Today In The Free World

RT America went down.

RT was blocked on YouTube. It is now on Odysee.

Abby Martin’s showed was deplatformed on YouTube

Chris Hedges’ show was deplatformed from YouTube.

Naturally, Scott Ritter was also banned from Twitter for questioning the official narrative about Bucha and calling Joe Biden a war criminal. It seems that his account was reinstated this morning though.

This is a war between liberal democracy and autocracy. In the Free World, our Ministry of Truth censors the internet and bans anyone who dares to contradict the official corporate narrative. We also incarcerate dissidents and hound people out of their jobs for their political opinions.

It is not “illiberalism” or “authoritarianism” when PMCs do it.

Ursula Haverbeck, the “Nazi Grandma,” is going back to prison in Germany for denying the Holocaust. This is the equivalent of blasphemy in the West.


“The notorious neo-Nazi Ursula Haverbeck was sentenced to a 12-month prison sentence in Berlin on Friday for denying the murder of over a million Jews at the Auschwitz death camp.

The court rejected an appeal by the 93-year-old for convictions in 2017 and 2020 handed to her for repeated instances of Holocaust denial.

“You’re not a Holocaust researcher, you’re a Holocaust denier,” the presiding judge said in the courtroom, adding “it’s not knowledge you’re spreading, it’s poison.” …”

Also in Germany, the state crackdown on the “far right” continues.

ABC News:

“BERLIN — German authorities on Wednesday arrested four alleged members of a far-right group in an investigation targeting several extremist organizations.

The four men, identified only as Leon R., Maximilian A., Eric K. and Bastian A. in line with local privacy rules, were detained in central Germany, federal prosecutors said. …

In all, 61 properties in various parts of Germany were raided on Wednesday. Prosecutors said they also are investigating 21 people suspected of keeping alive the “Combat 18 Deutschland” group despite a ban by German authorities. …”

Germany is a liberal democracy.

Russia is a totalitarian autocracy. There’s a difference!

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  1. They say Ritter is back and if true i´m happy! he is a great guy!

    A truth teller among liars

    • Yes, he is again on Twitter.

      linkWell, it looks like I’ve been reinstated. No official word from Twitter about what the problem was or how/why it was resolved. But I’m sure they took notice at the concern expressed by many of you here on Twitter. Thanks for speaking up in defense of free speech. Goodnight!

      Countless less prominent but also valuable and interesting people have been booted off Twitter over the years for no reason, or with just some pro forma, non-specific message about a ToS violation.

      Like I saw someone on Gab say once: ‘It feels good to know you can call some celebrity a fag and still have your account when you wake up the next day.’

      If you want to speak freely without worry, including calling a celebrity a fag, then Gab and Telegram are the only real alternatives at the moment.

  2. Struggle against censorship can be a distraction from the real struggle which is the Elites’ endless, aggressive war against the people. Censorship is just one of the Elites’ weapons. They must be completely defeated and totally not partially disarmed. Lightening up on censorship as Elon Musk claims to do with Twitter won’t solve the problem.

  3. You don’t understand that this is done so that the “far right” doesn’t get freely elected by the people and start hounding and censoring political dissidents? What does it say about the state of “liberal democracy” when the system politicians are shitting their pants at the mere thought of giving their people unfettered free speech and free assembly? How much damage can a grandmother do to the Bastardstate because she stubbornly refuses to piously recite (like a Muslim fanatic the Koran) that over a million Jews were killed at Auschwitz?

  4. LOL! Auschwitz is down to 1 million gassed with time release bug pellets. Did it start at 4? 1 + 1 + 1 = 6 million apparently or you go to jail! Haverbeck was actually at Auschwitz unlike the Jewish “historians” that want her jailed.

  5. After the War there was a plan to divide the territories of the defeated Reich up among the French, the Dutch, the Russians, the Poles and the Danes, so that there would be no more German nation at all. That’s what they should have done.

    • Swamping Europe with nogs and goat lovers with WT paying for it was the choice. Germany is the heart of post-Roman Europe. France and Germany were the same country until when? 1200? German is a dialect of Frankish. Destroy Germany and you destroy Europe.

  6. The jew-whore persecutors of “notorious Nazi Grandma” Ursula Haverbeck, jewges & media scum alike, should be butchered like squealing judensaus.

    I yearn to live to see & hear it.

  7. Scott Ritter was a bad goy so (((TPTB))) gave him a digital/online lynching. They still haven’t forgiven him for going against the WMD US-ZOG narrative, before the the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

  8. Very bad news tonight. The U.S. is having its way with Pakistan after all. The U.S. has the military, secret police and supreme court on its side (bribery, blackmail) and now some of the legislators are turning coat. In a few days, Imran Khan will be replaced with a reliable puppet.

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