1. The battle should be quick unless the US supplies Ukraine with weapons, which I’m sure they will and have.

    • I’ve listened to an interview of this gentleman Scott Ritter in another place.
      He joined the military specifically to fight the Soviets in the 1970s because he was convinced that the Russians were evil, not human beings. He was ready to kill and die for his country, the United States and its values.

      But in the late 1980s he was part of a team who went to Russia to inspect a Russia’s missile factory – as part of the nuclear disarmament agreements.
      There he was shocked to learn that the Russians were human beings too, they had families, kids, pets, and even “sense of humor.” The astonishing discovery began to change his life.

      Also as part of an intelligence mission to Iraq he experienced another shock. Iraqis were also human beings, they cried, laughed, cared for their families. Another astonishing discovery for this Einstein. His life changed, he started to fight the new evil, the American military complex

      The man is probably in his sixties with a toddler mentality. He’s a “Ronald Reagan” Republican, his hero Eisenhower.

      So is it any wonder that these simpletons are ruled and exploited so easily by a small bunch of Jews? No wonder at all.
      They can function in totally insulated countries – as they were for most part of history.
      When the real world met them these idiots inevitably ended up being exploited and used to bully or destroy their (((overlords)))’s enemies.

      These suckers’ understanding of the world is a series of cartoons, have no realties to anything except money and the home team, and loving or hating whoever their much (((betters))) tell them to love or hate.
      It never ever cross their minds that they are inherently dumb and so mind their own business!

      • “The man is probably in his sixties with a toddler mentality. ”

        There’s so many people like this. But then they turn around and give free passes to other races due to the brainwashing they’ve received.

    • ZOG has committed to send 1/3 of its javelin missiles and 1/4 of the stinger stockpile. So they will cause many more more deaths all the while rubbing their hands believing there will be no bad consequences.

  2. Scott Ritter is undoubtedly very knowledgeable about the judeo-American empire, and where some of the bodies are buried, therefore, I am surprised that he bought into the jewmedia’s narrative about “Nazis” and “Ideology of hate.” Ritter is a civic nationalist, and a former jarhead, so one cannot expect miracles.

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