Eric Kaufmann: Populists Are Losing This War

Eric Kaufmann thinks we are losing the war.

The latest CBS News poll shows strong support for imposing sanctions on Russia, implementing a No-Fly Zone and a willingness to pay higher gas prices to punish Russia. Vladimir Putin also polls poorly with Republican voters. The hawks clearly think that they are on the upswing in the GOP.


“Back in February, we had a pretty good idea what was going on. Video and satellite imagery had shown the steady increase and massing of Russian troops, tanks, and military supplies around Ukraine’s borders. Vladimir Putin had started wars before — and here he was again, on the precipice of something truly horrific.

What bothered me was the extent to which several high-profile populist conservatives were seeming to reflexively side with the cruel Russian autocrat. I watched as Tucker Carlson and J.D. Vance defended Putin, or adopted the Kremlin’s critique of Ukraine. The country was a “pure client state of the United States State Department” said Carlson. “Spare me the performative affection for the Ukraine” said Vance on Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast.

These interventions, made as Russia began an invasion that looks set to result in the deaths of thousands of Ukrainian civilians, look high risk and low reward. These commentators are undermining the credibility they have accrued for taking bold stances on the “security and identity” issues their base really cares about. Namely: wokeness, the border, crime and defending national heritage. …

Hopefully the Ukraine crisis can serve as a wake-up call, drawing them back toward the cultural problems their base actually cares about.”

We’re going to dig in on this.

If memory serves, the media also swept the public up in the George Floyd mania, but the fallout and reaction to it has dominated the last two years. Public support for BLM has collapsed. The COVID mania also swept all before it including even this website before the reaction set in and opposition to COVID authoritarianism mounted. In both cases, we were sold a simplistic narrative by the media that fell apart as emotions cooled and the overreach in policing and public health came under scrutiny.

I’m old enough to remember the atmosphere in the United States immediately before and during the first few years of the Iraq War. The country was far more united behind George W. Bush in 2003 than it is today behind Joe Biden over Ukraine. It is not even close. In fact, Joe Biden’s approval rating has barely changed. It took an event as dramatic as 9/11 to enrage the public to the point that the Iraq War possible. Previous interventions in Afghanistan, Syria and Libya have become less popular over time.

Let’s see how popular this Ukraine bullshit is a few months from now after Russia wins the conventional ground war and gas prices and inflation have skyrocketed to unaffordable levels. The polls already show that the economy is still the far more important issue than Ukraine. We have barely glimpsed the economic fallout that is going to come out of this war. It sounds nice to sacrifice our standard of living to “save democracy” in Ukraine or whatever, but what happens when Ukraine loses?

Look at it this way: we just had all this trouble over a virus that has killed nearly a million Americans and the sacrifice that was asked was to 1.) wear a cloth mask and 2.) get the COVID vaccine. No one cared about Ukraine two months ago. Do you think Americans are going to put up with $4 a gallon gasoline indefinitely to punish Vladimir Putin over a war he is going to win in Ukraine?

Trump’s populist base are culturally conservative rural voters. Rural voters are more dependent on their vehicles. They drive more. Believe me, record gas prices and inflation are far more important and motivating to these people than Ukraine or even the culture war issues. CRT is being taught in public schools in Blue States. Blacks killing each other in Chicago is also something that happens far away here. The border is in terrible shape under Joe Biden, but most people live far away from the border. Ukraine is even further away. The gas station where it costs $4.10 a gallon is down the street. Politics stops at the gas pump. This shit is unaffordable for the working class and can’t continue.

This is going to get so bad that even the retards who live on the coast – who are paying over $5 a gallon – are going to be pushed to revolt against Joe Biden. I’m betting against the PMCs on Twitter who are divorced from material reality and who have Ukrainian flags in their bios.

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  1. Just over the past 2 years our overlords have piled up such a heap of lost credibility that they find themselves whistling past the graveyard at night.

  2. There is no way the general public supports so-called “sacrifices” for their miserable “Democracy” now. People everywhere are angry over high inflation, especially gasoline over $4.00/gallon. CBS and the rest of the Lügenpresse are simply up to their old tricks, lying through their teeth like the foul scumbags they are.

    Wait until the U.S. Government, in its infinite wisdom calls for conscription especially after Taiwan is captured by China. The blowback against the ruling class and level of defiance will be something to behold. The U.S. Government is holding off until after the November elections now but China capturing Taiwan may force the Government’s hand early.

