Patrick Lancaster: War Crimes In Mariupol Exposed

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Patrick Lancaster is an independent crowdfunded journalist who has been covering the Ukraine-Russia war in Donbas and the Armenia-Azerbaijan war for years. He isn’t one of these “journalists” who the corporate media sent over a month ago when suddenly caring about dead civilians in Ukraine and virtue signaling about your “moral clarity” on the situation in Ukraine became the Current Thing.


    • “Neon-Natzees”

      I’ve seen pro Russia online trolls say they are going to denazify America, after they have finished denazifying Ukraine. Conservative Russia, making the world safe for liberal anti-racism! Contards never change.

  1. Typical communist behaviour . Known since 1917 and coming near you.

    Next big news will be from who those millions of Ukraine civilians really escaping. Ukro workforce has hit hard entire entire Eastern Europe for years because ukros are ready to work for food to get out and escape from evil regime.

  2. It’s just a matter of time before jewtube take down the videos. Truth is not allowed, only govt leftist media propaganda.

  3. Well thank Jehovah that all the Jews (including Zelenski) have been safely evacuated.

      • They’re self-chosen, and have NO connection to either YHWH, or His Son, Jesus Christ.

        They are accursed, outside of the covenant, and damned. The Church is God’s Israel, now.
        Has been for 2000 years. Stop the talmudic propaganda, PILATE.

  4. “and the Armenia-Azerbaijan war”:

    It is an Israeli and U.S. (Anglo-Zionist Empire) war against Russia using Azerbaijan as willing proxy. The U.S. and Israel have prodded Azerbaijan to attack Armenia again at this time, to open a new front against Russia, to “stretch Russia thin.”

    Israel and the U.S. are also revving up their war crimes activities in Syria now, to give Russia no rest. Turkey is also involved, helping the U.S. and Israel to attack Russia in both Syria and the Caucasus. The relentless onslaught of the Anglo-Zionist Empire is an existential struggle for the soul of Russia. I can think of an excellent relevant Joseph Stalin quotation….

  5. War is hell, as they say.

    Listen to the translated comments of the ‘refugees’ carefully — they underscore the fact that many of these people will never return to Ukraine, in the same way very few Syrians will ever voluntarily return to Syria, despite the fact it is largely safe there now — the asylum system just does not work that way: it is a one-way ticket to a new, subsidized life in a nice white country, and the nice white people there will not force you to go back (in Europe, only Denmark, a country with a very small population, has talked openly about revoking the ‘refugee’ status and residence permits of Syrians as the first step in forcing them to return).

    >Bookmark this channel.

    No thanks, I’ve seen a couple of his videos already, and if I wanted to hear about ‘war crimes’ I would just watch any mainstream channel — he could have gone to eastern Ukraine almost anytime since 2014 and reported on similar things that the Ukrainians were doing to Russian speakers in the self-declared autonomous regions there — but the West wasn’t interested in that problem, nor in pushing their proxy governments in Ukraine to solve it, so Putin, after waiting 8 years, decided to solve it himself.


    Scoop: Manchin outlines BBB deal requirements

    Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) told a group of climate activists and energy executives he’s open to supporting revised Build Back Better legislation narrowly addressing three issues: climate change, prescription drug prices and deficit reduction.

    So after decades of wasteful deficit spending, which has benefited America and Americans very little, if at all, and saddled them with so much debt that later this decade interest payments on that debt will surpass ‘defense’ spending to become the second largest budget item, ‘president Joe Manchin’ recommends: more taxes, subsidizing prescription drugs for Americans who are already the most over-medicated population on the planet, and yet more spending and government coercion ostensibly to slow ‘climate change’.

  6. I noted, in the second video, where a woman relates that the ethnic Russian majority sometimes had to pay a fine if caught speaking Russian instead of Ukrainian in public.

      • Not so. In certain situations such as government venues, dealing with public officials, it is required to speak and write the Galician dialect instead of Russian. Beyond that, there probably are, as you suggest or suspect, cases of officials or militia members threatening, punishing or even exacting payments for speaking Russian on the street, in stores, and other places where it is not illegal to speak Russian. I wouldn’t have posted the comment if it were not a documented fact.

  7. That would be analogous to U.S. citizens having to pay a fine for being caught speaking English instead of Spanish in public. The majority who were not Ukrainian were being forced to act Ukrainian to become Ukrainian, a kind of genocide really.

