Breaking Points: Canada Removes Freedom Convoy Protesters At Gunpoint, Declares Financial Warfare Against Dissidents

If there is going to be a war, we should go to war with Justin Trudeau’s Canada because the authoritarian police state that is being imposed from the top down by PMCs there is the real threat to those of us who live here, not some border dispute between Slavs in eastern Ukraine.

Note: I agree with Candace Owens on this!


  1. Take this as a forewarning .

    Be prepared for a crisis in America.
    This incident shows how quickly your ‘freedoms’ will vanish, under the weakest of pretext.

    • Yes indeed. This was a practice run for what’s coming down the road here from shitpants, his re-cuck-lickin’ allies and the badge-gang. By all means, let’s vote moar harder, because we can see how well it worked up in Soviet Kanuckistan. Shitpants just extended the COVID state of emergency. There is literally nothing standing in their way.

  2. Yes Boomers, it can and is happening here. You had your time to prevent it and you sold us out for shekels and an easy life.

  3. I’m surprised Trudeau hasn’t called in Antifa to harass and attack the protestors. Wait, he has, they’re the ones in police uniforms.

  4. I totally support the truckers, but it doesn’t change the fact that most Canuckistanis are shitlib race traitor scum. They, like ours, deserve death.

  5. Why is someone named ‘Jagmeet Singh’ (insert barfing emoji —-> here) even living in a country like Canada ??

  6. I never liked cops when I was growing up but I really did try to come around getting older but their bowing and their deliverance of the innocents they’re supposed to protect to criminal scumbags in our country and the same theater in Canada, with their pigs really hurting literal peaceful protesters, and reveling in it, makes me sick. They truly are just a bunch of f***ing pigs. I hope those protesters stay strong and not rightfully retaliate violently because that just plays right into the degenerate governments hands. Canada’s pigs are an embodiment of soulless psychotic self-abased Whites.

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