Richard Spencer: The Case for Abortion

I see that Richard Spencer is reposting his old material from Radix on abortion from the Alt-Right days before he finally became who he always was under the Joe Biden presidency.

Now that Roe v. Wade is on the verge of being overturned, it is worth revisiting that old debate. My position at the time was that the triumph of legal abortion in the United States in the 1970s was a consequence of the ascendance of the left-libertarian bohemian counter-culture in the 1960s. It must be seen in the wider context of the loosening of our immigration laws (1965), the triumph of the Civil Rights Movement (1965), the legalization of interracial marriage (1967), the increase in drug abuse and the rise of feminism and the gay rights movement. This was all part of the same permissive Left Modernist cultural shift in the mainstream which perfectly tracks the decline in White racial identity.

The idea that professional class White women who support aborting their own children – their own biological offspring – are going to somehow care about the identity and welfare of their more distantly related racial group and that the overall effect of this would be “eugenic” was always absurd. On the contrary, it has led to a world of childless DINKs, wine soaked dog moms and sterile tattooed lesbians. The demographic has only become more and more progressive and degenerate over the past fifty years. Hawaii was the first state to legalize abortion in 1970 and Roe v. Wade came down in 1973.

What did America look like in 1970 before this “eugenic” shift?

The country was the whitest it had ever been in all of American history before the black minority had access to legal abortion. In particular, Deep South states like Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi had never been whiter. The black population has risen to 12.4% since 1970.

Alabama – 74 percent White
Georgia – 74 percent White
South Carolina – 69 percent White
Mississippi – 63 percent White
Florida – 77 percent White
Louisiana – 66 percent White
Texas – 66 percent White
Oklahoma – 89 percent White
North Carolina – 77 percent White
Tennessee – 84 percent White
Arkansas – 81 percent White
Missouri – 89 percent White
Kentucky – 93 percent White
Virginia – 81 percent White
West Virginia – 95 percent White
California – 76 percent White
Hawaii – 37 percent White
Alaska – 77 percent White
Washington – 94 percent White
Oregon – 96 percent White
Idaho – 96 percent White
Nevada – 87 percent White
Arizona – 74 percent White
Utah – 94 percent White
New Mexico – 54 percent White
Colorado – 85 percent White
Wyoming – 92 percent White
Montana – 95 percent White
Illinois – 83 percent White
Indiana – 92 percent White
Ohio – 90 percent White
Michigan – 87 percent White
Wisconsin – 96 percent White
Minnesota – 98 percent White
Iowa – 98 percent White
Kansas – 93 percent White
Nebraska – 95 percent White
South Dakota – 95 percent White
North Dakota – 97 percent White
New York – 80 percent White
New Jersey – 85 percent White
Pennsylvania – 90 percent White
Maryland – 80 percent White
Delaware – 84 percent White
Connecticut – 91 percent White
Rhode Island – 96 percent White
Massachusetts – 95 percent White
Maine – 99 percent White
New Hampshire – 99 percent White
Vermont – 99 percent White

You can’t have a dominant Left-Modernist mainstream culture and anything resembling White racial preservation or “eugenics” because individual self-expression is romanticized and elevated to the point that it obliterates any concern for the welfare of the racial group. These things are irreconcilable. Instead, you will have a hedonistic novelty seeking culture which champions “liberation” from traditional Christian morality and values, which are deemed oppressive, and which chafes under any type of restraint and celebrates an endless series of perversions like “trans.”

I am celebrating the demise of Roe. I hope it signals a cultural shift away from the rotten left-libertarian expressive individualism of the last 50 years. It restores a very important limit on self-expression. At the deepest philosophical level, our cause is about restoring limits and boundaries which have been eroded by Left Modernism – the cultural arm of neoliberalism – and eliminating the degenerate practices which have sprouted up like weeds under the protection of the dominant culture.

These limits are all deeply connected in ways that conservatives have been slow to appreciate … the idea that race is a meaningless social construct rather than a biological reality of our species led naturally to the assertion that sex is also a social construct and that gender can be freely chosen. The triumph of legalized interracial marriage led inexorably to legal abortion and gay marriage and “trans.” Progressives didn’t waste any time in taking up the “trans” cause after declaring victory on “gay marriage.”

