Putin: West’s Global Political and Economic Dominance Ending

We’re being told that Putin has gone crazy.

Maybe it is Twitter that has gone crazy though? Maybe it is Mike Pence who is living in a bygone age?


  1. Translation. Empire global dominance is ending.

    The greatest winner’s will be Ironically people of the West. Like collapse of Soviet Union benefitted most it’s inhabitants. Even with Soros & Co screwup we are much better off now.

    • Yes, we will benefit.

      USZOG is too powerful, it exercises too great a hegemony over most of the world. The USZOG media and cultural influence has had a monopolistic toxic effect on the rest of the world, it’s poisonous.

    • Agree completely. Try to catch what’s left of our civilization on the bounce. Securing power sources before they can be vandalized or scrapped for materials will be key.

  2. the Irish have hitched their wagon to the Jews, yeah Pence is iIish, but once the Moshiach gets here and leads the Jew back to Israel what will happen, what should happen to the Irish? Are the Irish going to follow the Jews back to Israel? Should they stay here after the destruction, they caused to happen? Will Gods divine justice be served on this treacherous filth? It is going to be good. And there always is a silver lining to every tragic event.

  3. Putin knows his target audience – the same clowns that fell for Trump’s line of BS in 2016.

    • If India invaded Pakistan, we wouldn’t want to get involved in that conflict either. Ukraine is getting wrecked. Is that what you want? Is Ukraine better off because this happened?

      • Pakistan belongs to India. Allowing it to be ethnically cleansed of Hindus and Sikhs was a major tragedy of the 20th century. Shlomo at work again of course.

      • “Ukraine is getting wrecked (…) Is Ukraine better off because this happened?”:

        It is a brother having a cancer removed, saving the patient.

  4. The Federal Reserve raised rates by 1/4% today, which isn’t enough to lure either the Arabs or the Chinese back to the petrodollar. It’s over for the petrodollar.

    • “The Federal Reserve raised rates by 1/4% today,”

      That shows the fragility of USZOG economy. They need to raise rates in robust 1/2% increments , to show they are seriously going to fight inflation. 1/4% shows they are too ttimid and weak to control inflation and the economy is too brittle to take robust rates.

      USZOG, raping savers since 2007.

  5. Imagine a world that isn’t dominated by arrogant Israel First assholez like Mike Pence, John Bolton and Lindsey Graham. That cannot happen soon enough.

  6. Apparently Biden called Putin a ‘war criminal’ today.


    At the link above is a video of senator Joe Biden ‘suggesting’ that civilian infrastructure be destroyed in what is now Serbia during the attack by NATO in 1999.

    When you hear about criminal violence in Sweden today, most of that is due to migrants who came to Sweden as refugees during the wars in the Balkans that followed the breakup of Yugoslavia — particularly muslims from Kosovo and Albania.

  7. Freddy DeBoer catalogs the crimes of the American empire.

    “The people who say “whataboutism” don’t want to talk about carpet bombing in Cambodia. They don’t want to talk about death squads in El Salvador. They don’t want to talk about reinstalling the Shah in Iran. They don’t want to talk about the murder of Patrice Lumumba in the Congo. They don’t want to talk about giving a hit list to rampaging anti-Communists in Indonesia. They don’t want to talk about the US’s role in installing a far-right government in Honduras. They don’t want to talk about US support for apartheid in South Africa. They don’t want to talk about unexploded ordnance that still kills and maims in Laos. They don’t want to talk about supporting the hideously corrupt drug lord post-Taliban regime in Afghanistan. They don’t want to talk about aiding literal Nazis and Italian fascists in taking over the government in Albania. They don’t want to talk about giving support to the far-right government’s “dirty war” in Argentina. They don’t want to talk about the US-instigated far-right coup in Ghana. They don’t want to talk about our illegal bombing of Yugoslavia. They don’t want to talk about centuries of mistreatment of Haiti, such as sponsoring the coup against Aristide. They don’t want to talk about sparking 36 years of ruinous civil war, and attendant slaughters of indigenous people, in Guatemala. They don’t want to talk about our drone war in Pakistan. They don’t want to talk about how much longer this list could go on. So when do we talk about that stuff, exactly?”


    • “US support for apartheid in South Africa”

      Okay, right there, I classify this character as a scumbag, and you as well.

      You’re in favor of low-down invasive niggers torturing, killing, and oppressing Whites. You’re an enemy. Go back to Daily Kos, White-hating filth.

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