Jon Leibowitz: The Problem With White People

Are you willing to fight Russia in World War III for the political establishment?

Let me think about it. That’s an easy one. No, I would much rather fight these people who are the real enemy. They are the problem, not Russia or China. They are our adversary.


  1. The problem with Jews. Throughout history Jews have always subverted and perverted everything they touch. They claim to be “ God’s Chosen people” but yet they’re often behind every unGodly act. Is it any wonder why throughout the ages they have been regarding as a race of pests?

    • ” they have been regarding as a race of pests”

      Pests ???

      How about mass murders.
      Who opened the gates of the impregnable great cities of Iberia, cadiz, Cordoba, Toledo etc. Allowing the moslems to enter and slaughter the gothic peoples?
      Who drove millions to starvation, by unscrupulous grain deals all across Europe.

    • @Michael Weaver—-there are two ways to get people to do what you want, the first is by force the second is by convincing people they should do what you want. The Jews created a religion to convince the world the Jews should lead and rule over human kind. Unfortunately God the creator of all life did not give the Jews the necessary qualities to lead and rule over human kind, but he did give them his only son to show them the way to get what they want…… and the Jews killed.

      Do you see the Jews can never ever have what they want because it is Gods intended purpose. God did not make them as rules. God did not give them the necessities needed, he only gave them the desire. And the Jews are doomed without Christ.

      • Obviously your god gave them some power to control everything in our lives. They must feel like gods. They don’t seem so doomed. You can bet they will just get into heaven, every single one of them.

        • @Pilot—- How can a deceitful, selfish malicious, inhuman people lead and ruler over human kind? That is the question I need answered there professor. Take a stab at it kyke. The infestation persists.

  2. it’s interesting how Hunter went from ‘jews are only one of several problems’ all the way to ‘jews are THE problem’ in only a few years.

    good for him. some people never learn this ever. like Jared Taylor.

  3. White people’s problem is that we are too tolerant of people like Jon Leibowitz.

    • @KT-88, Yes; we are way too tolerant of every species of homo sapiens, and that is exactly the problem in a nutshell.

  4. … and how do we do this? At this stage direct military action on our part is off the table. One step to take – individually and collectively – is to start unplugging from the financial networks they control. Get rid of your television, esp. subscriptions to Disney and the like. This money all goes to keep them in power. Get the hell off Faceberg, Twatter and all other platforms owned by (((them))). Build your own platforms. Start shopping for local non kosher foods. Pull any kids from public schul – all of which are under (((their))) control. Oh, and DO NOT BORROW MONEY from them. ALL banks are controlled by the (((Federal Reserve))). If enough whites did these simple things, their evil system would collapse under its own weight of contradictions, wickedness and corruption. We need to concentrate on putting banana-peels under its feet. One step at a time, and in a few years you’ll be much less directly under their thumb.

      • @ ps_mike

        Thanks for the links.

        HW, would you consider putting on a clickable button to a video links page that you could post a list of video channels like , adam green, scott roberts, redicetv etc.?

        • My pleasure. I appreciate HW letting me post some links. What someone allows on a blogroll might require a personal relationship that may not be there yet. I’m glad you you appreciated the links, Arrian.

        • @Arrian Just go to Bitchute and search for Scott Roberts to find his channel. Same with Adam Green, but with him, search for KnowMoreNews. Both are great independents with talk on facts.

      • Mike,

        Roberts is consistent with his attack on jews, Gage on the other hand changes his stance according to what’s popular. He brags he has jewish and blacks friends since he left the WN movement on some of his YT videos. I can’t see his GAB page because he has me blocked.

        • Gage has been all over the map, that’s for sure. I don’t think delineating good and bad behavior in any race is a sellout, which is what I feel Gage aims to do. I think he is on the right track now. I’m sorry you are blocked from his gab.

  5. Don’t worry folks, Abraham Lincoln, will save the day…

    “…I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black races, [applause]-that I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I AS MUCH AS ANY OTHER MAN AM IN FAVOR OF HAVING THE SUPERIOR POSITION ASSIGNED TO THE WHITE RACE…”
    — Abraham Lincoln, 4th Lincoln-Douglas debate, Charleston, Illinois, 9/18/1858.

