1. As I have always said ,there’s no difference between the two parties. The Republicans will pretend to fight the Democrats while keeping the status quo.

  2. We are entering or have already entered into WW 3. Not at all sure there will be any Congress next time, or any election.

    America turned against God and the Church and embraced Satan and his Synagogue. The consequences are now upon us.

    Happy Easter, deplorables.

  3. Re the economy, this is a new frightening story, fully verified on mainstream financial & business sites … 4chan summary:

    – Union Pacific biggest USA railway drops bombshell ordering much of fertilizer shipping to be suddenly BLOCKED for planting season, shipments will be hugely reduced, massive food shortages likely, as trucks etc can’t replace big rail in time to save crops
    – 30 major fertiliser etc companies hit with such sudden restrictions, USA dominated by 7 big railways
    – Alleged cause is ‘personnel shortage’, big railways pushed Biden vax mandate, many railway workers out, can’t be quickly replaced
    – News is on business / financial sites, press release from CF Industries one of largest fertilizer companies in world
    – Really a national emergency, gov should be taking over railways to ensure food production

    Alex Jones / Jim Stone etc take, is that this is engineered mass starvation etc by Biden gov & globalists …

    News overview, rail ‘personnel problem’ described

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