“It’s a Trap!”: Western Volunteers Flee Ukraine

In Iraq and Afghanistan, our soldiers had air superiority. This level of warfare is reportedly nothing like recent imperial frontier wars.

Sky News:

“A British man who travelled to Ukraine to join the military fight against Russia’s invasion says he left the warzone amid fears he was facing a “suicide mission”.

Ben Spann told Sky News he did not tell his wife or 16-year-old son that he was going to Ukraine to take up arms, despite the fact he has never served in the military and has no ties to the war-torn country.

The 36-year-old, from Leamington Spa in Warwickshire, said he spent five days in a safe house in western Ukraine with four ex-British soldiers – and at one point had a gun pointed at his head after the property was searched by a “Ukrainian SWAT team”. …

Mr Spann said he thought the prospect of travelling to a more dangerous part of Ukraine without weapons “was a bit of a suicide mission”.

“As these guys made the decision to venture further into the country, I made the decision to go back to the border,” he added.

‘My wife was pretty p***** off’

Mr Spann said he travelled back to the Polish border, where hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian refugees have fled to. …”

We need to deploy Twitter to the front lines.

Note: If you live in a safe and cozy home in North America, why on earth would you want to travel over 5,000 miles away to the godforsaken Eurasian steppe in freezing temperatures to fight for the Ukrainian government?

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  1. Some of these psychopaths used to take “safari’ trips to the Donbass “reservation” to shoot “Snow Niggers” (Russians) at a distance, but now the Snow Niggers are off the reservation hunting them!

    • Shlomo always sends first line troops as cannon fodder just like on the eastern front in WWII. They would conscript peasants and march them forward at gunpoint with or without weapons.

      • @KT 88,

        The Chinese Red Army used a similar tactic when crossed the Yalu River and entered the Korean War.

        Unarmed soldiers would follow armed soldiers, and pick up their rifles when they were killed ahead of them. That was how they dealt with the logistics of not having enough AKs for everyone.

        As you know, communists do not put a high price on human life even their own of their own race.

    • This all remind me of the Monty Python song from the “Holy Grail” called “Brave Sir Robin”

    • Men are deemasculated and need a rugged romanticism. This is timeless. Look at the stealing of tthe term foreign legion, a term applied to the tens of thousands of men who fought during a real idealistic conflict, the Spanish civil war.
      This globohome zionist media manipulated conflict appeals to low information low iq young men.

  2. There are psychos aplenty. They will travel over land and sea to go and enter a fight in which they have zero skin in the game, but their own lands are ruled over by punkass bitches of any gender real or imaginary who carry out the orders of Schlomo. Pathetic really.

    • Some of these idiots believe that being good at “Call of Duty” makes them qualified to be mercenaries.

      My guess is that a lot the money ZOG is spending on team zelenskyy is going into private armies like Eric Prince’s infamous Blackwater. That gives official Washington plausible deniability.

      • From what I’ve read, Mercs are saying “No thank You” to the Ukrainian Shit show. You see, they’re very pragmatic about such things and it doesn’t matter how good the pay might be if you don’t think you’ll live to spend it.

    • Exactly. They like to look tough – when having the entire establishment backing them – and get stories to brag about for the rest of their lives. But they would never dare do something actually tough, standing up against mass immigration. Just like all the pro-military rah-rah types who would never do something to stop the invasion over the U.S. southern border.

      If Ben Spann’s wife divorces him, she’s absolutely right to do so. He left his wife and his son to fight because the media owners pulled the leash.

      The Rambo picture is right on point. They thought they’d be cool footsoldiers. They think wars are like in the movies. Wars today are about who can fire the most missiles from the farthest distance, to take out the enemy’s missiles. The vast majority of fallen Taliban were killed by artillery and missiles. They won in the end out of determination, which these amateurs don’t have, and they won only after tons of Taliban had been killed.

      The Rambo amateurs may have seen the media brag about shoulder-fired anti-tank weapons. They never mention what happens to those footsoldiers after they’ve fired, when the Russian artillery comes raining down on them. The media also don’t mention that most of the Ukrainian army is now encircled in eastern Ukraine, where 150,000 had been amassed to invade Donbass. What do you do without those?