    And Abraham Lincoln is the greatest Yankee the North has ever produced so Lincoln can’t ever be “retired” as Uncle Ben, Aunt Jemima, etc have been…

    Secede now!

    May God Save the South!

    • There was no need for violence after the Rebel states seceeded. Some kind of diplomatic solution/compromise could have been found. Maybe even Otto von Bismarck could have been called in to help. Abbie Lincoln wanted that war but he wanted to make sure the Rebels were provoked into firing the first shot.

      • Splitting the United States at the same time the Rothschild-French army (with Rothschild-British backing) invaded Mexico would have seriously weakened USA, making both sections ripe for Rothschild-British takeover. Lincoln had to borrow heavily from (((City of London))) to force union upon secessionist states. He started to pay them back in United States notes and they likely had him whacked for this. In wake of war, (((City of London))) was repaid in specie, creating the panic of 1873 in USA, relieved by discovery of Comstock Silver Lode in Nevada. 1880s saw mass migration of (((them))) to east coast and gradually more control of Wall Street, with establishment of Jew-owned banks. After several “panics” in 1890s and early 1900s more potential opponents eliminated. By 1913 the conquest was complete: Federal Reserve Act, Income Tax and popular election of Senate – just in time to fund Great War and invest heavily in Britain, France and Germany. After great slaughter of whites (celebrated by Jews), Russian, Austrian, German empires destroyed. All now controlled by Jew empire, still HQ in London in 1920, soon to move to NYC (in time for WW II).

      • An independent South was an economic threat to the North and the Yankees knew it. It would be like an “economic NATO” on steroids is now on your southern border making all the profits that you used to make and your booming industry will start cutting back when the source of cheap raw materials and people once forced to buy your inferior manufactured goods are gone and there is no longer a region of the country to pay 85% of the taxes of which 75% of the tax money was being spent up in your region. Lincoln was a lawyer who frequently represented the railroad in cases and who had charged the highest attorney fee to date for one case ($5,000). He was intelligent, shrewd, calculating and he knew the North’s days were numbered and the Yankee Empire had to win or else their economy would be ruined.

        Southerners seceded to govern themselves. They expected to live in peace, but Lincoln could not allow that and the reason was 100% economic.

        If it wasn’t, Northerners like The Chicago Times would not have said things like:

        In one single blow our foreign commerce must be reduced to less than one-half what it now is. Our coastwise trade would pass into other hands. One-half of our shipping would lie idle at our wharves. We should lose our trade with the South, with all its immense profits. Our manufactories would be in utter ruins. Let the South adopt the free-trade system, or that of a tariff for revenue, and these results would likely follow. If protection be wholly withdrawn from our labor, it could not compete, with all the prejudices against it, with the labor of Europe. We should be driven from the market, and millions of our people would be compelled to go out of employment

        The Northern economy was largely based on manufacturing for the South and shipping Southern cotton…

        Without the South, the North was dead economically.

        Without the North, the South, with 100% control of King Cotton, would ascend to dominance in North America, and Lincoln knew it.

        Southerners were already paying 85% of the taxes yet 75% of the tax money was being spent in the North. Secession meant turning all that money inward, back on the South.

        Southerners wanted desperately to manufacture for themselves to get out from under the North’s inferior goods that were greatly overpriced because of tariffs. In the meantime Southerners could buy from Europe at much lower prices than they had been paying.

        The Morrill Tariff, passed by greedy, economically ignorant Northerners in the U.S. Congress after the Cotton States seceded, raised the rate for entry into the North to as high as 60%, as compared to the South’s low 10% tariff for the operation of a small federal government in a States Rights nation. This threatened to shift the entire Northern shipping industry into the South overnight as Northern ship captains beat a path to the South where free trade reigned and protective tariffs were unconstitutional.

