Poll Watch: 35% of Americans Favor Military Intervention In Ukraine

I can’t find the crosstabs.

Based on what I have seen in previous polls, I’m sure it reflects a massive age divide though.


“Details: While 35% of people surveyed said they would “somewhat favor” or “strongly favor” the U.S. taking military action even if it risks nuclear conflict with Russia, 62% said they would oppose taking steps that risk a nuclear conflict. …”

This is the Tucker vs. Hannity divide.

Pew Research Center:

The biggest hawks are senior citizens.


  1. “”…The biggest hawks are senior citizens….”””

    Nostalgia. In the Russia is the same. Old people dreaming of times when they were young and strong and happy and talk about nuclear war was every day like Beatles songs from black and white TV.

  2. To paraphrase Mark Twain, the numerous reports here and elsewhere about the demise of the gaslight media have been “greatly exaggerated”. I have even been surprised at the sheer depth and extent of it myself. Goading Russia into taking action was a good short-term move because the retarded morons where actually starting to doubt the narrative thanks to the exposure of numerous lies about the pandemic – now conveniently swept beneath the rug.

    It also seriously derailed the widespread negative reaction to total incompetence of the Joey Shitpants’ regime and a possible repeat of the congressional turnovers of 1994 and 2010 (neither of which accomplished anything but only the relatively few who pay attention know of this). It could still blow up in their faces, especially if Russia, China and India all leave the Petro$kekel behind and Saudi even jumps off their “unsinkable” vessel for creating endless sums of monopoly-money while Aunt Janet and her minyan do some deck-chair feng-shui. The morons might start to re-think their enthusiasm for the empire when faced with skyrocketing prices for food, gas, etc. and notice their own living standard falling like a stone while they look at the Section Ape imported dindus next door living like kangz and queenz on free money.

  3. We can send the boomers to the front lines. And the journalists. That is all the aid the USA should provide.

  4. I’m glad there are no Jack van Impe types here on OD to inform us that Gog, Magog, Rosh, Meshech and Tubal all refer to Pootin, Ruhsha and the war against Izril in the Valley of Megiddo. Because that would be totally gay.

    • Always found it amusing that biblical prophesy could not provide the contemporary names of the nation’s involved when Armageddon takes place. Instead we are left to guess.

      • ” Instead we are left too guess”, no guesswork about it, start reading the word again, your soul will thank you for it……….

    • ” because that would be totally gay”, no it wouldn’t, you think “Magog’s, oops I mean rosh’s fate is bad, what God has in store, for the late great United States, is worse, far worse, one hour baby, the word says one hour, is all it will take too destroy ” Babylon”, the word also says ” the good man keepeth watch and suffereth not , his house too be broken into”, it’s nothing too scoff about………………

    • Southern nationalism and bible prophecy go hand in hand, the belief in the second coming of jesus, is standard, basic belief among the southern army and the southern people, our faith is part of our identity, without our faith, we have no solid ground too stand on, no hope, our faith gives us answers, for example, what time it is…….

  5. Tucker really fumbled the ball with that Cuban harpy. He mostly tried to agree with her, and repeatedly allowed her to talk all over him. Is he giving in to the hysteria? She dismissed the danger of nuclear war as “hypothetical,” even as war whores like her make it less and less hypothetical.

    Tucker says we must support “our” government in a war with Russia. That regime is a far greater threat to our freedom than Putin could ever think about being.

  6. It’s no coincidence that expanding dumocracy to anyone with a pulse and some without resulted in our enslavement and the bloodiest century in history.

  7. To those who are in favor of the US going to war with Russia, one more question: “Are you willing to go and participate in the war yourself?” Or, if too old: “Are you willing to send your children, grandchildren, etc to fight it out?”

    • The way empire works, Watson, is you keep your boot on your enemy’s neck, or they’ll get up, and place their boot on your neck.

      So if America turns away from the world, the Chinese will build their global empire and bottle America up in its ports, to starve it of resources it needs. Its what I would do if I was a Chinese Communist leader. Its what Putin has been doing, when he has been secretly funding anti-nuclear activists and politicians, to get votes against nuclear power generation in the West, while pretending to be a friend of Western nationalists..

      ““Are you willing to go and participate in the war yourself?” Or, if too old: “Are you willing to send your children, grandchildren, etc to fight it out?””

      Ask this of Putin and his greatest allies the Chinese, and they will answer with a resounding, YES! They are more than eager to sacrifice millions of their own people to build their global empires.

      BTW, AI drones will do most of the killing going forward. Soldiers won’t be threats, they will be targets. If we deploy the best AI, we will win. If the Chinese/Putinist alliance deploys the best AI, they will win.