Note: Now that the Alt-Right is no longer a thing, there is an upside to be gained in discarding all of baggage of the label.

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  1. Brad, in Alabama blacks get 62% of abortions, Hispanics 5% and Other 2% And I wonder many how many of the white women are aborting black spawn.Would you deny abortion to a white woman raped by a nigger? Should women who get abortions be charged with murder? If not, why not if you believe the fetus is a human?

    • Yes, Alabama is significantly less White than it was in 1970 after 50 years of legal abortion too.

      The other side of the coin which is far more important is what is the cumulative overall effect of living under this type of culture? What has been the impact of deracination, drug abuse, divorce, legal and illegal immigration, feminism, women going to college and entering the workforce, interracial marriage and sex, the decline of Christianity, gay marriage, the celebration of homosexuality, the rise in childlessness and so on?

      It is not even close. The dysgenic impact on Whites of this culture far outstrips any net effect in abortion rates.

      • Alabama’s black population would be double what it is today if Roe v Wade had never passed.

        • @Greg Johnson—-No harm comes to the innocent, get it through your thick skull Christ killer.

        • Legalizing the murder of White children is a very stupid strategy for controlling the Black population.

          Alabama’s Whites would not be bending the knee to any number of Blacks without the moral collapse manifested in abortion, addiction and materialism.

          • “Legalizing the murder of White children is a very stupid strategy for controlling the Black population.”

            Not really. Those are genetic liberal children. Killing them reduces the frequency of genetic liberalism within the White population. Blacks are pretty much politically irrelevant and aren’t the political enemy of Whites. White libtards are the enemy. Without White libtards, Blacks wouldn’t even be a problem at all. We could have mutually beneficial separation and everyone would be content with it. Only White libtards motivated by deranged utopian fantasies are driven to force everyone together. So it’s good when White libtards voluntarily kill themselves off, through whatever means available. Overly permissive Western breeding practices, originating in the papist idea of love marriage, allowed genetic liberals to grow to a dangerously high percentage of the population. Reducing their numbers is the only way Whites will survive.

          • This is taking both HBD and opposition to White liberalism to ridiculous extremes.

            The idea of “liberal genes” is extremely sketchy and its downright false on a short timeline.

            Germans didn’t have “pathologically altruistic” genes before 1945 and no genetic change happens that fast. They were socially engineered from Nazis into cucks.

            Likewise, post 19th-century American liberalism/modernism is not genetic, it’s learned.

            While criticizing White liberals in lieu of Jews may be part of the 2022 OD optics stylesheet, claiming White kids are genetic liberals is a particularly lousy self-defeating way to avoid the JQ.

            White genes are good genes. Jewish ideas are bad.

            So are Jewish genes but it took longer than 100 years to get them there.

          • Of course Jews are a problem, but why are Jews a problem? Because genetic liberals have empowered them. Like the Black problem, there would be no Jewish problem without White libtards enabling it.

            “The idea of “liberal genes” is extremely sketchy and its downright false on a short timeline.”

            Not really. These people have been around for centuries. Only by the 20th century did they reach a critical mass. They have always existed, but different circumstances such as technology may have caused them to manifest in different ways from today. We are lucky that the 20th and 21st centuries revealed them fully so that they can be identified and culled from the population. Going forward, we will need to cultivate a new ethnos from the remnants of the White race, and genetic defects such as libtards cannot be permitted in it.

            I’m not the same species as the cretins who kneeled for George Floyd. That isn’t a cultural issue. It’s genetic illness. I don’t care if we all came from the same continent. We aren’t the same. There is no potential cultural situation or set of historical circumstances under which I would have ever kneeled for George Floyd. I am intrinsically incapable of ever doing so. Genetic liberals are not, which means they are a liability and completely worthless. They do not have good genes, they are the enemy, and they deserve to be wiped out.

          • I wonder how many of the “white” mothers carried a mixed race baby. There’s so much of it, it’s hard to believe there’s no statistic.

