Russia Is Winning War In Ukraine

This article is from the guy who tracked the rapid fall of Afghanistan.

Daily Mail:

“Wishful thinking has the upper hand in the battle to shape Western perceptions of the war in Ukraine.

Sympathy for the outnumbered and outgunned defenders of Kyiv has led to the exaggeration of Russian setbacks, misunderstanding of Russian strategy, and even baseless claims from amateur psychoanalysts that Putin has lost his mind.

A more sober analysis shows that Russia may have sought a knockout blow, but always had well-laid plans for follow-on assaults if its initial moves proved insufficient.

The world has underestimated Putin before and those mistakes have led, in part, to this tragedy in Ukraine.

We must be clear-eyed now that the war is underway.

Yet even the professionals at the Pentagon are letting sympathy cloud their judgement.

Just two days into Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, U.S. Department of Defense briefers were quick to claim that failing to take Kyiv in the opening days of the war amounted to a serious setback.

DoD briefers implied that Russia’s offensive was well behind schedule or had even failed because the capital had not fallen.

But U.S. leaders should have learned to restrain their hopes after their catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Once again, U.S. and Western officials are falling into the trap of failing to understand the enemy and his objectives. …”

You might not grasp this based on CNN and Twitter’s coverage of the war.


  1. Imagine hating the country that you live in so much that you support an Ex-KGB goon with deep ties to the same Cabal Of Kikes that runs the US. The same Deep Thinkers that put all of their hopes and dreams into Trump have now twisted their feeble minds into believing that Putin is a bulwark against International Jewry and ZOG.

    • Sorry, where is Edward Snowden (one of the few military veterans taking his oath to defend the Constitution seriously) living these days? Exactly.

    • @Christop1970,
      Putin is quoted as saying he’s invading Ukraine to rid it of Nazis as one of the reasons, despite it having a Jewish leader. Make of that what you will. He’s also very fond of Jingping and China, a nation that’s done a lot of damage to my country (Australia) in various ways.
      Much of the Right is now in the mindset of ‘any enemy of the Jew is a friend of mine’. I don’t like like either the Chinese or the Jews.
      I’m not going to be suddenly pro – war, particularly if it involves bombing a nation full of white children. It has a Jewish leader, yes, but it’s still a white country.

      • Russia should have nipped this thing in the bud in 2014 like they did with Kazakstan in January. Now the CIA built a hornet’s nest in there. Worst things are the US public is dumb and has a short memory and this is exactly what Biden’s handlers need, now instead of their dire mismanagement of the country they can blame the economic fallouts of democratic policies on Russia and the war. This has also strengthened the grip of Washington-NYC on Europe as they fear being next on the invasion list. By embracing DC-NYC they are also forced to accept even more of the multi-cultural ghetto kool aid the globalists are serving up.

    • There is a fixation by the Left, the Jews, and this annoying obnoxious kyke with linking the American right with Putin. As Christians we are to become the enemies of the state.

      Hatred of the innocent is the fruit of the Jews.

    • P.S.

      Russians did pograms on you guys a couple times, right? 1905 was one such case. I forget when the others happened. When Ullysus S. Grant did a mini pogram during the Civil War, Lincoln ordered him to revoke it, apologized to the Jews, and the Jews didn’t accept the apology because they were so disgusted that Grant even dared to pull a stunt like that against them, the Almighty Jew.

      You rat faced kikes are so high on your own “chosenite” supply that whenever a people gets sick of your ugly faces and your vampire ways, you act as if the cattle just turned on the master. Which makes sense, as your torah describes us as Goyim Cattle (given your success pushing transgerism, I can’t say you’re totally wrong about that. lol)

      Nonetheless, you have it in for the Russian people and want them reduced to serf status. Its been your plan all along: Isolating Russia on the world stage, putting a puppet government in Moscow run behind the scenes by George Soros and his cabal of pedophiles, reducing Russians to a subsistence existence as revenge for the programs against Satan’s Chosen People.

      Too many White Supremacists and Neo-Nazis argue about the Holocaust and whether it happened or not. The only question that matters with the Holocaust is: Did Jews do anything to deserve it?

      Even your kids are ugly little shits. Russian lives matter more then Jewish lives. ALL lived matter more then Jewish lives. No one gets kicked out of 109 bars without doing something to piss off the bar attendees.

    • The flaw in your thinking is that the entirety of the US Deep State and international ZioGloboHomo is manifestly for the Ukraine and their little Jew and in the most shrill way possible against Putin. Obviously, he doesn’t work for them.

