Axios: Democrats Ask Americans For Sacrifice On Gas Prices

As this crisis with Russia spirals out of control, I am getting closer to the point where I wish Dump had won the 2020 election. Sure, Dump is a narcissist and a babbling retard, but at least he kept gas prices low and he finally got the border under control and we weren’t on the verge of World War III. In retrospect, the world looked stable under Trump compared to where we are now under Joe Biden.


“Democrats are testing the potential for a reset with voters around Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and President Biden’s handling of the crisis.

Driving the news: At House Democrats’ conference in Philadelphia this week, lawmakers made the case for Biden’s resurgence and for Americans’ shared sacrifice — including paying higher gas prices — to protect democracy. …

What they’re saying: “I’m asking the people of the United States to also make that kind of sacrifice because in the long run, democracy is at stake,” said House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Gregory Meeks (D-N.Y.). …

But, but, but: Some members tell Axios they’re skeptical voters will embrace surging gas prices and reward or forgive Biden and Democrats just because they find Putin repugnant or value democracy over oppression. …”

The most important responsibility of any president is to keep the country out of a nuclear war or another World War with another great power. That’s something we cannot afford. This issue never came up when Trump was president because he made an effort to get along with Putin and Xi.

Note: Michael McFaul used to be our ambassador to Russia. This is the reason why we have such a poor relationship with Russia and why tensions with Russia boiled over to the point that it invaded Ukraine. It is because our foreign policy establishment is allowed to screw over the White working class. McFaul was on the Rachel Maddow Show last night saying that Putin is worse than Hitler.

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  1. Whenever they want us to “sacrifice” it’s never for anything that benefits us. WWII was started over Poland. Poland got thrown under the bus when the war ended. Does anyone seriously think they give a damn what happens to the Ukraine people? Ask an Iraqi, Syrian or Libyan.

    • “shared sacrifice — including paying higher gas prices ”

      I absolutely agree !
      Its time for shared sacrifice.
      The government should cut taxes by 50%, fire 50% of government workers and reduce the salaries of those remaining by 50%, including congressmen.

      Its time for REAL shared sacrifice.

  2. Over $10 (equivalent) per gallon in Norway now, around $8 in Germany now, diesel prices even higher. However most Europeans still have a little socialized healthcare that puts them ahead of the U.S. population that pays the world’s highest health care prices and is burdened with the world’s highest insurance (not just medical) and legal costs. The younger generations will pay high gas prices, live on credit, and even pay negative bank interest, because are brought up in a fully privatized, de-socialized “culture.” Only old people remember when driving was affordable by the masses.

  3. It is not Elie Mystal or the blacks going on and one about the evil Putin this and the evil Putin that, it is the Irish. Do you see that?

  4. Yeah, O’Asshole Hannity keeps flapping his bellicose jaws, so does the Irish congressional delegation of both parties.

  5. Congress scum wants the American earning $60,000 a year to sacrifice while they vote to give themselves a 21 percent pay increase.

  6. Nobody seems to be more philosemetic than those drunken Irish ZOG stooges.
    I doubt the empire can muster up enough interest in this Ukraine/ Russia conflict without some false flag attacks..
    I’m sure they’re coming soon.

    • Has somebody compiled a list of the disgusting Irish ZOG stooges? Off the top of my head, the following come to mind:

      Michael McFaul
      Sean Hannity
      Mitch McConnell

  7. “or value democracy over oppression.…”

    So how is democracy NOT oppression? Democracy means being oppressed by millions of foul black voters aligned with white unmarried females (a.k.a. harlots in an earlier time) allying with complete enemies of the American way of life?

    • Yep….Democracy doesn’t work with a controlled media and millions of irresponsible, retard voters.

  8. All comrades of the democracy collective must sacrifice.
    Don’t be a shirker.
    We are all in this together.
    Report all shirkers and kulaks for an increase in rations and a fully charged EBT card.
    Yes we can!

  9. – “As this crisis with Russia spirals out of control, I am getting closer to the point where I wish Dump had won the 2020 election.”-

    Literally anything is better than having an Obama third term which is what Biden is. People call him O’Biden for good reason. I voted for Trump, I never bought into the 5% meme or Richard Spencer’s delusions that a third Obama term would be better than a second Trump term.