    • “U.S. citizens having to pay a fine for being caught speaking English”

      We’re almost there,
      “Seeking full time applicant……..must be bilingual”

    • Nowhere near as bad as actual genetic genocide, which is what is being enacted on the White folk of the zombie West.

  8. Russian radio pranksters who go by the name of ‘Vovan & Lexus’, have often tricked global politicians into talking with them … and they have just successfully pranked the UK Defence Minister

    The pranksters claimed to be Zelensky’s also-Jewish Prime Minister of Ukraine, Denys Shmyhal, and they got the British Defence Minister to talk on video for more than 16 minutes to them LOL

    Aside from Western leaders being idiots, you also see how war-eager the Anglo-Nato governments are

    Some short clips are on YTube from India’s WION news service – WION now being often used as a more ‘neutral’ war coverage source – and the full released vid is at the 2nd link below, the 1st link is a meme summarising take-aways from what the Brit minister said whilst he thought he was talking to the Ukie PM

    NLAWs are ‘Next-generation Light Anti-tank Weapons’

      • Yes, that’s them. They’ve also done Lindsey Graham, they told Graham they were the Defence Minister of Turkey. And lots of others, including Nikki Haley, Justin Trudeau, Maxine Waters, and they’ve done Ukraine’s Zelensky himself in the past.

  9. Unintended effects,

    The west has provided the Ukrainians with anti-tank weapons and such, so that russians withdraw and resort to standoff weapons, missiles and long range artillery. As a consequence, civilians will die due to the inaccuracy of such weapons.

    Or, more sinisterly, the west supplied such weapons knowing full well that it would increase civilian deaths, to be used as justification to further escalate the war, using the media driven pretext of ” those evil russians are killing civilians “.

    • Mariupol is in what is considered the Russian sphere of influence in Ukraine and 2/3 of its residents speak Russian yet the Russian military razed Mariupol to the ground and no tactical or strategic advantage was gained. Destroying it was next-level stupidity.


    This country is NOT the world’s most perfect country the brain-washed Yankee Doodles believe and demand others to believe that it is. No!!! Not by a long shot. Now we ARE in a class of our own for sure but not for something good. We are the only nation to use nukes in warfare and those nukes killed thousands of civilians. But the kids in the Yankee schools are probably never taught this. We are the number one nuclear mass murderer of the world at this present time. Ironically, the Yankee Doodles try to lecture the world about how to treat civilians in warfare but they themselves will never admit that they don’t have a very good record by dropping nukes on civilians. But this is just the systematic Yankee hypocrisy that this existed in this country over a century and a half now.

    Russian ambassador suggests Japan address use of nukes warnings to US

    Mikhail Galuzin recalled that Washington “was inclined towards reckless nuclear adventures”, citing as an example the use of depleted uranium during the bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999

    TOKYO, March 28. /TASS/. Russia’s Ambassador to Japan Mikhail Galuzin believes that Tokyo should address calls of the inadmissibility of the use of nuclear weapons to Washington.

    “In the presence of the US ambassador, Japan is discussing the inadmissibility of the use of nuclear weapons in Hiroshima attempting to implicate Russia artificially and without reasons,” the statement by the Russian envoy reads released on his Telegram channel on Monday. “Such a call would be a lot more logical if it was addressed to the head of the US diplomatic mission directly.”

    The Russian ambassador to Japan recalled that Washington “was inclined towards reckless nuclear adventures”, citing as an example the use of depleted uranium during the bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999. Galuzin also noted that the American diplomat “did not find it necessary to apologize to the people of Japan for the worst war crime by his country on August 6, 1945, which claimed the lives of tens of thousands of civilians in Hiroshima.”

    The US Armed Forces carried out the first-ever atomic bombing in history, striking the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki towards the tail end of World War II. On August 6, 1945, the US Air Force’s Enola Gay B-29 Superfortress dropped a nuclear bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima, exploding with the energy equivalent of between 13,000 and 18,000 tonnes of TNT. Three days later, the US also bombed Nagasaki. In total, between 90,000 and 166,000 people died in Hiroshima and between 60,000 and 80,000 in Nagasaki. The bombings were justified as a way to accelerate the capitulation of the Empire of Japan. These attacks are the sole instance of nuclear weapons ever being used in a military conflict in the history of humanity. The US still rejects shouldering any moral responsibility for the attacks by claiming that the bombings were a military necessity.

