New York Times: How Tucker Carlson Stoked White Fear To Conquer Cable

I’m on Team Tucker.

If you are taking this much flak from these people, you are clearly over the target. I have enormous respect for Tucker who is nearly alone in pushing back against the bipartisan march to war in Ukraine.

New York Times:

“For most of his adult life, Mr. Carlson lived and worked in a very different bubble, the cosmopolitan precincts of Washington. His turn to flagrantly racist ideas has baffled and saddened some longtime associates there, spurring a veritable cottage industry of profiles exploring whether Mr. Carlson’s show is merely lucrative theater or an expression of his true values. But a close reading of Mr. Carlson’s decades in television and journalism, and interviews with dozens of friends and former colleagues, show that “Tucker Carlson Tonight” is both.

Almost from the beginning of his career, he has been marching away from the puckish libertarianism of his young adulthood. Increasingly sympathetic to the nativist currents raging through American politics after the Sept. 11 attacks, and twice cast from the heights of cable news stardom, Mr. Carlson ultimately turned on the old conservative intelligentsia, his hometown and many of his friends. His fall and rise trace the transformation of American conservatism itself. When Mr. Trump ran for president and won, thrusting anti-immigration fervor to the heart of American politics, Mr. Carlson finally found his moment. At Fox, he found his platform. …

He now lives much of the year in an old family vacation place in a rural, blue-collar corner of Maine. His neighbors today are the kind of people who watch his show, rather than the kind of people who confront him in public about it. At the height of his influence, Mr. Carlson exists in a carefully constructed bubble of his own — a retreat, and a bunker.

On many nights, the highest-rated cable news show in prime time airs from a converted town garage in the village of Bryant Pond, Maine, not far from Mr. Carlson’s home. Like many rural places, Bryant Pond is less busy than it used to be. On a visit last fall, a few large Trump flags still dotted the road into town, and no one bothered with masks at the convenience store. Mr. Carlson’s studio, which is decorated like a cozy cabin in the woods, sits behind a peeling and deserted old grange hall. It is the shiniest, best-kept building in sight. …

Mr. Carlson likes to address his audience directly: “You” are decent, generous, deserving.“They” — the pro-war, pro-China, anti-American “ruling class” — are out to get you. “They’d rather put your life in peril than appear insensitive,” Mr. Carlson says of this ruling class, adding, “They literally don’t care about you, and yet they are still in charge.” He delivers these grim sermons with peppy good cheer and shameless overstatement. …

But if Mr. Carlson has not always been truthful, he has been remarkably consistent. Almost from the beginning, “Tucker Carlson Tonight” has presented a dominant narrative, recasting American racism to present white Americans as an oppressed caste. The ruling class uses fentanyl and other opioids to addict and kill legacy Americans, anti-white racism to cast them as bigots, feminism to degrade their self-esteem, immigration to erode their political power. Republican elites, however improbably, help to import the voters Democrats require at the ballot box. The United States, Mr. Carlson tells his viewers, is “ruled by mercenaries who feel no long-term obligation to the people they rule.” …”

Who can object to any of this?

99% of this could come straight from this website.

There is a Part 2.

New York Times:

“Newly planted in Fox’s newly vacated 8 p.m. time slot — previously held by the disgraced star Bill O’Reilly — Mr. Carlson told friends and co-workers that he needed to find a way to reach the Trump faithful, but without imitating Mr. Hannity. He didn’t want to get sucked into apologizing for Mr. Trump every day, he told one colleague, because the fickle, undisciplined new president would constantly need apologizing for.

The solution would not just propel Mr. Carlson toward the summit of cable news. It would ultimately thrust him to the forefront of the nationalist forces reshaping American conservatism. “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” the host and his producers decided, would embrace Trumpism, not Mr. Trump. The show would grasp the emotional core of Mr. Trump’s allure — white panic over the country’s changing ethnic composition — while keeping a carefully measured distance from the president himself. For years, as his television career sputtered, Mr. Carlson had adopted increasingly catastrophic views of immigration and the country’s shifting demographics. Now, as Mr. Trump took unvarnished nativism from the right-wing fringe to the Oval Office, Mr. Carlson made it the centerpiece of “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

There is even a Part 3.

New York Times:


  1. China China China, you just wait till the Republicans get into power, you are going to be hearing that morning, noon, and night. And you are going to love all those Log Cabin queers telling you which way the wind is blowing.

    Pete Thiel spent 10 million dollars to spite a person for telling the truth. And that faggot is going to gain power over you. Shank you Tucker.