      Who gets killed first in an army? The infantry. But even before that, the foreign infantry, which you sacrifice by throwing them at the enemy. One of these volunteers mentioned they’d be sent to Kiev, so he fled. He had fantasized about “taking back towns”. Being on foot in Kiev, firing at Russian tanks with a Kalashnikov, means you die when the Russians decide to advance on the city. No glory. Not a single kill to brag about. You die and people will just remember you as a fool.

  3. Why would any white man who is a Christian automatically hate other white men in Russia who are also Christians
    I never understood how they got entire generations to fall for this bizarre nonsense

    • @James Bell,


      Does the US “War Between the States,” WWI, WWII, and all the other wars involving Europeans fighting Europeans for the last 1200 years ring a bell (no pun intended)?

    • The same way the Christians on this blog hate Christians in certain parts of America, because they believe in something else.

      A Christian will use his faith, as justification for treason against his own kind. Even treason against his own country.

  4. The Daily Schmear and OD stories on the war in the Ukraine are dovetailing which hasn’t happened since Wallace and Anglin were dick-riding Trump in 2016. Odd.

    • There are several people who post on the forum like Gian who are good at finding news stories and that is where I got the videos

    • Hey shit stain 1970,

      Are you going to wear your Trump 2020 yamulke to AIPAC with your matching ZOA face covering?

    • Does Jewop1970 get paid for this or is it just a fanatical volunteer for globopedo?

  5. We are lucky to be ridding ourselves of these idiots. These dipshits have both combat training and the grave character flaw of being quickly whipped into a ridiculous frenzy. They could just as easily be beating on our doors, all kitted out ready to fight if the government published our addresses on a list of “neo-nazi white supremacist terrorists.”

    Does the news matter? My litmus test is this: if you wouldn’t know about the news except by watching the media, then it doesn’t matter. If not for the Jewish media, I’d have no idea about COVID, George Floyd, Armed Robbery, the war in Ukraine, “kids in cages,” transvestites, and all manner of other such hysterias.

  6. Russian army and air force has done well in Ukraine, Syria, Chetnian conflict.

    But political war propaganda, not so good. Russians are doing the same old, “The Ukrainians are/were NAZIs” We defeated the NAZIs then and will do so now.

    Kind of lame.

    • Yeah Jaye, it seems everytime the Russians are fighting somebody, it’s always fascists or Nazis. Their propaganda seems to be mired in WWII speak.

  7. They have no business going there to fight someone else’s quarrel. The real enemy is within our own gates.

  8. “despite the fact he has never served in the military ”

    Real bright, enter a war zone that even professional soldiers would avoid.

    It ain’t a movie.

  9. The truth is leaking out, despite mass media’s blanket gaslighting.

    Pitty the poor souls who acted on the propaganda.

  10. These grandstanders need to keep their snouts out of it.
    Their own nations are being invaded by unarmed browns…………they could try their hand taking them on.
    Just idiots who should get a life.

    • Take a look at this Goose. This is what the American, anti-immigration, conservative, right, are saying about your country right now:


      When Ann Coulter was a (((neocon))), she beat the drums of war for America to go into Iraq. It was not Australia’s war, but as always, your country went to support your friend America.

      Now after America has been overrun by non-whites, and is almost 50% non-white, Ann has transformed from (((neocon))) into a “build a wall activist”, and tells her 2 million followers to abandon Australia to Chinese invasion.

      Right wing conservatives are not your friend, Goose. The only thing conservatives care about is number 1. So you’ll have no friends on this blog when China threatens Australia. This is a pro Russian/ pro Chinese blog. Hunter will make excuses for the Chinese invasion of Australia, just as he is doing for the Russia invasion of Ukraine.

      America First is code for Russia/China First.

      Hunter will confirm this, right Hunter?


      • No, I have stated several times that the only countries we should be willing to defend outside of North America and the Pacific are Anglosphere countries, so if Britain or Australia were attacked that would be different.

        • Why should the U.S. population (I don’t say people) that is already much less than half Anglo, and becoming majority non-White, want to defend Britain and Australia? And Britain is also on the way to becoming non-Anglo, thoroughly mixed. Ethnocentrism is a natural force or tendency, but imperialism has weakened or almost destroyed it in North America (and many other places), replacing it with the unnatural addiction of cosmopolitan consumerism. The “Anglosphere” is really the ZIO-“anglo”sphere, or even better: the “Money-angle” sphere.