    • Imagine being so retarded that you prefer a jewish comedian leading the formation of a new israel in Europe backed by the united forces of liberalism and faggotry. The same deep thinkers that put all of their hopes and dreams into a country and a state that have failed their Race and like to put snipers on rooftops to protect transvestites and who´s next step will be to legalize pedophilia
      The kind of special sheep that still think that the jewinted states is a viable way forward

      Graham asks is there a Brutus in Russia, my question is is there a dirty nuke hidden somwhere in Washington

      Go back to Hannity old man.

      • Christop1970 is a jew shill, probably working at some Mossad shill-farm. Now he’s gone from overtly shilling for the Jew-puppet regime in Country 404 to the direction of claiming Putin is a bigger shabbas-goy servant for Jew interests than the Klown-Jew himself is. That’s more bullshit. As I mentioned before, Putin clearly has his own oligarch problem. Despite all of the moronic claims of him being another Stalin, note that Stalin actually purged Jewish power from the party – culminating with the elimination of Arch-Jew Trotsky in 1940. If Putin were following Stalin’s path, he’d simply seize all the assets of parasite Jews in Russia, kill those who screeched the loudest and send the remainder to that fine little Jew oblast in Siberia to cool their heels at hard labor.

        The best path would be to make Russia No.110 and Ukraine No.111. No need for wanton slaughter – although many probably have it coming. Relieve them of their passports and collect a poll tax for all of their collective looting and provide a one-way ticket to sunny Israel. For a bad-assed dictator, Putin has shown far more restraint than Castro’s little bastard up in Ottawa. Too much of a Nicholas II and not enough of an Ivan the Dread. The sanctions imposed by the empire and its satraps will theoretically have a negative effect on the Jew oligarchs who make up Putin’s oligarch problem. It will be interesting to see how many exemptions are given by the empire, and to whom.

        That all being said, in Russia the natives are not made 2nd and 3rd class zeks in favor of every mystery-meat to be found (the Jew ideal for all white countries) and there aren’t that many aliens as most of the non-Russians there are from the former USSR – including lots of Ukrainians. Churches and cathedrals are added continually as they are burned or converted to mosques in the “free” west (as Jews cheer). Russia, after 85 years of criminal and dysfunctional rule, is slowly becoming Russia again. Russians are not westerners and they have a very different history, so it’s stupid to pretend as if 1790’s America is being established there. They are in no shape to save the west so if you’re inclined to believe in such salvation fantasies, stop it and focus on what can be done to destroy the empire from this end.

        • “Churches and cathedrals are added continually”:

          Yes, there has been a huge wave of church building in Russia, and new Russian churches are filled with Russian people, and an increased birth rate is directly related. Also, the Russian Amish (Old Believers) have returned to Russia from their foreign sojourning. The U.S. is the opposite case: Churches are emptying and closing, and the few active churches are mostly Zionist and have a higher divorce rate.than the “un-churched” majority. Amish and Mennonites in the U.S. have high birth rates but are infected with the disease of capitalism.

  2. It shows how stupid Americans are and how gullible the media is. The “ghost” of Ukraine was a meme someone posted with Sam Hyde, AKA “Samuyil Hyde” The media falls for it all the time.

    • According to the Ukrainian MOD a “Samel Hydrav” codname the Terror of Tiraspol” was killed in action at Mariupol on March 2nd

      Further comments said “I guess he could not get away with it this time!
      Glory to the Heroes”

  3. ” failing too understand the enemy and his objectives… V.putin wants the Orthodox lands, the west will get the catholic lands…… Not that hard too see that…….

    • Terry, if the Empire is handed the Catholic and Uniate lands in the west it will have gained something from its decades-long multi-billion dollar investment and will use that region to station troops and set up missiles, bioweapons labs, terrorist training camps, etc. Therefore even the far western part which is the only real Ukraine needs to become independent of the Empire that would continue to use and abuse it. Let the real Ukraine become an autonomous ethnic republic (ethno-socialist) under Russian protection, and be called Galicia or Ruthenia, again.

      • Anonymous, that’s how I see it, I am not condoning anything, I don’t like any of this……..

      • You are absolutely correct. Putin cannot afford to do that. It’s bad enough that Globo-Pedo has bases and labs in Poland and the Baltics. BTW, if anyone here is still gaslighted enough to believe that Poland, the Baltic states, Hungary or Slovakia are actual independent countries you are wrong. They are merely imperial provinces, with the NATO legions already in place. Poland and Hungary have been pretending they have sovereignty, but when push comes to shove they’ll end up doing whatever the Globo-Pedo overlords order them to do, whether it’s hosting NATO nukes, biowarfare labs or taking in millions of Africans to miscegenate them out of existence.

