Breaking Points: Gretchen Whitmer “Kidnappers” Acquitted

As I mentioned earlier this morning, we need to gut the Deep State and abolish the “intelligence community” and focus on shoring up our civil liberties and constitutional rights, which are under assault by power hungry liberals who are saving “democracy” from “authoritarianism.”

Note: A 1/6 defendant was also recently acquitted.

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  1. All the cases involving the corrupt FBI should be tossed out. The agents should also be fired and arrested for violating the rights of those men.

    Whitmer should also be arrested but we all know neither the criminal FBI or Whitmer will be charged for their fake plot.

    • Dream on. One of their “agents” (armed thugs) named Lon Horiuchi murdered a woman holding her infant daughter and walked away scot-free (Ruby Ridge). He should have been charged with capital murder. Others carried out a mass-murder in Waco, TX in the Clinton era. Thanks to the legal doctrine of ‘sovereign immunity’ Horiuchi and the other killers are collecting their fat pensions even now and chuckling about getting away with it all. I now cheer whenever I read an account of an FBI thug being sent its eternal reward. Antifa are just FBI thugs in training.

      • Her teenage son was shot to death too. If they were non-White Lon’s retirement would be behind bars.

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