        The loss to the North of their captive Southern manufacturing market, together with the damage to their shipping industry by the Morrill Tariff, was a one-two punch they would not be able to recover from. That’s before even considering the loss of the 85% of tax revenue the South had been paying…

        With everything Southerners had to gain economically by independence, it is absurd to say they seceded to protect slavery.
        — Kizer, Jr.,Gene, “Robert E. Lee and Me”, Abbeville Institute, 04/06/2021

        If the South were to try secede today I imagine the Left which includes many Republicans would still come up with some reason to demonize the South as they did with the issue of slavery 160 years ago instead of treating them like the decadent West’s new underdog darling — Ukraine.

        “It was necessary to put the South at a moral disadvantage by transforming the contest from a war waged against states fighting for their independence into a war waged against states fighting for the maintenance and extension of slavery…and the world, it might be hoped, would see it as a moral war, not a political; and the sympathy of nations would begin to run for the North, not for the South.”
        — President Woodrow Wilson, “A History of The American People”, page 231

        Secede now!

        May God Save the South!

        *** Remember to honor John Wilkes Booth this month on the anniversary of his slaying of the Yankee Empire’s worst tyrant and the South’s greatest enemy — Abraham Lincoln.

        (Remember Miss Lindsey Graham one of those who actually caused this current conflict in Ukraine called for someone to assassinate Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. So this publicly calling for murdering heads of state must be kosher now.)

      • First shot fired from Fort Johnson by some hothead, should have never led to a war that killed hundreds of thousands of Americans on either side. Had Lincoln allowed the South to secede peacefully, they could have each dealt with issues like tariffs, taxes, slavery, on their own.

        Everyone is taught that the “War Between the States” was fought over slavery, which is wrong. Slavery was on its way out. The cotton gin was already patented in 1793, so a machine was going to be preferable over having slaves. The whole slavery thing is used to demonize the South. “History” doesn’t want to acknowledge that they wanted their rights and fair trade…

  6. Nothing bothers me any more than rich assholes like this wanting to lecture people who have a fraction of their privilege about selfishness. If he is so concerned with suffering humanity, then sell the mansion, give most of the money away to the Salvation Army, keep enough to live on, and go work at the mission or homeless shelter five days a week.

    He doesn’t want to do this, instead he wants to lay a guilt trip on white people, many of whom have to break their back working just to have food or keep a roof over their heads.

    These spoiled brat morons are so full of shit I’m surprised they don’t pop.

  7. The problem with whites is the same as the problem with the Russians, the Chinese, the Muslims and every other kind of person who wants to live their lives as they see fit without some obnoxious, morally deficient Christ killer telling them what to do. Maybe the Jews should go live with the Irish over in Ireland, the Irish like obeying the Jews, as for the rest of just, no dice.

    • Mr Browning,
      You do realize the Irish, Scots and Welsh have a similar heritage, right? They are called the Celts. They originate in central Europe and are now mainly found in those countries, but also Brittany in France, Portugal, northern Spain and throughout the Anglosphere. The Irish do NOT have a standalone ancestry.
      Have you checked Bidens ancestral history? Irish, English and French. Trump, who achieved virtually nothing for us:- Scottish and German. Bush and Clinton:- mainly British.
      I get your sentiment, but need to question your targets.

      • @Goose—-where are the Welsh Catholic priests getting it on with kids and having gang bangs?? Where TF are they Goose?

        The Irish have betrayed Christ. The Irish prey on the weak and the innocent and the Irish have sidled and cozied up to the eternal enemies of Christ, the Jews. And the Irish are going to hell as sure as the sun is going to come up tomorrow.
        Conscious choices have been made, the Irish desire money and power and have receive it from the Jews, in exchange for their ever lasting souls. Nothing you can do for them Goose, their fate is in Gods hands now. Let all see and hear what I have to say and let them judge my words as truth or not. That Karen Dunn is really something ain’t she? And that Cardinal McCarrick ….well he is something too.