  4. Putin apparently damaged the super new billion dollar. Virtual Holocaust built a couple years ago. The level of news insanity went from ten to eleven in a second. I am in the store and morons are chatting about the nuclear power plant he bombed followed by how dare he go after the Holocaust

  5. Yeah, should be obvious. There is about 0% chance Ukraine could “win” this war. They should have surrendered immediately and spared themselves the violence. But Ukraine is run by a Jewish puppet government so they instead encouraged Ukrainians to put themselves in harms way for nothing.

  6. I like how the Russians are turning the western Ukraine into a landlocked country. And there’s really nothing that ZOG or NATO can do about it.

  7. If Vlad drags out and exhausts Globoshlomopedo until it collapses he will be remembered as a great leader and (hopefully) a great liberator. Chinks are tired of paying the $hekel tax too.

    • He might be ranked in history with three heroes: Vladimir the First, of the original, Kievan Rus, and Ivan the Terrible who defeated the Mongols, and with Viking-Rus Oleg who drove the Talmudic Khazars out of Kiev a thousands years ago!

      He will certainly NOT be ranked at the bottom of Russian leaders with three traitors Andropov. Gorbachev and Yeltsin.

  8. That ‘flashback’ link to your September 27, 2019 is very relevant to the current war in Ukraine. The die was cast. Putin’s patience had reached its limit.

    This is yet another jewish banker war, and those that that suffer from the consequences are nothing more than pawns to the jewish oligarchs and other moneyed goys.

    “War is just a racket. A racket is best described, I believe as something that is not what it seems to the majority of people. Only a small inside group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few at the expense of the masses.”

    “I have spent thirty-three years and four months as a member of the country’s most agile military force, the Marine Corps. I have served in all commissioned ranks from Second Lieutenant to Major General. During this period, I spent most of my time being a high class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street, and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism.”

    -Major General USMC Smedly Darlington Butler from a speech in 1939.

    General Butler basically named (((them))).

    • War is a Racket should be required reading in schools. I expect that no more than 1 of every 1000 Murikans (at most) have ever heard of it or its author. Butler was one smart jarhead. He had that much already figured out by the eve of WW II. Not many did back then.

  9. “”,… Russia may have sought a knockout blow,..””

    He was not. War is not virtue signaling, building card houses, rushing to capitol, toppling statues and waving flags. Or building walls somewhere in the desert what next guy can take down.

    War is about ensuring permanent long lasting outcome and this takes time. Like Putin said yesterday, operation goes as planned and reaches far beyond Ukraine. It means that Russia goes after Western financial system to take down Empire power source, the money making.

  10. Russia’s old generals comfortable playing cards and drinking vodka probably expected Ukraine to fold as easily as the fake Afghan government. However by letting this CIA coup fester for 8 years Putin allowed the place to get armed to the teeth with US smart weapons so they are being quite cautious in their advance. Ukrainian forces are also taking a play from Hamas and pulling their assets back to close proximity to schools and hospitals causing a dilemma for the Russians if they take them out with the bad press. This whole thing has reached WW1 level “hun eating babies” propaganda levels. Putin basically wants the CIA NYC controlled regime in Kiev gone. (Note the media suddenly went all onboard calling it Kyiv? Do they say Nawlns’ for New Orleans even though the locals call it that? Obviously some preplanned coordination.) Russia will win, but at what cost to the people? Is the CIA getting them to try to resist Islamic style so Russia has to level block by block as in Berlin or Grozny? Or have a stalemate if they don’t want the damage? Is it really in the Ukrainian’s interest for this comedian to refuse the slightest compromise? No neutrality? Yes we will join nato and threaten you no negotiation…are these his barking orders coming from the CIA? One thing that Russia really needs to do is seal the borders so no more CIA smart weapons get funneled into the place to prolong the conflict, that will only result in whole civilian areas where these weapons are fired from getting leveled. Time for a treaty where they agree to become neutrals and not allow foreign powers to use them.

  11. But it literally isn’t going to plan. Kherson was supposed to be taken DAY ONE and it held out for a week. Not to mention all the videos on telegram of Ukrainian soldiers putting in work on telegram and fucking up Vlad’s mamzer army. Yall who are Pro Russian on this site really need to talk to people from Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, or ACTUAL Russian nationalists to get an idea of what Vlad is really like.

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