Madeleine Albright, First Woman To Serve As Secretary of State, Has Died

Press S.

Reminder: American foreign policy is based on humanitarianism.


      • LOL, they should hammer a………never mind. Get ready for the over exaggerated sycophantic odes to her wahmen-hood greatness and how much glass ceiling balls she busted, especially the literal ones that were “worth it”.

  1. The she-demon is back with her father satan. She will be well rewarded for her heinous feats of pure talmudic evil.

  2. She has got to get a state funeral. I would be a moral outrage if the Christ killer did not get a state funeral. A moral outrage I tell you.

    • She probably will get a State Funeral, her ugly carcass lying in state in the Capitol. Someone should sprinkle Holy Water on her casket it to see if it bursts into flame or a bolt of lightning strikes it. .

  3. Yes! I think I’ll have a beer. To celebrate …her life. Yeah.

    Hope it was slow and painful.

    Remember when she said to Colin Powell, “What good is this fantastic military you’ve been talking about if you don’t use it once in a while?” or that the Iraqi deaths from sanctions was “Worth the price”?

    • ” Iraqi deaths from sanctions was “Worth the price”?”

      Estimates that over 500,000 iraqi children died from those sanctions.
      Soulless bitch !

  4. Along with George Soros – M Albright worst typifies the international Jew the most in my lifetime.

  5. It’s about time this ghoul died, it’s actually long overdue. If there were a grain of justice in the world she and her hideous boyfriend, Hillary “rhymes with runt” Clinton and the rest of the scumbags in Washington, Brussels and London would have been rounded up, declared guilty of ‘Crimes against Humanity’ and in a touch of irony been prosecuted in the same Nuremburg courtroom they are so fond of citing as precedent for their wars. What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

    There is no justice this side of the Vale for these criminals though.

  6. I remember a song about Margaret Thatcher: “The Witch is Dead.” But I believe everyone regardless of race or ethnicity without exception including Madeleine Albright is/was responsible to repent, and do good instead of evil, and can be/could have been forgiven and saved. Pride keeps the sin going, and anger, which is the food of pride, makes these monsters feel right when they are not right, even “justifies” mass murder.

    • Krusty,

      Albright wouldn’t have been in a position of power to kill 500K+ Iraqi children had not a Southern Anglo Protestant named William Jefferson Clinton.

      Stew on that.

      • November,

        Well written. If I take a real course in the Fall instead of Physical Education and another course then I graduate in December. Then again I may be in school in Mexico instead of Texas. Either way I receive a generous monthly allowance and would pay for your dogs and yourself to be our guest.

        If iI am in Durango in the fall there is a travel advisory for Americans not to come here but you would be under our protection and would have nothing to worry about.

        If the situation gets dangerous my family will move to our houses in Mexico. The possibility of a nuclear war etc. is now possible. Is it not strange that if a major war erupts that Mexico is in a better situation than the USA? Staying away from trouble is usually superior to fighting.

        I think I need to invite daragason also. He wants to dance with me.

        • Re: “will move to our houses in Mexico (…) Mexico is in a better situation than the USA”:

          At least there you will be under a semi-socialist leader, Obrador, who does not support the U.S.’s illegal aggressive war against Russia in Khazarkraine. Mexico also refused to vote with the U.S. against Russia at the United Nations. Yes I know the U.S. has plans to remove Obrador, while making sure that an even more socialist leader does not take his place. Latin America keeps wanting to go “pink,” if not red, so the U.S. must keep it under firm control. When the U.S. was too distracted with the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan is when several Latin American countries slipped out of control, mostly back under control now. Brazil and Ecuador were great success stories. Majority-indigenous Bolivia is a difficult, back-and-forth case. Peru is getting back under control now, despite the appearance of a socialist president he is now a puppet and Fujimori is being let out of prison.

          What would you do if the U.S. ever loses control and Mexico becomes fully socialist, and expropriates the excess private property (such as houses and land) from those who have more than they need, and nationalizes it or distributes it to the Mexican masses who now own little or nothing?

          • The only Obradors that I ever thought well of is the lovely and gorgeous Latina Jacqueline Obradors.

            As far as an (((American intelligence))) conceived ouster of their present president, you know damned well who would replace senor Obrador; the jewess Claudia Sheinbaum who currently heads the Mexico City government.

