Why is Ukraine the West’s Fault?

None of this is really a surprise.

If your only source of information about Ukraine is CIA propaganda on television, you would never know this.

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  1. Mearsheimer is one of the best foreign policy analysts out there. He needs to step it up though regarding the Shlomo Question. His career is dead anyway.

  2. It all started under Obama when he and his jew handlers decided to overthrow the duly elected president and put in one of their puppets to keep an eye on the Russians. This is not the 1st time the evil regime has done this. Israel’s enemies are full of puppets except for Iran and Syria.

  3. Putin is not a Machiavellian genius alert to strategic concerns. He’s a sadistically corrupt moron who surrounded himself by yes-men and has been improvising his way through Russian politics and world affairs.

    Additionally, if Realpolitik and great power competition is good for Russia as Mearsheimer claims, it is also good for the USA. We’d be idiots not to bleed out Russia, which has positioned itself as a competitor rather than a friend, after a move this stupid.

    Unlike shitbird Iraqis and Afghans, the Ukrainians have proven themselves to be absolutely badass, especially given their military is outnumbered by Russia 10:1. I’m not going to get enthusiastic since this all helps the GAE, but let’s give respect where it is due.

    The populist right should now emphasize the long term implications of China as a dominant power; the war proves that social cohesion, economic nationalism etc. are vitally important. If we do our job, then free trade, universities open to our enemies, open borders/mass migration etc will be identified as security threats in the public imagination. Rationalizing Putin’s dumbassery as somehow our fault is self-marginalizing and only strengthens the neoconservative comeback.

    • -we

      Who’s “we?” Are you Jewish, Hispanix, or Black? Are you a billionaire? Do you chug dick? Or did you cut yours off? If none of the above, then using “we” when talking about the American empire is foolish. America is not yours and does not represent you or your interests in any way. The American empire is 100% to blame for this. We (White American plebs) are not. But we may be viewed that way if idiots like you continue trying to set us up as if we are co-conspirators of those in the Jewish/White elite crazy train as it goes off the rails.

      “the Ukrainians have proven themselves to be absolutely badass”
      Yeah, torturing their women and children, using civilians as shields, killing their own people so Western media can make atrocity propaganda of their corpses. Very badass lol.

      “The populist right should now emphasize the long term implications of China as a dominant power”
      The long term implications are that the USA and Europe will be disempowered, White elites will (hopefully) be given the Cambodian treatment and turned into those large piles of skulls like you see in Pol Pot documentaries, and the world will be a better place.

      “free trade, universities open to our enemies, open borders/mass migration etc will be identified as security threats in the public imagination”
      The public imagination means less than nothing. It has zero impact on any policy. White elites have taken the exact opposite lesson, doubling down on their beliefs, and that is what will shape policy programs.

  4. No, the (((west))) puppet because the oligarchs want back in to “backwater” Russia.
    WWIII and nuclear barbecue are features and not bugs.

  5. Of course, only a Jew can be an authority on this! When will our advocates ever learn, authority comes from the truth and its demonstration, it doesn’t come from being a highly publicized Jew! (a Jew who is not telling the whole truth)

  6. Douglas MacArthur got fired for not taking Chinese ultimatums not to advance up to the border with China seriously. The war for all practical purposes was over in late 1950 when the north was routed. Sure it was a fake nasty regime created by a bad treaty with the Russians that would have been nice to get rid of. But it wasn’t so simple, controlling the whole peninsula meant war with China. By not taking Chinese threats seriously and being wholly unprepared for their inevitable intervention MacArthur can be blamed for the meat grinder that war became and was fired by Truman for his miscalculation. Biden’s handlers handled Ukraine the same way, they were warned Russia would not allow Ukraine to enter Nato and become a western military colony. These handlers of Biden completely ignored this and refused any compromise and we now see the result. Will Biden wake up from his senility and fire his advisors? The ones who got us into the war, into inflation, into “green energy” quackery?

    • Truman was certainly on a first name basis with Mao’s (((backers))). They were mostly from FDR’s cabinet.

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