Counter-Currents: A European View on the War in Ukraine

Olli Huovinen argues that the war in Ukraine looks very different from the perspective of the eastern European nations that border Russia. Although charges of Western degeneration are true, the proposed cure is worse than the disease and is not worth the cost of a Russian invasion.


“I am a Finnish nationalist who has been following the American Dissident Right for many years. I greatly admire and regularly follow many of the superb writers and sites in this milieu. However, I feel that at least some American dissidents do not fully understand the European point of view on the Russo-Ukrainian war.

My country of Finland shares a long border of approximately 830 miles with Russia. We still have conscription, with most males serving in the military for a period from half a year to a year, depending on the conscript’s role. With a population of only 5.5 million, our defense forces have an official wartime strength of 280,000 soldiers, with hundreds of thousands more in reserve to replenish losses. Our military is focused almost completely on conventional ground war, and there is only one reason why it exists at all: Russia.

Finland is not part of NATO, but does cooperate with it and is a European Union Member State. Our current government, as well as all the major parties except for one and the permanent bureaucracy, are firmly in the liberal, pro-United States camp. This means that in Russia’s eyes, we are a hostile state. In essence we have all the liabilities of being in NATO without the security guarantees that would act as a deterrent. Consequently, I conclude that there is a real chance that Russia could use military force against us.

Even if we were actually in NATO, like many Eastern European countries bordering Russia, the Russian threat would still not be completely dissipated. It is possible that the Russians might gamble that if they quickly take the Baltic countries or Finland, NATO will break up instead of going to full-scale war against Russia to liberate them. It might well turn out that there is no political will to fight for a few small European countries if the cost is a new world war that, in the worst case, could go nuclear.

Our regime upholds anti-white policies, like all the other liberal regimes. A Russian occupation is not a preferable alternative, however, nor is a puppet government or protectorate status. Losing the ability to control one’s national destiny is not something that any nationalist could accept. It is therefore in the interests of Finnish nationalists to reduce the chance of a Russian invasion, and the war in Ukraine offers a way to do this. …

To conclude, it is in the legitimate interest of many European nationalists to support Ukraine in this war. But while the war is important for many Europeans, in terms of the larger culture war it is an unimportant sideshow. A Ukrainian victory will not adversely affect the culture war in America nor in Europe. American dissidents do not lose anything if Ukraine wins, while many European nations have much to gain.”

I’m not taking a side in this.

There are persuasive arguments on both sides.

I’m an isolationist though so my response to virtually any conflict in Eurasia is always going to be the same. We should always stay out of it. This is especially true of the war in Ukraine because the peril of getting involved in it is far greater than in any of the previous wars in my lifetime.

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  1. Russophobia has been our Achilles heel. If Putin falls, the NWO runs the table. Not understanding this could be fatal.

    • The Finns need to learn to live with Russia and they have until now! until American propaganda raised tensions that is
      You will not move Russia it is where it is and only America can provoka an attack on Finland otherwise the reason is 0 since Finland have nothing Russia need

      Same for us because we ca`t move Mexico so…deal with it

      As you said Russia is the only check on Globohomo we have

  2. Typical Scandic passive/aggressive stance. Whether Norse, Swede, Dane, or Finn, the ENTIRE SPIRIT of the Vikings has been bred out of these IKEA drones. And I say that as a devout Orthodox Christian, who thinks Russia’s overt Orthodoxy to be a breath of fresh air.

    “Our regime upholds anti-white policies, like all the other liberal regimes. A Russian occupation is not a preferable alternative, however, nor is a puppet government or protectorate status. ”

    Why would you WANT to be a racial/cultural minority in your own country? Why would you want to have trannies, faggots, dykes, and other psychos running your nation? What is there in the SODOMERICA model that appeals to you? Of course, maybe Somalis and Ay-rabs can’t learn Finnish as easily as Swedish or English….but.

    Why WOULDN’T you want to have a larger state guarantee your own self-interests? You were ruled by both Russia and Sweden for CENTURIES! It’s not like you’ve been self-sustaining since the Kalevala, or something….

    Finns. Oy.

    • Russia’s seemingly pro-Christian stance is expedient at best. Putin is just another crypto White, not a real one, and they have harsh laws for speaking out against them. The only difference is that they do not want the open globo-homo crap, that is promoted in the West. Russia in quite multi-ethnic, and has a growing muslim population, which real Russians are not allowed to protest about. Rule by Russia will only mean a return to the Soviet era, which is what Putin wants. And, Putin is not your friend.

      On one hand, I have a great respect for Russia, and for real Russian people, but their leadership is just as corrupt and malicious as the rest. The people of Finland and eastern Europe had their fill of being ruled by the Russians and their Soviet crap. After the Winter War, through the Cold War era, Finland only avoided Soviet invasion by the appearance of neutrality and agreeing with everything Russia said/did, or “Finlandization”, as it was known.

