1. The key to solving the Bucha riddle is in the words of the pro-zelensky mayor of the town after the Russians left, one may think he would after getting “liberated” have had something to say about a massacre on the streets of his town but he did not, the Russians had left and everything was cool in his own words

    Maybe he never leave his house IDK

    As for the satelite photos…they came from the british…Yes the same british who did the Doha evil-nazi-gassing of Assads own people massacre of murder and evil

    • Nothing coming out of Cuck Island totalitarian regime will be true on this or many other issues. Just another part of the lie machine.

  2. Some people thought that it is still old good era when entire world was forced to sign narrative and rhey can get away with that.

  3. I watched this segment. Arnab kept repeating that this is evidence that the Russians committed genocide. But there is no evidence that the Russians were responsible for this. One of the Russian panelists kept trying to ask whether the reporters on the ground actually saw Russians do this and was continuously shouted down. It’s a fair question and we already know the answer. I’m fairly certain that this was staged. First, the Ukrainians have been using human shields thus far and this is no different. Second, why would the Russians do this? Cui bono? This works to NATO and zelinsky’s favor, not the Russians. Third, the western media is promoting this and everything they ever say is a lie. It’s just like when they said Assad gassed his own people. BS

    • What also struck me was that when the “Russians” started shooting not one not a single person started running and got a way they all just stood there and starred

      It make no sense that none jumped a fence or got behind a house and lived to tell the tale

      The most plausible explenation is that the dead was killed in the UAF strike that have been confirmed and later dug up and rearanged for the set by the intelligence and Special Operations Forces that arrived first in town

      Still there is footage from Bucha a short time after the Russians left with troops from a notorious national battalion unit roaming the streets talking about “people without blue armbands” This is the “Boatman” footage that have been verified as filmed in Bucha right before the evidence of “atrocities” were found

      I find the mayor words the strangest of all not noticing the streets at the time were full of his own dead citizens
      i actually think he fucked up badly there or just hadn´t got the word there was going to be movie-set

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