Joe Biden: Vladimir Putin Has Invaded Russia

If the stakes weren’t so high, we could laugh at this.

Who do you think is running our government? It is obviously not Joe Biden.


  1. What an embarrassment and there’s a lot of blame to go around from the idiots democrats that pushed him to run to Biden’s wife. She of all people should know he was unfit from the beginning but prestige and power means more to these vain women than reality.

  2. Thousands of Serbs are street-demonstrating for Russia now. They are chanting “Crimea is Russia and Kosovo is Serbia!”

    The Serbs intend to take back their ancestral land (Kosovo) some day, but the U.S. has filled it up with Albanian Muslims and made it a NATO member. The U.S. is pushing hard (using puppets and traitors) to incorporate Serbia into NATO but the people keep resisting.

    Remember the Battle of Kosovo, when little Serbia stood alone and held back the tide of the Ottoman empire:

  3. Lady G. should be censured by the scumbags in the U.S. Senate for his latest threat against Vladimir Putin, calling for his assassination, an act of war BTW. The worthless Republicans should lead the charge against him, it’s in the national interest. Better yet Lady G. should be expelled from the Ho House known as Congress for this despicable act.

    The Republicans don’t have the balls to do the right thing though, they are corrupt and worthless.

  4. (((Who))) do you think is running our government? It is obviously not Joe Biden.

    I really don’t know.

  5. Joe looks likes he is always squinting because he is trying to read the script his Jews wrote for him. The Moshiach is the Jew messiah, is the man of destruction and the Jews love him.

    Why do the Jews worship destruction? It is supposed to hasten the arrival of their kyke God.

  6. George, W Bush:- ‘they misunderestimated me’………..’the Taliban has no disregard for human life’.
    Trump:- ‘these are bad, bad people’……….’its going to be beautiful’.
    Biden:- ‘Putin decides he’s going to invade Russia’.
    Seriously………your bar is set low! Where do you find these amateurs?

    • We did not find them. The overlords did. Although massive numbers of residents in this country – men who have forgotten God, to use’s the truth pointed out by Solzhenitsyn’s “Old Ones” in the gulag – still believe they vote for these clowns, the clowns are really just puppets installed by the oligarchy.

  7. The old man shouldn’t be used like this, the coven Mistress Clinton, will occupy that office soon and you know what that means……….

  8. The plan to maneuver Purin into firing the first shot has been on the drawing board for a long time. Presidents can come and go but the DC bureaucracy always stays.

  9. The U.S. is already creating loopholes in the sanctions, for its own benefit, such as giving South Korea an exemption to act as middleman selling U.S.-manufactured microchips to Russia. The U.S. wants to sell microchips. It also wants to continue buying titanium, rare earth metals and many other things it needs from Russia, while appearing to be strict about the sanctions and still making Russian people suffer.

    The U.S. is punishing India (but not Israel) for abstaining from the vote against Russia at the U.N. The Empire is absolutely shameless!

  10. Since WW2? What about Iraq in 2003? Serbia in 1999? Panama in 1989? Grenada in 1983? The latter two being perfect examples of regime change in our back yard. You could say the NYC-DC-Soros takeover of the Ukraine provoked a Russian Monroe Doctrine response.

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