    When is the so-called USA going to finally be ruined by all the sanctions placed on it for nuking Japan? What sanctions? What nukes? That’s the Yankee way…

    I’m a Yankee Doodle dandy
    A Yankee Doodle, do or die
    A real live nephew of my Uncle Sam
    Born on the Fourth of July…

    • Regarding Japan: President Biden is going there next. The U.S. has been pushing Japan to demand the southern Kuril islands from Russia (Russia is holding a military exercise in the Kurils in response) and also to “freeze” (steal) the $33 billion in Russian assets held in Japanese banks. Japan is still resisting the latter demand, because stealing money (or at least stealing it publicly) is considered by Asians to be one of the lowest, worst sins anyone could commit, ruining a personal reputation (you become a “yakuza”) or national reputation with a permanent stain. However Japan is still a puppet, can’t resist obeying the order for too long.

    • 5 OCT 2018, 00:59
      NATO use of depleted uranium in bombing Yugoslavia was ecocide on planetary scale — expert

      The Serbian expert compared the use of depleted uranium in Yugoslavia to the 1945 nuclear attack on Japan

      BELGRADE, October 5. /TASS/. The use of munitions containing depleted uranium during NATO’s 1999 bombing of Yugolavia was an “ecocide on a planetary scale,” a prominent Serbian expert on environmental issues, Prof. Velimir Nedeljkovic, has said.

      “Almost 20 years have passed since 1999, and we have only started fighting for the truth,” the expert said during the presentation of the “Uranium-238. My story” documentary in Belgrade. “Back in 2000, it was already clear to me that it was not just an environmental disaster, but an ecocide not even of a regional, but of a planetary scale.”

      “The bombings were carried out absolutely deliberately, and pursued certain goals. Kosovo is a geographical phenomenon, as rivers originating in this region flow into three seas – the Aegean, the Black and the Adriatic seas. Therefore, NATO used depleted uranium to bomb a small region, but managed to contaminate three seas. Those seas are connected to oceans, so it is evident that the pollution was of a planetary scale,” the expert went on.

      Nedeljkovic compared the use of depleted uranium in Yugoslavia to the 1945 nuclear attack on Japan.

      “It was clear that the war is over, that even one bomb is redundant, let alone two. However, those bombs were dropped for the sake of an in vivo experiment. It is clear why depleted uranium munitions were used in Kosovo – it was also an in vivo experiment to see how a vast region can be contaminated through a river system,” he said.

      The “Uranium-238. My story” documentary tells about NATO bombings and the radioactive pollution of Serbia’s southern regions and the territory of Kosovo and Metohija which were considered environmentally pristine prior to the attack. Experts in radioactive contamination and retired servicemen, who appear in the documentary, say that about 15 tonnes of depleted uranium were dropped on Serbia during the three months of the NATO aggression. After that, Serbia has seen the highest rate of malicious tumors in Europe, with more than 30,000 people diagnosed with cancer in the first 10 years since the bombing. Between 10,000 and 18,000 of them died.

      The documentary was filmed with the support of Serbian lawyer Srdjan Aleksic, whose native village in southern Serbia was bombed during the NATO aggression. As a result, the region’s environment was contaminated with depleted uranium. Aleksic’s mother, just like dozens of his fellow villages, friends and relatives, died of cancer several years after the bombing, his father was also diagnosed with a malicious tumor.

      The lawyer is set to sue NATO for the bombings and hopes that his film and work will prevent the use of depleted uranium munitions in the future.

      “It is important that Serbia has managed to break the ‘uranium silence,’ and this issue is not a taboo anymore,” said Serbia’s ex-foreign minister Zivadin Jovanovic, who is also a chairman of the Belgrade Forum public organization, which investigates the impact of the 1999 NATO bombings.

      According to prominent Serbian scientist Ljubisav Rakic, the amount of depleted uranium dropped in the Balkan states during the NATO aggression would be enough to create 170 nuclear bombs, similar to those dropped on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945.

      The health effects of exposure to depleted uranium include thyroid disorders, malicious tumors and various fetal disorders.

      NATO bombings
      The bombing of Yugoslavia, officially codenamed by NATO Operation Allied Force, was the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation’s (NATO) military operation against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY) during the Kosovo War. It began on March 24, 1999 and ended on June 10, 1999. According to NATO, its pilots carried out 38,000 sorties during the 78-day operation, 10,000 of them with the purpose of air strikes.