    • Sir you’re a representative of the losers in fifth columnists Who inhabit far right websites. You are obviously a flake and a clown get fu@&$ed

      • Well said, Nick. I daresay you’ll not find a bigger, more wretched loser than Brownie the Clownie.

      • @Nick—- Retodd I am a Christian. Is Christ your enemy? Is Christ the enemy of the USA? Is that it kyke? I would like an answer to my questions schmuck.

  2. I believe Tucker knows what going on when it comes to the war on Whites but will only go so far. He doesn’t want to give up the millions so he only goes so far. Unfortunately, money is more important than the whole truth.

    • He’s doing more than everyone else on the rights combined. He goes as far as he can without losing his show

      • Actually he never takes a controversial stance. About illegals he says they are nice people and he’d do the same. Then pivots to how some on the terror watch list have been included. That’s b/c he really is not opposed to Latinos coming in droves; but stokes Islamophobia and anti Haitian bigotry. No one gets in trouble for picking on Haitians .Same old same old MSM narrative when you really hear what he’s saying. Any controversy he lets guests do the talking and just says; how interesting and moves on. He never denounces Maddow who has power, but picks on low hanging fruit Reid who’s gotten in hot water herself for anti LGBTQ statements so she’s on the defensive so he can pick on her. He is very gentle with AOC even praising and admiring her whenever she says or does anything he might disagree with.

    • @John—–It is called a limited hangout, you get some of the truth but not all of it.

      It is all over the place. Nobody is willing to tell you the whole truth. Nobody is willing to tell you why. You want to know why there is a war on whites, you want to know why things are the way they are?

      It is all being done out of a hatred of Christ, everything, all of it.

      And the question becomes why do they hate an innocent man who did no wrong. Why?

      Think about it.

      • I fail to see what Christ has to do with modern racial politics. He lived two millennia ago, in another continent. It’s not a hatred of Christ, it’s a hatred of Whites.

        You could argue that it’s a hatred of Christianity, but, even that fails, since there are plenty of Black Christians, and woke Leftist Christians around today.

        • @Kapper—– Jews wish to rule over human kind by Gods dictates. The whole idea of Gods chosen people is a Jew idea. Jews wish to lead and rule over human kind supposedly because that is what God wants. Christian sets a moral standard for civilized man a moral standard which the Jews by their very nature can not meet. So instead of conforming to Gods will and accepting Christ and his teachings the Jews are using racial antagonism, racial conflict to destroy Christ and Christianity.

          And the moral standard that Christianity sets and the Jews can not meet is simple, no harm must come to the innocent. The Jew is a predator and needs prey in order to survive.

          Do you agree in the Christian morality? Do you agree that no harm must come to the innocent? It was wrong what they did to Yankel Rosenbaum. And it is wrong what they did to Christ. Agree or disagree?

  3. “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” the host and his producers decided, would embrace Trumpism, not Mr. Trump.

    If that idiot Trump had embraced Trumpism, at least the anti-immigration part instead of listening to his traitorous son-in-law scumbag he would probably be Mr. President right now. Instead, he listened to the flattery from his worst enemies, did their bidding and now Dementia Joe is Mr. President soon to be followed by Cackling Kamala as the next Mr. President.

    The Mexican border is 2,500 miles long. How much of it did Herr Trump fortify with a wall or better yet, a 20 foot tall, 15 yard deep concertina wire barricade? 1,000 miles; 500 miles; 20 miles; 50 yards maybe? He failed in his first term with his signature promise, to build the wall. Why would anyone believe he would keep that promise in a second term when he was beholden to the oligarchs more than ever?

    • Not to worry, Cheetohead the Clown supports “liberal democracy” in Country 404, just like the rest of Repukedom. The invaders are marching right past Trump’s pathetic section of wall while the whole gang signs onto to a defacto declaration of war upon Russia via the resurrection of the lend-lease scam. Trump himself is Trumnpism’s worst enemy. The grift goes on though. He’ll be back in full display by 2024. Of course by that time our criminally insane overlords will have started a second front on the other half of their big target – Xi’s China.

  4. The views and policies of Tucker Carlson and ourselves need to return from the fringes to the mainstream where they belong, and once were. Commonsense is easy to promote. We just need more people doing it in an articulate way. The Left are incapable of promoting their views in a credible manner, so how is it that they’re winning the war and changing our countries (the West)?

    • Oh yeah we’ve seen how the common sense got us to this freaking disaster we’re in now. Everyone sick of common sense hell the conservatives couldn’t even conserve the women’s bathroom there’s your common sense

    • How? Guilt tripping. It seems to work very well on a large number of whites.

