Zelensky Addresses German Parliament

Zelensky is on tour.

He has begged all of his NATO handlers to ride to his rescue: the British parliament, Canadian parliament, the European Union parliament, the U.S. Congress and now the German parliament. Globalist elites are happy to keep on fighting the Russians to the last Ukrainian though.

Note: The Ukrainians are going to go down like the South Vietnamese, the Kurds and most recently the Afghans. They are being used as cannon fodder in a proxy war between NATO and Russia.


  1. Zelensky is going to address the Israeli Knesset on Sunday. It is getting bad when you gotta asked the Jews to help you. Sheeeeeit.

    • US remaining military power must be kept to defend Israel. So sorry Ze, read protocol of the elders of zion. There is written that sometimes we must sacrifice our own.

      And blame Trump. He showed to the entire world that it is possible to survive media attack so now the politicians became much courageous and can not be forced into submission with media attacks.

  2. I’m sure the jew will receive standing ovations just like he did when he spoke to congress VIA video feed. Funny, no US politician receives standing ovations only jew foreign heads of states.

  3. Have you accepted Zelensky as your lord and savior?
    Your first born will be fine as a tribute.
    Yes you can blue and yellow true believer.
    We can burn down the world for the CPUSA cookie jar.

  4. The Pope has also been invited (implored) to come to Kiev. This is very ominous. The Pope will now “consecrate” Russia to “God’s Mother” on March 25th, on the same day that Crypto-Polish Pope John Paul consecrated Russia to God’s Mother in 1984. That “holy consecration” (declaration of a crusade) was thought to have led to the “miraculous” (I say it was human treachery) near-destruction of Russia in the 1990s. This consecration (declaration of crusade) is intended to finish off Russia, once and for all. Russia will submit to the Antichrist (the Pope). Note: There are “cold crusades” as well as hot ones, and of course, hybrid crusades. Russia has been crusaded against before. Poland, Lithuania, and Galicia/Ruthenia (a Latin name) are all front-line crusade states.

    • Bergoglio is an Anti-Pope to those Catholics who have sense enough to reject the utter apostasy of Vatican II. The really strict Catholics who remain in the west (a very small number) regard all of the popes since Pius XII to be anti-popes because they failed to repudiate the monstrosity (authored indirectly by Jews). They consider the cathedra (bishop’s seat) in Rome to have been vacant since 1958. Yes, you’re correct about the motives here. Totally evil. No surprise as Bergoglio is murderous pedophile who worships Satan.

      Even though Barnhardt fails to see just how really terrible Vatican II is (she regards Benedict as the legitimate pope, despite his failure to reject it), she does see how monstrous this move by Bergoglio is.

      Stephen Karganovic over at Saker has an excellent overview.

      • I actually looked at Barnhardt (yes I gave the website one view) based on your comment. She said, in essence: Putting the spell (consecration curse, I call it) on Orthodox Russia won’t work properly unless the REAL Pope does it. She claims that Bergoglio is not the real Pope, but the previous pope, Benedict, the one that she likes, is the real Pope. But, she adds, the spell COULD work properly if the real Pope (Benedict) is physically present when the not-real pope (Bergoglio) casts the spell, AND if the not-real pope (Bergoglio) says all the words correctly, and if he really means the words, as he says them. Otherwise the spell will definitely go wrong, and it could even cause nuclear war to break out.

        She wrote: “Pope Benedict’s mere presence would probably be enough, IF the Consecration were done properly with the correct intention, because remember, Bergoglio IS a bishop. But if the intention is mangled or perverted in any way, not even Pope Benedict’s presence would rehabilitate it.”

        Barnhardt promotes all kinds of Roman Catholic superstitions, the Fatima hoax (and many other similar hoaxes), and the pagan, polytheistic heresy that God has a Mother, Mary who could never have sinned, and the Infallibility of a (real) Pope. She warns her readers to “Stay confessed,” keep reading her stuff every day, and send donations.