      According to military experts, about 3,000 cruise missiles were launched and 80,000 tonnes of various bombs were dropped, including cluster munitions and depleted uranium rounds. Petrochemical facilities and refineries were bombed, polluting the country’s rivers with toxic chemicals. Serbia estimates that between 3,500 and 4,000 people were killed and some 10,000 injured in those strikes, two thirds of them civilians. Serbia’s damage is estimated at up to $100 billion.

  11. In the Caucasus yesterday, Russian forces stood between the Azerbaijanis and the Armenians, and stopped the advance of the Azeris, preventing a new war for the moment. The Azeris are taunting Russia now, egged on and loaded down with the latest weaponry and military training by Israel and the U.S.

    China said yesterday that the U.S. wants to “bleed Russia to death,” and make it collapse like the USSR. If Russia collapses, China is the next dish on the menu.

    Hyper-capitalist IRELAND under heavy Talmudic influence is moving toward joining NATO now, and re-militarizing, and actively supporting the U.S.’s hybrid war against Russia! But the five renegade Irish Socialists – 5 of the 160 members of the lower house of parliament – have introduced a bill to amend the constitution to make Ireland neutral and stop it from joining NATO. The chance of the bill passing is nil!

    Another front against Russia is being opened in the Balkans, where Russia’s Slavic brother Orthodox Serbs are being threatened through Kosovo by the U.S.’s most loyal NATO puppet, Albania. See:

  12. Also with U.S. encouragement, Poland wants Russia to “give back” the Kaliningrad region. The governor of Kaliningrad responded that the region was originally part of Germany (East Prussia) not Poland, and that “a large part of what is now Poland was in fact taken from Germany” after WW2. The defeated Germans were driven out of their land, and Poles moved in. Poland also took most of German East Prussia and wants the rest of it, with U.S. encouragement. The U.S. thinks it can continue to rearrange the borders of European countries.

    The U.S.’s Albanian thugs who run Kosovo threaten to attack Serbian people wherever they live, like a second Khazarkraine in the Balkans. I think I will call them “the Khazar-Banians.”

    President Biden will visit Japan in a few weeks to try to stir up a Japanese war with Russia over a few small mostly uninhabited islands, the southern Kuril islands, that once belonged to Japan. Russia is staging a military exercise on the islands to demonstrate its sovereignty.

    The U.S. Admiral in charge of operations in the Pacific flew provocatively close to the coast of China, claiming that the Chinese are showing “a boldness in the past year.” The Solomon Islands that snubbed the U.S. by becoming friendly to China is being threatened with regime change by a proxy army after a coup failed, or an invasion by the U.S.’s most loyal “Five Eyes” satellite, Australia.

    More NATO members are lining up to obey the U.S. plan for NATO troops to enter “Ukraine.” Denmark committed itself this week. Capitalist Denmark shows up for most of the Empire’s wars. So-called neutral and so-called socialist but really hyper-capitalist Sweden would like to join NATO and is in full support of the war against Russia. Ditto for Finland. NATO Norway hosts U.S. troops encamped on the border of Russia. Israel is attacking Syria more and more while it coyly plays “neutral” on Russia and Khazarkraine, as World War Three is shaping up all around.

  13. The idea of war crimes, just like the idea of human rights, is now just a tool of American imperialism. As the leader of the “free world,” the USA acts as judge of what is and what is not a war crime, so it is always asymmetrically applied in favor of America and its puppets. USA and its puppets will commit endless numbers of war crimes, from indiscriminate murder of civilians to human trafficking and torture. On the other hand, if America’s enemies do anything they will be accused of war crimes. Even if they don’t do anything, the USA will stage war crimes to accuse their enemies of, like the fake Assad gas attacks.

    This is simply the American anarcho-tyranny method applied internationally. Same exact techniques that the FBI uses against domestic enemies of the regime. Selective prosecution, staged false flags (the Gretchen Whitmer fake kidnapping plot being staged by feds, a recent example).

    • “The idea of war crimes, just like the idea of human rights, is now just a tool of American imperialism”:

      There is discussion of a new international court being set up in Crimea, independent of U.S. control, to examine, try and sentence all the captured criminals, and many others in absentia.

    • This was all established by the Nuremburg trials, which upset all previous Western tradition. Quite interesting that an enemy could be convicted of actions which the winning side also did. “War Crimes” can only be committed by opponents of the American Empire.

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