    Yeah the right can be cucks on occasion, but the right is infinitely a better alternative to the New World Order cultural Marxists on the left.

    Trump wasn’t perfect but if we can compare him to all the presidents since Kennedy, he was a much better alternative to all of those globalist assholes.

    If you compare Trump to Reagan, Trump was better. Reagan shipped our jobs offshore, was an internationalist, and granted amnesty. Trump did none of those things. If anything it would be more logical to be more anti-Reagan than anti-Trump.

    • All I can say is, if this situation spirals into WW3, I hope Russia and/or China nuke New York City and Washington DC. No move in the last 2000 years would do more to cleanse the earth of genetic and spiritual filth then that one move. Nuking San Francisco and Los Angeles would be a nice bonus, but NYC and Washington are the true power centers of GloboAnalPedo.

      I’ve got a conspiracy theory, related to the Ukrainian labs thing: The United States of America manufactured the Covid-19 virus, then blamed China as a scapegoat. The long-term plan was to subdue Russia and China under GloboAnal influence. Neither nation cooperated, so now, things are escalating. Mitt Romney, Mr. Pure White Christian Mormon, wants to go to war to protect child trannies.

      How about another conspiracy theory: If the Russian military starts finding out too much, expect America to release smallpox, both on the Russians, the Chinese, and of course, the American heartland. Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum want to reduce the global population by 90%. Weaponized smallpox against those who oppose them is a helluva effective way to accomplish that.

      I’m counting on these vermin being too incompetent and too degenerate to accomplish that, but make no mistake: The American heartland, the Kremlin, and Beijing all share a common enemy. This Russia-Ukraine conflict is not a foreign policy issue. Its 100% a Culture War issue, and the steaks are total.

      Putin and Xi are normal leaders trying to run normal nations with normal geopolitical intentions. The idea that they want to enslave me or otherwise make my life worse would be laughable if it wasn’t such a dangerous lie. I literally don’t care at this point whether I’m an unwitting stooge of “Russian Propaganda” or not. Stick a bottle of Vodka in it.

  10. “Many Euro-Atlantic countries have moved away from their roots, including Christian values, Policies are being pursued that place on the same level a multi-child family and a same-sex partnership, a faith in God and a belief in Satan. This is the path to degradation.”
    –Vladimir Putin

    Don’t interfere with our enemy and his fellow Yankee stooges when he is trying to commit suicide. This is a blessing and not a curse. Let them have their “American” boots on the ground, no-fly zones, glory over putting down Russia, etc. Let them all curse Putin and think they are going to defeat this new international “monster” they have created just as they defeated Hitler and will all dance over his downfall and slap each other on the back over the victory.

    Our enemy (as is most of the rest of the world’s) is this godless, sexually degenerate Yankee Empire. Pray that Putin (and China) will “degrade” this perverted hypocritical self-righteous monster and reduce it to rubble. It is long overdue. Let the Yankee Empire’s 160 years of beat-down status and a ruined economy begin. Start producing anti-Yankee films and books and start feeding them a “rich diet” of sheer hatred that they have fed the conquered/captured South for 160 years now. Maybe after their 160 years they will finally repent. Maybe…

    Secede now!

    May God Save the South!

  11. Too late for mea culpas Hunter. Myself, Ivan T, and countless other commenters warned you that shilling for the establishment to assuage your guilt at supporting a not-perfect candidate who could not provide you with 100% satisfaction against 100% resistance from the Oligarchs was counter-factual. Joe may or may not temporarily keep us out of WW III, but life nonetheless will not be worth living with his controllers in power. So take a knee in penance.

    • I don’t regret sitting out 2020. I’m probably going to sit out 2022 as well. If you want to vote, go ahead

  12. “ As this crisis with Russia spirals out of control, I am getting closer to the point where I wish Dump had won the 2020 election. Sure, Dump is a narcissist and a babbling retard, but at least he kept gas prices low and he finally got the border under control and we weren’t on the verge of World War III. In retrospect, the world looked stable under Trump compared to where we are now under Joe Biden.”

    Welcome to adulthood. This is why the lesser of two evils is the LESSER.

    If it’s any consolation, I lived through the Carter years. Carter gave us Reagan. And things were nice again for a while.
    If cooler heads prevail, things will be nice again for while but in the end, it’s all a house of cards anyway.
    Enjoy the time you have with family.

