole of race relations circa Alabama in 1963. The country is tired of the woke professional class and its toxic relationship with blacks. Even blacks aren’t responding positively to it.


  1. Asians, the Chinese they never complain. Local government put all the homeless shelters and methadone treatment centers in their neighborhood they say nothing. For this recall to happen and to be led by them is something big.

  2. What boggles my mind is they’ll do this but not recall newsom. The only explanation to me, other than the vote being rigged in the metropolises, is that women dominate the vote here and they just like the way newsom looks, especially the Asian women lol.

  3. This will cause Republican celebrations. They will now pander to blacks and Asians because their con$ultants tell them Asians are “natural conservatives”. They are just waiting to vote Republican after reading the Wall Street Journal, watching Fox TV, subscribing to National Review and catching up on Ayn Rand, every good Republican knows that.

    The Republicans are hopeless. Their only virtue, which is quite limited is that they are not the Democrats. The Republicans are the party of big bidness, oligarchs and like their compatriots, the Democrats, owned by The Usual Suspects. The beneficial owners of the Republican Party hate their White voters unlike the Democrats who are mostly on the same page as their colored voters.

    This is just an example of Asians voting their ethnic interests; sending their children to schools free of troublesome black and hispanic “students” who are intellectually incapable of progressing much beyond the 6th grade in 12 years of edumaction. If the Asians had their way they would ban White students from what they regard as their schools. They are not allies, just smarter, quieter colored people who are displacing Whites.

    • @12AX7 – “If the Asians had their way they would ban White students from what they regard as their schools. They are not allies, just smarter, quieter colored people who are displacing Whites.”

      That is very well said. And very true. I have been around female Asians, and they treat Whites as beneath them; with utter contempt.

    • “female Asians, and they treat Whites as beneath them; with utter contempt.”


      “You stupid round eyes, you stupid enough to let us in your country, you stupid, give us free education. We buy land, take your jobs, take over neighborhoods, take your businesses. YOU STUPID !”

      • @Arrian. Whites are already a minority in Kalofornikatstan. They haven’t done shit except a) leave the state; b) joined the Church of Woke; c) stood by the R-jerseys, the permanent fake-opposition. The thing which few noticed about the civil rights acts of the 1960s is that they stripped whites of any freedom of association. Hell 30 years ago someone tried to start a White Student Association at some state-funded edumacational indoctrination center and it was struck down by the Kritarchs are “rayciss” or a similarly Talmudic argument.

    • To be fair to our people, if more than 2 of us are in a room together the FBI is on the case. Coloreds can basically do everything up to and including murder of whites and still get no attention from the Thin Blue Line.

  4. So, now I understand. Sodomites and mystery meat Mayors call Chinese ‘White Supremacist’ for disagreeing with their Judaized Bolshevik attempts at pseudo-equity.

    In other words, total IDIOCRACY.

    Got it.

    Give me a White Christian Ethnostate. STAT.

    “[ In I Timothy 1:5-111] …Paul then moves from a discussion of the commandment to a discussion of God’s law. Timothy must enforce theological orthodoxy. This is Paul’s command to Timothy.

    *** Paul here links biblical law to theological orthodoxy. This epistle is Paul’s premier exposition on the ecclesiastical enforcement of theological orthodoxy. Paul teaches in this epistle that theological orthodoxy mandates theonomy: biblical law. According to this epistle, biblical law is not a temporary intrusion into the historical development of the kingdom of God. On the contrary, it is at the heart of this development, not as a means of redemption, but as a tool of dominion.”*** p. 29, -G. North, “Hierarchy and Dominion- An Economic Commentary on I Timothy,” 2012, Point Five Press.

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