  5. The NYT

    Open Genocidal Hatred


    The Historical Native Born White American Working Class Majority

    24 hours a day

    White Genocide is very very real

    The NYT times wants the Native Born White Working Class …dead…

    The Democratic Party= NYT…

    The nonwhite majority Democratic Party will always be about race….and Tucker Carlson needs to understand that this will never never change no matter how many times Tucker insists that they not be about race…..

  6. “Tucker who is nearly alone in pushing back against the bipartisan march to war in Ukraine”:

    I don’t watch his show so I’m not sure, but if he is really doing that I must take back some of my criticism. But I doubt that he is really doing that because, for one thing, Murdoch wouldn’t allow him to do that or do it effectively.

  7. The jYT can’t deny any of Carlson’s assertions, they just scream how “racist” it is. They simply cannot stand for anyone to champion the interests the hated “Flyova white trash”, no matter how careful they are to pull their punches, as Carlson is.

  8. The Russia situation has caused me to soften my stance on Tucker. He is the only person in the American media pushing back against war with Russia, doing so on FOX news surrounded by psychopaths who are openly advocating for escalation to nuclear war, so that currently outweighs his other flaws.

  9. The Jewish supremacist times is the mouthpiece of the hostile elite. The hostile elite is furious at Carlson for opposing their plan to use America’s white Christian goyim as cannon fodder in Israel’s wars against the Arab Muslim goyim. The hostile elite is enraged with Carlson for opposing their plan to assault the first amendment rights of white Christian goyim. in the US.

  10. Sounds like they are trying to doxx him. Antifa would not last long here in the foothills of Maine. Tucker is considered part of the community here and there is an AR-15 behind every pine tree. On politics he might be to centrist for some but rural Mainers are live and let live. At least he is anti-war now!

      • Only because we didn’t kill em all. So the whole thing was for nothing; all those dead and wounded, and ptsd’d drug addled vets, and those Muslims are still there! And they fought back! How dare they! Did he ever call for Bush or anyone to be held accountable? Or journalists who promoted false narratives about Iraq? Or for those guilty of war crimes to be held accountable? [He was shocked when vets were angry at Biden for abandoning Afghan helpers. Biden did not expect that either]. Never! He did the opposite. Now he says he’s no Neo Con only because his fantasy of genociding Muslims did not pan out. For THAT he feels duped by the government /media pushing for those wars, him and his Muslim killing pal Tulsi.

  11. More and more folks are skeptical of or disbelieve the regime propaganda pumped out by the media every day. Establishment of The Ministry of Truth is really a desperation move. It means our overlords have lost control of the narrative and must have it back at all costs.

  12. Tucker talks the talk, but in twenty years when Whites are a minority in America, will he walk the walk?

    Will he support secession? Because that’s the only way Whites will survive in the mid 21st Century and beyond, in a new Country where we aren’t openly oppressed.

  13. If Tucker didn’t serve the system he wouldn’t still be on the televitz.

    He’s a relief valve, and a false sense of hope.

  14. FYI

    The the author of this article (Nicholas Confessore) has been tweeting its highlights/main points — Richard Hanania did an interesting series of ripostes by quote-tweeting Confessore — here’s an example:

    linkThe white farmer in South Africa must be slaughtered and you’re not allowed to care because that’s what racists do.

    Hanania on Twitter:

    Twitter/Richard Hanania

    Unless you are logged-in, Twitter limits how much of a user’s timeline you can view — but you can use Nitter to view as much of a timeline as you want:

    Nitter/Richard Hanania

  15. It’s not a hit piece if it’s accurate…. Fuck this kabbalist gatekeeper and his audience…

  16. The enemy just can’t stand anyone with a Populist or Nationalist opinion. Anymore even with a drop of that way of thinking. Deo Vindice !

  17. Tucker has said on video that he doesn’t think there is anything wrong with ethnic replacement. He is simply a whore of the GOP. He steals our talking points and every 4 years it’s, “love him or hate him Trump is our only hope.”


    • Amazing the damage that jewish manipulation has done to whites, who are now the only people in history to welcome their own genocide.

  18. “The ruling class uses fentanyl and other opioids to addict and kill legacy Americans, anti-white racism to cast them as bigots, feminism to degrade their self-esteem, immigration to erode their political power. Republican elites, however improbably, help to import the voters Democrats require at the ballot box. The United States, Mr. Carlson tells his viewers, is “ruled by mercenaries who feel no long-term obligation to the people they rule.”

    Please tell me. What about that statement isn’t true?

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