Lady G Explains How To Get Into Ukraine War

If there is a chemical weapons false flag attack like in Syria, we should “impose a no-fly zone immediately” in Ukraine.

New York Times:

“C.I.A. officers are helping to ensure that crates of weapons are delivered into the hands of vetted Ukrainian military units, according to American officials. But as of now, Mr. Biden and his staff do not see the utility of an expansive covert effort to use the spy agency to ferry in arms as the United States did in Afghanistan against the Soviet Union during the 1980s. They have judged that such a campaign would be an unnecessary provocation, in part because NATO supply lines remain open and there is a functioning government in Kyiv. …”

It has also been confirmed that 1.) the Biden administration sees Ukraine as a lethal cat’s paw which it is using to weaken Russia and 2.) the goal is to turn Ukraine into a giant meat grinder.


  1. There are several motivations I think but if Shlomo controls Ukraine there will be close to a monopoly in global food production by Blackrock etc. 40% or so. Enough to starve out uncooperative peasants anyway.

  2. There is a white helmets theater troupe for that.
    President Emhoff wants some ROI and a final solution to the whitey question.

  3. “The goal is to turn Ukraine into a giant meat grinder.”

    With our southern border open wider than Lady G’s corn chute, it would be easy for Mexican drug cartels, with arms and money from enemies like Russia, China and North Korea, to, (eventually), turn the United States into the same.

  4. These Republican politicos and consultants are insane. Should the narcissistic Dump run in 2024 I shall vote a straight Democrat ticket, simply because nuclear war is a more important issue than $10 p/gal. gasoline or an increasingly asymmetrical legal system that nothing short of extreme violence could change anyway.

    Speaking of insane, I recently spoke with a Dump-supporting evangelical down the street – a fellow boomer who lived through the cold war. The crazy sonofabitch figures a Dump win resulting in nuclear war would be a “win-win” for him and his family. Stereotypically, his statement was accompanied by a far-away look that was intended to suggest that he could see into another world. I wasn’t impressed. People like that deserve to go out with a lot of painful kicking and jerking at the end of a rope rather than quickly, from a blast.

    • All those Tribulation assholes who think Jayzus is going save them at the last minute by transforming them into spirit beings will be the first to find themselves being hanged by angry mobs. GOOD.

      • Fool1970, you have a lot of nerve, coming on this southern website, attacking jesus and those who believe, the Revelation, the unveiling, is not hard for us too accept and believe, the APOCALYPSE, that you and the rest of your kind, are about to experience, will be far worse, than the one, my people went thru 1861-1865, difference is, you people deserve it, we didn’t, I could really imagine you their, ASSHOLE1970 with your faggot voice screaming out, crucify him, crucify him !!! Your stale ass cheap shot’s, are unnecessary, demoralizing and something only assholes such as yourself, pollute this honorable site with, you delude yourself, thinking you are a Occidental Dissent Shot Caller, the host of this site, might feel sorry for your dumbass and let you post your bullshit garbage, I don’t feel sorry for you and your kind period, you will get what you deserve, you crossed a line cattyremarks1970, your one of these hysterical, estrogen drenched, trick bitches……….what doctine? What discipline do you espouse, do you teach, do you speak on, metrosexual smart ass? None! You have nothing too offer except your asshole remarks, your an ill-mannered, rude hyphenate, without jesus, their is no southern army, their is no republic, their is no “CONFEDERACY” so go peddle your poison elsewhere…..

      • not to be trusted1970, jaysus won’t be saving me at the last moment, he saved me when I was a little boy, my grandmother took my hand and led me too the altar, we knelt together, I asked him too save me then and he did, even though I have strayed many times, he hasn’t, right now jesus is telling me not to hate your punkass, so I won’t, I will pray for your bitchass instead….

  5. Just accuse Putin of gassing his own people. No proof/evidence needed! An instant pretext for getting ZOG directly involved in the war, so as to intensify, prolong and expand the conflict.

  6. Should the narcissistic Dump run in 2024 I shall vote a straight Democrat ticket, simply because nuclear war is a more important issue than $10 p/gal. gasoline or an increasingly asymmetrical legal system that nothing short of extreme violence could change anyway.

    I can understand your reaction, but don’t kid yourself into thinking the D-jerseys are somehow against involving the Imperial Rainbow Legion in this regional war. They’re on the same team (Team-Talmud) as Lady G and her house-kneegrow Mr. Tim (who play in the R-jersey squad). This is a fact which has certainly emerged as a result of this – the masks are dropping away like flies in a cloud of bug-spray. The only possible reason to assent (not support) either squad would be if the actions one one would lead to a faster and more complete collapse and implosion of the empire than the other. This is known as ‘accelerationism’ and it’s a very tricky game. Your neighbor is either insane or he’s thinking he and his family would welcome being immolated so as to enter heaven. If they worship the Judeo-Christ (a skinsuit of Satan), they might be in for a rude surprise.

  7. Yet we’re told we have to vote for republicans in midterms, because they’re the so-called “lesser of two evils”. I say just let the democrats have it all and burn this country to the ground and foment civil war. It’s useless trying to reform a hopelessly corrupt system. What many in the WN movement seem to look over is that all of this republican war-mongering only serves globalist, anti-white jewish interests in the end. It’s all connected to white genocide. Bottom line is, don’t support republicans and their war-thirst. Boycott the republican party.

  8. Unfortunately, the American sheep still believe the lies of the regime, especially the left so it won;t be hard to convince the sheep of a false flag.

  9. The Poles were supposed to screw up and get themselves entangled in this mess. They didn’t. And for that we should all be grateful.

    Lindsey looks like he’s aged 10 years in a few weeks.


    • Yes it does look like there are a few in Poland who understand how dangerous this stupidity is. That’s a good thing we should be thankful for. Pity there aren’t more in Ukraine who see the danger, or who their real enemies are.

  10. The Bottom-Bitch is like the evanjewlickal shitheads in that he has an apparent desire for the end of the world. Taking all those nig dicks up his prolapsed cornhole probably ceased to be a thrill years ago, so why not go out like a REAL “flaming” fag, and take all the “breeders” with him?

    • There is no end of the world, till eternity begins, there is the end of the age and the return of jesus, we evangelicals, believe he is coming back, because he said he is coming back, if you have a problem with that, find yourself another army, another country, without jesus, there is no southern army, there is no southern republic, there is no “CONFEDERACY” and there is no point in taking another step forward, for it would only be a step in vain, understand and accept that………keep your anti- believer remarks too yourself, you consider yourself a southern soldier,!? Then, start acting like one…………….

      • I’m under no obligation to continue to believe the ancient bullshit custom designed by kike Saul to cripple the White race’s natural self-defense mechanisms. Been there, done that, woke up to the real world.

        You mint julep-swillin’ poseurs blather that all “real” Southerners absolutely must be Christers, as if a belief in state sovereignty & the America of the Founders is somehow dependent upon it. That would be news to Thomas Jefferson, and the many other Deists/agnostics of his generation.

        So you can keep your unprovable assertions to yourself, Foghorn Leghorn. And if that’s unacceptable, maybe YOU should pack your shit and git ta steppin’.

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