    • “Carter gave us Reagan. And things were nice again for a while.”

      Yes, the decade of anti-racism normalization, gay normalization, mass immigration normalization, unhinged plutocracy normalization, extreme zio-christianity normalization, and divorce normalization. Very nice.

      Boomer conservatives, always the most useful of idiots.

      • “Boomer conservatives, always the most useful of idiots”.

        @Dart – Younger know-it-all-do-nothings, like you, who blame your elders for literally everything, are USELESS idiots.

  13. – “As this crisis with Russia spirals out of control, I am getting closer to the point where I wish Dump had won the 2020 election.”-

    …………. I’m not even actually sure what to say on that.

    You and every other dissident right podcaster, blogger and social media influencer did your utmost to torpedo Trump by blackpilling the shit out of everybody that you could reach.

    I always assumed this was done intentionally because you all decided amongst you that Whitey would benefit from an accelerationist candidate winning the presidency, Which Biden definitely is.

    • There are upsides and downsides to having Biden as president, but obviously $4 a gallon and World War III kind of tilts the balance. I also have no regrets that I didn’t participate in the 2020 election.

      • Not voting isn’t the same thing as not participating. You definitely participated, against Trump.

          • Versus Obama? Yes. Why? Same reason as I voted both times for Trump.

            Don’t misunderstand me. Trump is a piece of shit race traitor. But Biden is that and worse, as you can see after a year of utter catastrophe on all fronts. The answer isn’t to not vote. There is measurable benefit to voting, choosing the lesser weevil.

            The answer is to vote AND be actively trying to deligitimize the government that continues to give you the shitty choice.

            You did the latter, but regarding the former, you did your utmost to kneecap Trump, which is defacto support for Biden. Full stop. Its zero sum dude. Thats how this shitty dialectic works. I don’t like it but it’s pretty cut and dry. I think the Dissident Right totally fucked itself here and you did your part. I sure as hell have lost any kind of regard for what the big brains of the dissident milieu are saying about anything. Yours is the last vestige of that media sphere I even bother to read/listen to. Even that only about half as much as I did.

            Ultimately we have to break the system and reject the false dichotomy. That doesn’t mean we should shoot ourselves in the foot in the meantime. Thats autism. And thats my point. Everything the Dissident Right has done has been based on autism. Its gotten this subculture nowhere but ghettoized.

            Me? I’m right where I’ve always been. Firmly grounded in meatspace where the working class normies are that all voted for Trump because it was clearly what made sense. Common sense.

          • It sounds like you are a Republican voter.

            I’ve never been a Republican voter. I have always been an Independent voter. I didn’t vote for George W. Bush, John McCain, Mitt Romney or Trump in 2020. This is one of the fundamental reasons why I am not a Republican voter.

            Mitt Romney is worse than Joe Biden on Afghanistan. He is worse than Joe Biden on Ukraine too. Romney is ready to go into Ukraine now and start World War III. Rob Portman, Lindsey Graham and Roger Wicker want a No-Fly Zone in Ukraine.

            You are free to support these people, but in doing so you are endorsing this. I’m not willing to do that. But anyway, if you want to go vote, then go vote. I’m not stopping you.

  14. If I gotta choose red or blue team, I’d choose the team thats the lesser of two evils for working class Whites.

    In my time the lesser evil is republicans. In my grandfather’s time it was democrats because at least they supported unions. That was before the culture war really kicked off and while the republicans were selling out white interests to the coons. Now the coin has flipped.

    Like I said, voting is only one part. We all agree the system is broken. Voting only effects which flavor of suck we have to deal with. I would choose energy independence, some effort to control the borders and even lipservice to some national interest from Trump knowing he’s a cringey boomer philosemite, over 10% inflation, world war 3, open borders, and still a cringey boomer philosemite Biden anyday. Sign me up, cause thats the direction the midterms are going and I’ll vote R nationally and vote for the White candidate locally. States are moving harder toward independence from DC and thats what has to be encouraged.

    Its myopic to get hung up on just the national election. Its not about Republican versus Democrat. They are the same with different short term goals. The real fight is states independence from Washington. I would think a student of Southern history would have that figured out by now.

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