      To Putin, the collapse of the Soviet Union was the worst disaster of the last century, and he really wants those countries back under Russian control. NATO kept pushing east despite promises not too, so Putin sees rebuilding the east bloc as the only course of action to take. Ukraine has been corrupted by you know who. At least the real Ukrainian people, who remember the Holodomor, do not want to be ruled by Russia again. Russia taking Ukraine will not make anything better, and they will not stop there.

      Also, Russia is allying with China, who is really, really not your friend. There are no good answers in this war. We will be lucky if it does not go nuclear.

      • China. That is the reason the idiot West w foolish to do everything possible to push Russia into China’s arms. We are ruled by traitors and morons.

      • But China and Russia are fighting the Globalist and the Globalist are Jews who are preparing the world for the arrival of the Moshiach aka anti-Christ. And todd the Jews hate Christ and Christians AND lost retodds such as yourself more than they hate Chinese and Russians. Are you Jewish professor or Irish?

        • You do not read very well, do you? Look up Putin’s ancestry, and you will see who he is. No, he is not “fighting the globalist”, he is another front for it. And, China wants you dead, fool.

      • Holimidor was mostly bs, boostered by mr. conquest using American hearst resources and disengenuous popoulation deficit calculations. Read, “From hitler to harvard, famine…” by mr. tuttle. Its a free pdf

  3. At least Richard Spencer makes it plain which side he is on. I am not surprised that Johnson features this Finn’s right-wing anti-Russian propaganda. He seems rather pleased with contemporary Finland that is FAR from being a workers paradise. Real ethno-socialist Finns are not anti-Russian. They also do not take an overtly middle of the road but effectively anti-Russian position like Greg Johnson, whose only other Counter-Currents post on the subject says: “There are no good guys or bad guys — only decent, courageous men performing monstrous acts which they have been fated to perform.”

    I do not agree with: “both sides have persuasive arguments.” I do not agree that the U.S.’s war against Russia is “none of our business,” especially since we LIVE in the belly of the Beast that is doing it.

    Also, a real, genuine ethno-nationalist must also be an internationalist, and socialist. Isolationism is an illusion. All nations and people live on the same planet.

    Being middle of the road on Khazar-kraine is like being middle of the road on public health in a pandemic and being middle of the road about the capitalist-imperialist system.

      • Spencer has two goals:
        1. Draw attention to himself.
        2. Spite Nick Fuentes.
        All the bullshit he tweets makes perfect sense once you understand this.

        Johnson is a gay Nazi who hates Christian Slavs.

        • I remember dropping in on a group chat with him. I very rarely even bothered to look at those chats.

          I think it was in 2019. He was raging in the chat about how he had created the Alt-Right and would now “destroy” it. At the time, I attributed it to the Charlottesville lawsuit and his divorce from Nina and kind of dismissed it as he is going through a hard time. We should show people grace who are under stress. I thought he was under a lot of pressure. Anyway, his hot takes just got worse and worse and he drove more and more people away. He became consumed with jealousy and spite.

          I believe it was someone in the comments here who said he sold out and no one was buying. That’s the gist of the situation. It is best just to ignore him and not engage with him. You can find the same takes and talking points from any shitlib on MSNBC. I heard even the 5%ers are done with him.

          • You can find the same takes and talking points from any shitlib on MSNBC. I heard even the 5%ers are done with him.

            Can confirm. The Russia-Ukraine conflict was the last straw. The 5%ers all support Russia for Class Warfare reasons – 5%ers are a strange breed of socially conservative Bolsheviks – and they are on the warpath against Spencer and what remains of his support group, which includes Racist RadFems that want Ukraine to win in order to “own” the incels and SocCons. Its a popcorn fest for me. I richly enjoy watching these lunatics devour each other.

    • The anti-white anti-Christ coalition is the Jews the Irish and the queers. They also just so happen to be the anti-Muslims coalition and the pro-Ukie anti-Russian coalition. So it stands to reason when the Jews come to wage war on Christ and Christians it will be the Irish and the queers leading the attack. That Karen Dunn is really something ain’t she? Something that needs to be set adrift at sea.

  4. Holy Cucked Christ. So now the Ze bloody tyranny is “Ukraine independence ”

    We call this ” Swedish nationalism” Swedes say that the more they bring in Muslims, the more they have manpower to fight off Russian invasion.

    This is problem in the entire Western Europe. Those “nationalists” live in the countries where any unwary word may get people entire life destroyed yet their biggest problem is that there in no free speech in Russia. Their wives and children are raped, cars burned, neighborhoods destroyed and jobs taken by immigrants but their biggest problem is Putin

    Such rants are good example that people are so enslaved that they have no single idea how to get their countries back and trashing Russians and Putin is just making themselves illusion that they are somehow control of their lives or freedoms or whatever.

    Pathetic. In modern Russia, there are more personal freedoms than in any Western European country. They may think on reducing mass immigration threat instead of reducing Russian threat but even thinking on that sends them to jail in their “free country”

    About war. Yes, people get killed. But does anybody know how many people are killed or disappeared last 8 years in Ukraine because speaking politically incorrect things ?

    Fun fact, the only Finnish Nationalist website belongs to Russian person Ilya Janitshkin. Brave Finnish nationalists trash Putin but are too afraid to run at least one website like OD.