        • Joe, Hunter,
          Thanks for that clarification. It’s always been my position that those with similar values should have each other’s backs. If one of us falls, it weakens and further strains those who are left.
          If only we could sort out the traitors that control each of our countries. That would be a start.

        • I bet quite a few here would not want to defend Britain for any reason. It is a cyst that needs to be lanced. Australia is probably still salvageable.

  11. How is it, FB prohibits ‘hate speech’, but allows recruitment of people to go into a war and kill people?
    The hypocrisy is thicker than conrete.

  12. . “If not for the Jewish media,….”

    You might be free to think and act on matters that are truly important.

  13. Meanwhile, Ukraine refugees in Germany are already experiencing the benefits of EU membership, with at least one refugee woman reportedly culturally enriched (raped) by New Germans (Nigerian and Iraqi).

  14. The western world has become such a tragedy and hypocrisy, a lot of lies and polarization. We don’t have to fight a war in another part of the world but in our ill globalism this is happening. Globalism makes yours the problems of other people, of the entire world.

    P.s. It’s remarkable the hypocrisy of Amazon, which sells the Nazi Azov’s Battalion merchandizing (t-shirts, hoodies, cups) while don’t sell other right-wing symbols because are “racist”. Ah and for make peace better, sells also hats with the inscription “fuck Putin”. Amazon want anti racism and peace and falsely claims to be against violence but when it comes to sell far-left violent t-shirt (like antifa who punch a right-wing) or other violent merchandizing on globalists side, he puts apart his “non violent “politic.

  15. Some people can’t differentiate between a video game and reality. In video game you can start over if you get killed.

  16. So it didn’t turn out to be the fun adventure cakewalk these shitlib “warriors” thought it would be after all. Them’s the breaks when they voluntarily stick their noses in a war that doesn’t concern them against a real military with total air superiority.

    Too bad they were able to scurry back out with their tails between their legs. I want them all dead & rotting.

  17. Russians:
    1. Made “Anti-Semitism” a capital crime.
    2. Murdered at least five million Ukrainians for the Jews.
    3. Betrayed their non-aggression treaty with Germany by preparing operation Thunderbolt (an attempt to subjugate all of Europe under their evil tyranny by stabbing Germany in the back while she was busy fighting the British / Americans), thus forcing Germany to pre-empt with operation Barbarrosa (Saving half of Europe from evil Commie rule – we should be grateful).
    4. Murdered 90 percent of german POWs, at least.
    6. Perpetrated yet another genocide after the war by murdering at least five and maybe seven million or more civilians mostly ethnic German.
    7. By official policy (Solzhenitzen said it was “practically a mark of military distinction” Raping Russians raped, gang raped, usually to the death, all German women they could get their hands on — Women, little girls, grandmas.
    8. Helped the jews fabricate the prime weapon in the genocide of the white race: The Holy Hoax.
    9. Allie themselves with Jews and Israel in hostile and traitorous and murderous actions against the Western folk all through the “cold war”.

    And you people think they are the good guys?

    And its okay for them to murder Ukrainians once again?

    That this is good for the white race?


    Because the Jews who run ‘Merka used it to Steal Ukraine away from the Russians influence? Because a weirdo jewish actor was installed as Ukraine president?

    Jews run YOUR nations as well — so it would be okay to invade your lands, kill your women and children, threaten to exterminate you with nukes?

    Russian Governments (and their brutally led sheople), are proven treacherous, genocidal, enemies of the white race.

    To watch them mouth transparent lies as if they were fighting for truth and justice and god and Russian apple pie is a very sick joke.

    The only good guys in this Russian war on Ukraine are the Ukrainians fighting back (including the Azof “Not-Sees”), like it or not.

    The Russian Federation is hand in glove with one faction of the Jewish overlords, the RF is NOT pro-white — factually the opposite, Jews and RF are both our enemy.

    They fight over who gets to exploit us, genocide us, hostile rule us!

    How can you take the side of either one?

    Only the Ukrainian people fighting the invaders are in the right.

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