        • @Mr Browning,
          Do a search on Jimmy Savile, Richard Huckle, Jimmy Page or any other number of famous rock stars from the era……….some were diddling babies! Page was doing a 13 year old when he was in his late 20’s. How about all these dirty old single men who travel to South East Asia as tourists, teachers or religious leaders…….many are British. Catholic priests, whilst revolting, don’t have a monopoly on that behaviour.
          The Jews are scum, yes, but normal Irish in everyday jobs play no role in the political arena. As always, it’s those at the top. They’re not most Irish. They’re the exception.

          • @Goose—That filth you speak of did not pledge loyalty to Christ and and then betray him. I am not talking of kid sex I am talking of treachery towards Christ. And the Irish have a treacherous heart. They betray Christ at every turn, whilst claiming to be Christian.

      • @Banned For Life—–Is Greg Johnson Irish? He went to Catholic University just like Cardinal McCarrick. He is a homo just like Cardinal McCarrick. And Greg Johnson has a degree in Philosophy a necessary prerequisite to become a Catholic priest. Greg Johnson used the pen names Lynch & Meeghan.

        Is Greg Johnson an Irish queers who want to become a Catholic priest so he fuck young boys? Just like Uncle Ted, just like Terrence Cooke and just like Cardinal Spellman? Well Mick?

  8. Jon Liebovitz is just another uncouth, unfunny, grubby-looking little yid. The biggest tragedy of our time is that they weren’t holocaust’d.

  9. Speaking of the (((Federal Reserve))), I understand Grand-Paw Sniffy (Joey Shitpants) hath appointed a woke negress to serve on the board of this private banking cartel. Excellent. The Washington Generals (con-servitors) are already whining because her incompetence will potentially damage that particular usury racket. If I were in congress, my vote would be “present” (Housenigga Hussein often voted this way when in the IL legislature) signifying no opposition to the nomination without endorsing it. In fact I hope they appoint an entire board of illiterate negroes to govern the Fed. They could promise to serve buckets of fried chicken, kegs of malt-liquor and cartons of menthol cigarettes for the meetings. It would be like a scene from the legislature of a southern state under reconstruction, complete with chicken bones on the floor. As the mobs in Fergudishu shouted: Burn the bitch down!

  10. Yes Y pepo are so terrible that the southern border is being violated daily by people who want to come over to be near us. I don’t ever see them running the other way.
    When these eternal ‘victims’ are having issues in their OWN nations……….’we must get out of here, it’s terrible’.
    When they have phony, non existent issues in the West………’lets become activists, get policies changed and make the whites listen’.
    Do you kind of get the idea as to why I have no time for these people?
    The hide of negroes in the West to bitch endlessly as if they’d be any better off in Africa, is shocking. And hey, I don’t hate all blacks. Candace Owens and Jessie Lee Peterson are great, commonsense people, but seem to be the exception.

    • That old shine Jesse Lee and the uppity Miss Candace are just shuckin’ and jivin’ gullible white folks like you.

    • I don’t hate them all, either. But a Candace Owens or Thomas Sowell most likely do not happen in an all black society.

      • They will always side with their own kind. Even watered down Negroes that have white blood NEVER go on about how their white blood makes them smarter, better, etc. They identify and side with the black part.

  11. I am so happy that Jewish agitation is number 1 on the agenda. I’ve been screaming this for almost 10 years. We would never have the problems between the races we have now without jewish agitation. It is disgusting that we helped liberate them during WWII and get this kind of treatment in return.

  12. The problem with White people is that they have allowed Jewish parasites like Jon Liebowitz to infest their lands for thousands of years, while elevating them into their current position as the most powerful group of people in the world.

  13. It is always the Jews. You can’t say its the Globalists, its the masons, the liberals or whatever, it is always the Jews. The Jews hate our race beyond belief and want to see White people destroyed. There is no such thing as a good White. The Jews have declared our race as their sworn enemy. It is about time we dig in and do the same.

    • @Mr. Confederate Man—The Jews are the descendants of neanderthals. The neanderthals were nearly wiped of the planet by white homo-sapien man. They, the Jews want revenge and have used religion to get it. What comes when Christ does not come to save the Jews in the end……

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