Hillary Clinton: Madeleine Albright Warned Us

Yeah, she warned us.

New York Times:

“Madeleine’s death is also a great loss for our country and for the cause of democracy at a time when it is under serious and sustained threat around the world and here at home. Now more than ever we could use Madeleine’s vital voice, her cleareyed view of a dangerous world and her unstinting faith in both the unique power of the American idea and the universal appeal of freedom and democracy. We can honor her memory by heeding her wisdom. …

They make it harder for the United States and our allies to champion human rights and the rule of law. In her searing 2018 book, “Fascism: A Warning,” Madeleine described Mr. Trump as the first U.S. president in the modern era “whose statements and actions are so at odds with democratic ideals.” She observed that his assault on democratic norms and institutions was “catnip” for autocrats like Mr. Putin. After the insurrection on Jan. 6, 2021, and Mr. Trump’s efforts to overturn a free and fair election, Madeleine imagined Abraham Lincoln weeping. “My family came to America after fleeing a coup, so I know that freedom is fragile,” she wrote. “But I never thought I would see such an assault on democracy be cheered on from the Oval Office.” With the Republican Party recently declaring the insurrection and events that led to it to be “legitimate political discourse,” and some of the party’s most powerful media allies pushing Kremlin talking points on Fox News and elsewhere, it’s clear that the threat to our democracy that so alarmed Madeleine remains an urgent crisis.”

She is currently burning in hell.

When is Hillary Clinton turning herself in?


  1. You could split screen the photograph or the elderly terrorist and wear criminal Albru with Victoria Nuland and they are basically the same person in physiognomy and heinous foreign policy advocations.

    Nuland is on a trajectory to be Secretary of State under some future USA-ZOG administration, and that lying bloodthirsty jewess saw how Albright has been praise, so she will exercise no restraint in doing international jewry’s bidding no matter the cost or blowback on the goyim.

  2. linkImagine being a Russian, or a Chinese person, you look at who the so called West sanctifies in their media as a “trailblazer for democracy and freedom”, and it’s some genocidal maniac who goes on prime time TV and justifies murdering 500,000 children. …

  3. The great William L. Pierce called Madeleine Albright “Clinton’s horrid little Jewess”. It was a perfect description.

  4. Khaddaffi made Libya into the highest standard of living nation on the continent of Africa. He built homes, schools, and hospitals. The US went in and destablized their nation.

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