    • Fatima is interesting but only begins to make sense if it’s “the errors of (((Russia)))”. The “errors of (((Russia)))” being Marxism, which was gaining a global toehold in 1917. Catholics into this sort of private revelation might be severely disappointed, because at this juncture, it’s the west suffering from moral depravity, not Russia.

  5. John Hagee informercial for poor Ukraine on Fox:”send $$$$$$$$ to my friends in Israel!!!

    God how I hate Evangelical “Christianity” with every fiber of my being….I would rather be a Muslim….

    • I’m wondering if you’re Southern, because I am pretty sure you would have to be, to loathe the Evangelicals that much. It’s the immersion factor. I have the same exact hatred.

      • “loathe the Evangelicals that much”

        That’s anyone with good sense.

        Evangelicals: ” we shall send millions to save souls in oogaboogaland and import more to rape and murder in your state, AIN’T WE RIIIIGHTEOUUUUS”

        “Let us tend our own garden”……voltaire

      • Evangelicals have done so much to cripple our people.
        Imposing heavy taxes in tithes, time, submission and guilt.
        All the while not building schools, colleges and communities for WHITES.

    • If Hagee and Islam were the only choice, I’d choose Islam as well. He’s utterly disgusting. A grifting snake-oil salesman for the Synagogue of Satan. Even worse than Zion Don. Hold up your Scofield Bibles and lay your hands upon them – for my good friends in I$RAEL… a complete joke. John Hagee … Murika’s pastor! Gag me with a pitchfork, please.

      • “If Hagee and Islam were the only choice”
        ……..I’d choose neither.

        “a complete joke. John Hagee ”
        ……….a cruel joke !

    • “God how I hate Evangelical “Christianity” with every fiber of my being”

      Amen !

      How john hagee has an audience, I’ll never understand.
      Evangelical “Christianity” is the fool slave of the parasites.

  6. >They are being used as nothing but cannon fodder in a proxy war between NATO and Russia.

    Douglas Macgregor was saying this more than two weeks ago in an interview with the idiotic Trey Gowdy on Fox: encouraging the Ukrainians to fight, or helping them to fight by giving them weapons, was only going to increase the bloodshed and delay the inevitable.


  7. Adolf the Great would approve of German weapons systems being used to fertilize the soil of Ukraine with Russian blood. What he would definitely not approve of is the simping for shitbag Putin and shitbag Russia by the Alt-Lite Clownshow.

      • Could be. The troll certainly fellates Schlomo at every opportunity. I somehow doubt the Austrian painter would approve of such behavior. The painter-corporal thought he could invade Russia too, which worked out even less satisfactory for him than it did for Napoleon (an actual general) who at least lived to make a decent comeback attempt at Waterloo. I somehow don’t think Country 404 is getting so many foreign volunteers now after the large number of Darwin awards handed out on Sunday.

      • You guys would form a line around the block to suck Putin’s dick if you were given half the chance.

        • @Christoph1970

          You want Whites from the West to die for ZOG, all after ZOG has destroyed Western civilisation with its untrammelled immigration, its hate crime laws aimed exclusively at Whites, with its many wars of destruction and looting us financially.

          Why aren’t you over there matey? My kids wont be dying for ZOG.

        • Christoph1970 ,”suck putin’s dick”, how classy, what a way too articulate your thoughts………

  8. @ Christop1970,

    Ukraine needs mercenaries and you are free to go join them.
    Don’t be a traitor, go fight for Zelensky.
    Yes you can!

  9. Zelenskystein is opposed to Russian invasion of Ukraine and wants all men between 18 and 60 to remain in the country and fight zee Wusshans. Once the war is over, this nose will likely support invasion by unarmed browns and blacks, and if any white attempts to fight that invasion, he’ll be subjected to imprisonment because of waycism.
    So there you have it:- it’s ok to become a multicultural, degenerate sewer, but if the Russians come in….not ok, and worth losing your life over.

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