        • @Cristina,

          That is a fantastically generous offer on your part, but I will not be able to R.S.V.P. to your graduation ceremony, and no doubt massive and incredible party.

          It was very kind to invite my doggies too. My eldest is a senior that is more intelligent than a few of the commenters on OD (hahaha), but she has medical issues that require my daily care, and though there are terrific doggie day care facilities nearby, they could never provide the individual attention that I do. She is the living legend and community favorite, and too precious for me to risk losing in the guardianship of strangers. She is also quite inquisitive, and those infamous scorpions you have spoken of might make her a sting victim for her curiosity.

          Again, thank you so much for the invitation. Perhaps, our paths will cross in the future under different condition and circumstances.

          Btw, in the event of nuclear war, where I reside would be a primary or secondary target of Russian R-36M-2 ICBMs, otherwise known by the NATO designation SS-18 “Satan.”

          • November,

            You are welcome.

            The party festivities would be in December but the ceremony would actually have to wait until May 2023 I was recently told. There would be festivities then as well. I love school but it goes on and on and then afterwards the university for husband hunting. And to study accounting.

            I agree that a good dog seems better than most humans. It is nice that you think so highly of your canine companions.

            Jacqueline Obradors is lovely and well preserved.

            Until later.

          • November,

            This would not be your fate in Mexico under our protection but I found this and I could not resist.

          • November,

            Will or paths cross again? I think not. Of course this thread is on the second page and might not be seen by you.

        • I knew of a right-wing young Nicaraguan “princess,” who briefly went to college in the U.S., who belonged to the Somozan aristocracy and had everything provided, and even had handmaids waiting on her, just prior to the Sandinista revolution. There was rigid class division and extreme inequality in Nicaragua then, as is still the case in much of Latin America. Jesus said do unto others as you would have them do unto you, to serve others and not to be served.

          • All communists go to hell especially if they pretend to be christians. This is really one sick website. No need to reply for I am not coming back to this deranged site.

    • Krafty,

      Did you like all those jews your anglo Southern Baptist Clinton appointed to SCOTUS? Even single appointment to the US Supreme Court of his was a jew or jewess.

      • LOL. You Catholics get all bent out of shape, because one of your own (Albright) was appointed Secretary of State.

        • Krusty,

          How many times have I told you that I was baptized and raised Episcopalian??? If you cannot remember that fact, how are we supposed to entertain anything else you type on your moist with drool keyboard?

          Me thinks you need a thorough battery of cognitive exams from your geriatric physician.

  7. McCain holding the door for the “lady” to arrive in perdition

    Rest in hell you absolute horrigan

  8. Allbright was a war criminal being made out to be some type of saint by the jew media. I’m sure the Serbians and Iraq would disagree. I guess there’s good war criminals and bad war criminals depending what side the US regime is on.

  9. I will throw a huge party when George Soros dies. He hasn’t been brought to justice for his crimes against humanity. Must be that Jewish privilege.

  10. Better late than never. Pity it was’nt long ago, much of the world would have been spared unneeded torment. Now, if the rest it’s cretinous ilk will just die also.

  11. Half a million dead children “worth it” said the psychopath. She may be gone but many more as bad or worse live on in DC.

  12. Good riddance to this hellbound demon. I know her soul is burning in agony at this very moment. I wonder if she still thinks killing all those children was worth it now that she is actually paying for it.

    • Ironicsockaccount, watched the link, part of me, wants too be a smart ass and say something like, she was a boomer, that should make some of you youngsters quite happy, but I will refrain from being a jerk, this is the time to pray, God keep me from, trying too out devil the devil, something like the wickedness, a man see,’s red and wants an eye for an eye, it’s escalating and will get worse………….

  13. So many delightful “Satan has a new tenant” comments I will cancel mine & post this instead:

    Jogging through a wealthy, liberal neighborhood in east Dallas today I noticed the flag half-staff at one rather pretentious mansion. The neighborhood still has a fair number of BLM signs (although down from the insane peak of 2020). (Yeah, Dallas – not as blue as Austin, but pretty close, now about 25% white, many of whom are Woke, like the PMC folks in this neighborhood.) Anyhoo, the last time I noticed a half-staff flag at this house it was Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s payback time.

    So, Comrade P…if you’re interested I can send you all the targeting info you need to give these people what they deserve, but give me two hours notice so I can get to my fallout shelter in the boonies.

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