  3. Russia can win the war itself, but it can never win the rotten hearts and minds of the U.S. “people” who have been born and raised in the “culture” of greed, nor of the millions of greed-corrupted immigrants who move here just to participate and “get ahead” of others in the U.sury S.ystem. So of course the U.S. population supports this imperialist aggressive war against Russia, and all other imperialist wars. Even if they never even heard the word “imperialism,” they know by instinct that imperialism keeps the U.S. on top of the “heap” of humanity, and brings “home” immense loot (TRILLIONS) from the rest of the world, and that some of the trillions of stolen foreign peoples’ wealth inevitably trickles down to them, the working (or at least consuming) vast majority.

    • Nobody is getting any “loot” from all these neo-cohen wars. They are making everyone other than the 1 percenters poorer in every way. This cuntry is 30 trillion in debt. You are correct that quite a few morons still support this shit, though.

  4. Attention to the Kremlin Agents that monitor American “far right” websites such as this one: Please tell Vladimir Putin that his public relations campaign should focus on more than just shoring up support among the native Russian people and the Ukrainian people that he is doing his darndest not to alienate. There is a mind war out here in the West, and Putin can win it.

    He is currently unpopular among Right Wingers who have been conditioned their whole lives to see “Evil Dictators” who want to “conquer the whole world.” Hitler took Czechoslovakia after he took the Sudetenland, and Rigjt Wing Americans think Putin will take Europe once he takes Ukraine.

    Tell Putin he needs to publicly position himself as the Liberator of the West, even though we all secretly know he isn’t actually going to do that. The interests of your President are morally legitimate and justified. But right now, few in the West see it.

    Your President would skyrocket in popularity and have the entire Right Wing Populist media – such as Tucker Carlson – siding with him and with Russia for free if you tell us what we want to hear: That the Russian military is out to crush wokeness, shut down the bio labs, eject George Soros, end the LGBT events, etc etc. We will march on Washington for Russia, with Z flags and Z shirts, if Putin rhetorically positions himself against everything we hate.

    The “Far Right” won the war over Covid Lockdowns and the the George Floyd riots. We will win this war too if your President throws us a bone and tells us what we want to here. We can reshape this world in a way that favors us and isolates our hated mutual enemies. Consider it.

  5. I remember watching shock and awe on TV and wondering where the fuck Baghdad was and feeling bad for the fuckers getting shit on with cruise missiles.

    It was also funny as hell, but I’ve always been a morbid fuck. Funny like seeing a guy get kicked in the nuts. I’m no monster after all.

  6. CRT is being taught in public schools in Blue States.

    CRT is being taught nationwide – even in Christian schools. The pushback even in red states has been minor. Of course Republicans’ priority is to go to defend the borders or Ukraine while the southern border is wide open.

  7. Chickenhawks are always a problem. I emailed Lindsey Graham and asked him to cool it with the militant pro-war rhetoric. He replied, thanking me and making it clear he was doing everything in his power to start WWIII.

  8. The three goals of this conflict have already been met and all three are to prepare the world for the Moshiach.

    1—-America has been severely weakened.
    2—–Europe has been united.
    3—–The East – West divide has been established.

    The degree of the American weakening is the only unknown.

  9. All these warmongers politicians were the 1st ones trying to get out of going to war by faking injuries or going to college so they wouldn’t get drafted and their kids do the same. They love war as long as it some else’s kids doing the fighting.

  10. Most right-wing ‘Murcans are just sheep deliberately made ignernt. They get their news from the teevee judenpresse brand chosen for them (Fux), and always react the way the kikes intend at first, then slowly change their minds when the negative consequences of their heat-of-the-moment feminine emotional responses reveal themselves. You’d think that they’d finally wake up to the fact that they’re being played again & again – especially immediately after the 2-year covid chain-jerking they were enraged about a mere month ago – but no.

    The average IQ of Whites is only 100, and that’s just not enough for them to be able to see what the kikes & their race traitor whores of the One Party like bottom-bitch Graham, Magic Drawers Romney & all the rest are perpetrating. I see it from the FB posts of the MAGAtards in my own family.

    Their hearts are generally in the right place, but their heads are forever buried in their asses. Which is why they must be constantly LED by smarter Whites looking out for their true interests.

    It must be done very carefully, because stupid people are always absolutely certain that their uninformed opinions are every bit as valid as those of people who’ve studied the kikes & real-world politics for decades, and that no one could ever put one over on THEM, jack. They’ll instinctively resent anyone they think is a “know-it-all egghead”. Which makes dealing with them a frustrating ordeal.


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