  5. The only rational stand to to exploit the war to get NATO countries to be less anti-white, and for me that means to not side with NATO until globohomo is removed.

  6. Idiotic non-argument hardly worth even responding to. He should just come right out and say that he prefers the liberal American world order and America having control over his country. That’s what all of the various rationalizations these people have reduce to in the end.

    • Agree. This Finn “nationalist” isn’t really a nationalist. Russia would allow them to remain truly neutral, if only they would. (They were really neutral back in the days of the USSR after WW II). If Russia wanted to destroy Finland and erase Finnish people from existence (like the Jews presently ruling over them do), all they need to do is to wait until there are sufficiently greater number of parasitic invaders are there to destroy what’s left of the nation. They would be more likely to survive as a people under direct Russian rule than continuing under the boot of Globo-Pedo. The writer’s case is nonsense, ignoring reality altogether.

      • Many Europeans have a lot of trouble seeing the existential threat that America poses to them. For some reason, they view the USA as a relatively neutral or benign force in the world. Some, like Poles, even revere America and view it as a positive good. When you try to tell them that everything about the USA is oriented towards wiping them out permanently, they just don’t get it.

  7. It is both naive and disingenuous to admire Putin and the kleptocracy that he represents.There seems to be a flaw in the logic of many, both here and elsewhere in so-called “nationalist” circles: “Because the West is rotten and corrupt, and Putin opposes the West:, they say,” he must therefore be good”, Putin’s regime is rotten through and through, and is only kept in place through the support of rapacious, largely Jewish oligarchs. Israel, the archenemy of the American dissident Right, supports Putin and his Ukrainian project because of their shared interest in Syria. Any regime supported by Israel should alone set off alarm bells .Further, Putin’s repression of dissidents, including “Neo-nazis” is far more thorough than anything in the United States or Europe.His so-called “toughness” is really a mask for an ever-growing paranoia and extreme recklessness.

    • My preferred foreign policy is no entangling alliances or meddling in wars in Eurasia. Avoiding a nuclear war should obviously be our top priority

    • Politics is not about moral “good” or “evil.” The USA and western governance are an existential threat to European peoples. Russia and Putin are not. Whether they are “good” or not is beside the point.

      • “Whether they are good or bad is beside the point”. Really? According to the American “nationalist” right’s doctrine, World Jewry and “ZOG” are the sworn enemy of European civilization and Aryan man and these entities are responsible for mass third world immigration, disenfranchisement of Whites in the United States, censorship, and almost every evil imaginable. Yet, Israel and World Jewry actively collaborate with Putin in both the Middle East, as well as in Russia itself( Please note that all large Russian cities have become “diversified” as in Europe). Putin is a tool of the Jewish oligarchs, and his intentions towards European Civilization are every bit as subversive and malefic as those of the Jews in the West, albeit without their enormous influence or power as of is respectfully submitted that, combined with his ally China, Putin and his collaborators pose a potentially even greater “existential threat” to European peoples than any current western government.

        • There is a something which you have failed to discern here. Our opposition being involved in Ukraine is not really the same as active support for Russia – though the line is fine and often crossed rhetorically. As in Afghanistan, we have no legitimate business there. The problem lies in the 2014 coup plus active war against Russians in the southeast engineered by Uncle Schmuel and Globo-Pedo, which is yet more evidence of the total lawlessness and illegitimacy of the regime in Washington DC. This intervention is what led to Putin’s action, which is fully justified.

          Country 404 gets zero support because it’s just a forward military base for Globo-Pedo, not an independent country. The faster it is removed the better for everyone – including Ukrainians. We also cheered the rout of the Imperial Rainbow legions from Afghanistan after 20 years of killing. The greatest enemy is Globo-Pedo. Putin is not necessarily a friend any more than the Taliban are. Nevertheless both have worked to fight Globo-Pedo and insofar as they do they are helping for the time being, irrespective of their own reasons for fighting our common enemy. We are aware of Putin’s own oligarch problem. That’s for him or other Russians to solve.

        • “Israel and World Jewry actively collaborate with Putin in both the Middle East”

          Completely nonsense. Russia has been in more or less formal alliance with Iran for years. And, unlike in the USA, oligarchs in Russia do not control the state. Otherwise Putin would not be doing what he is doing now.

  8. The summary of this “letter” would be

    I´m rather a faggot under NATO flag than a non faggot under Russia! incredible truly

    as one guy here said “Russophobia will be the death of us”

    You are not the Finns of 1939 far from it

  9. When you have both liberals and conservatives siding with the govt on the side of Ukraine, you can almost have to pick the other side.

  10. Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Onlyfans, Pornhub Vs Putin’s Russia. Gee which side do I take??

  11. Encouraging Ukraine to act provocatively towards Russia by the neocons was a very bad move, like the clever snake in his 3rd grade class telling one of the kids to sneak into the bear cage and poke him during the class field trip to the zoo. We encouraged the Ukrainians to act like Hamas acts under Iranian influence to the detriment of the people in Gaza.

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