      To those “America First” who are in favor of letting Russia and China invade any country they like, I have one question:

      Are you willing to have a Chinese boot placed on your people’s neck for hundreds of years, so you can own the liberals?

      • Give a single example of Chinese putting a boot on anyone’s neck. Their alliances have all been built on mutual interest, rather than threats and bribery like the USA’s have been.

        And yes, Chinese hegemony would be greatly preferable to the status quo. Even if all White elites were slaughtered, and Chinese took their place at the top of the pyramid, the average White person would be much better off. It is impossible to even argue otherwise.

      • Fuck the evil US Empire and the Globohomo elite who prop it up. Let Russia, India and China divide the world up amongst themselves. Then we might finally have a little peace and stability.

      • Are you under some sort of retarded impression that there is no boot on our necks? The Empire of Lies is not ours and does not represent us in any way. It is a controlled by a clique of foreign oligarchs who have explicitly called for our extermination. At this point, I’d prefer to take our chances with Xi than with Team Talumud. Our country is already under invasion. Your powers of deduction are non-existent, Sherlock. Go hasbara someplace else.

      • “Its what I would do if I was a Chinese”:

        But you are not Chinese and you don’t think like them. Global trade is their obsession, but global conquest is not an historical Chinese tendency. In the Middle Ages, China did send an army into Central Asia to secure the main trade route, but not to add territory. Chinese expansion has been very gradual over the centuries, which is why it has managed to remain 90% mono-ethnic (Han) to this day. Singkiang and Tibet were added only for defense, because the British Empire had been meddling there, trying to take them to threaten China and contain Russia.

        Even the Tsarist Empire was much less imperialistic than the U.S. and Britain. Ethnocentrism prevented Russia from advancing down the Pacific coast of North America (it touched northern California and then turned back) or conquering Constantinople, Anatolia and the Near East.

  8. The rich neocon warmongers should take their kids that are of military age and demand they sign up to fight for “freedon” Hannity has two kids at that age but he will never ask them to sign up, that’s for the poor White kids not rich spoiled brats.

  9. Wow, 35% of Americans realize that the USA and Europe would be better off getting nuked and starting over from the ashes rather than dying the death of a 1,000 cuts while being ruled by globalists who want to destroy Western Civilization? That’s progress.

    • What exactly was the level of your involvement in the 1981 Wonderland murders that took place in Laurel Canyon, Mr. Holmes?

      • I got to stay high for another three days in return for getting my asshole “friends” whacked. And I got away with it.

  10. As a Southerner, this question has always been the most haunting.Why Are Southerners so loyal to the Union that genocided them? Prison bitch syndrome, as ugly as that sounds?

    • The question that haunts me is why people who believe in “America First” and who are aware of how the Deep State operates and the media lies are so ready to rush into World War III on the side of George Soros because of what “journalists” are saying on television. It is deeply disappointing.

      • With all due respect, you did not answer my question. Is it cuz Southerners just like to fight? The South had the lowest membership in the first America First.

          • Germans settled in Texas. The state is half Scott half German. Many of the Texans have that exact ancestry in fact.

            As for the Southerner question, it’s the same as the Scotts in Britain. They were enthusiastic Janissaries for many years. It’s sad and disappointing. We should grill and chill and let these people destroy themselves.

            If you are a military vet with some credibility, use that credibility to dissuade young people from joining. It’s what I do. You don’t need to be a military vet to speak against it, but many will default to “well that guy was too much of a pussy to serve so I don’t have to listen to him.”

          • Are Texas, Missouri not part of the South? There are more Germans in Missouri than in all New England States combined.

      • They have no idea of history and what they’re getting into. Even veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan are crapping themselves and running home from Ukraine within HOURS because it’s full-on, WW2-style carnage. Nobody in the US military signs up for that. (FWIW if they sign up for the bennies, I don’t blame them one bit. But let’s not pretend they’re seriously sacrificing for “freedom”.)

        We should all be asking, “why does our government seem to have absolutely ZERO interest in negotiating peace in Ukraine?”

  11. If the 35% of shitlibs & geriatric patriotard/JEEEEE-sus kooks like Slobbertson would be the only ones snuffed, I’d be all for it; sadly, it wouldn’t be limited to them.

  12. Let the 35% sign up for the “foreign legion”. Replacement cannon fodder is needed to keep the Jewligarchs satisfied. They need to make suitable blood offerings to their “god” of slaughtered ‘cattle’ (goyim). Maybe a special unit can be set up for shrieking blue-haired harpies of all 57 genders.

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