        • I dare say not so. Negroes would have learned, or they would have been motivated to learn, to use non-lethal contraception more efficiently.

          To provide some empirical proof for this, here’s a comparison to Alabama: Jamaica still does not have legal abortion, and yet the birthrates of its Black population have greatly sunk in the course of the last few decades:

  2. I think you’re missing the boat here. Nonwhites are 70% of abortions, and the racial balance would have been far worse today without easy access to abortion. Banning abortion in half the states will immediately boost nonwhite population growth by hundreds of thousands a year, at a minimum, relative to whites. The cultural milieu you mention is a problem, but overturning Roe will represent an immediate political and demographic catastrophe for the Right; this can’t be overstated. (It’s a political disaster because it makes it unsafe for suburban white women to vote Republican, just as the Dems were driving them away with trannies in sports and CRT)

    • I don’t think so.

      We have a degenerate culture. Abortion is only one aspect of that culture. It is one limit among others that has been removed. The overall effect of the dominant culture is to push down the White population on multiple fronts because you are not going to simply have legal abortion. We have legal abortion because we have a permissive culture.

      Those who say that legal abortion is a net eugenic benefit because non-Whites get abortions at higher rates DO NOT explain how you can have a culture that values racial preservation while simultaneously endorsing mothers killing their own children. If we are willing to go along with cutting that bond because of some romanticized notion of individual freedom, why would significantly weaker bonds like, say, racial bonds between more distantly related people still matter? In practice, they don’t.

      • The lie about woke culture: all people have right to live, to do whatever but children have not the right to born and live.

      • So which came first? Legalized abortion or the degenerate culture which permitted it? Yes I think a case can be made that legalization via judicial fiat degenerated the culture even more, but that river was crossed a very long time ago. I remain against abortion because it is wrong. It should be illegal in all but extremis cases – a very tiny percentile of cases with virtually zero in the last trimester. Reacting this way to a leak of a preliminary opinion by a paper-Amerikan Pajeet clerk for the ‘wise Latrina’ justice is premature to say the least. Shitlib states have already enshrined abortion as a sacred altar to Moloch, so those who want to go to Schlomo’s body-part factories will just drive a bit longer. I doubt if the numbers aborted will change much regardless of the decision. It was certainly a handy distraction from the sheer evil of the empire.

        If Roe v. Wade is genuinely overturned, it could have the beneficial effect of returning the issue to the individual states, which is where it belongs. It would at least potentially remove the issue from federal-level politics – though shitlibs will be unlikely to be content with leaving it that way.

      • Absolutely right. Abortion is evil and satanic, full stop. It does huge spiritual damage to Whites as well as physical & population damage.

    • There is no acceptable ratio of aborted White babies to Blacks.

      Big-Thinking abortion as a racial flex is self-defeating and morally bankrupt. It’s NRX/racist libertarian baggage we would all do better without.

  3. The alt-right was what the regime media called us, so they did not have to call us pro-white.
    As for abortion, nothing will change, outside that Congress will create a new law like in every other country, in stead of having activist judges impose it.

  4. I noticed Hunter did not answer the questions I asked in my post. He clearly calls embryos and fetuses “children”. And for the record, I’m quite traditional when it comes to sexual ethics.

    • To recap:

      1.) We have legal abortion because we have a degenerate, permissive culture.

      2.) We have divorce and miscegenation and interracial marriage and now gay marriage and “trans,” also, because we have a degenerate, permissive culture.

      3.) All of these things are symptoms or effects of the same cultural shift. They cannot be separated.

      4.) We got interracial marriage before we got legalized abortion. It took less than a decade.

      5.) There hasn’t been any “eugenic” benefit of legalized abortion. Quite the opposite. America was never whiter than it was on the cusp of legal abortion. The country has grown blacker.

      6.) Sure, there are countless mixed race babies being born now. It is important to look at this phenomenon in the correct light. This is a package deal along with gay marriage and childless career women and the “trans” craze. This all used to be banned and deeply taboo.

      7. The limits on all of these things need to be restored.

      • The country was whiter because the subsidies to blacks for out of wedlock births to feral hood rats were far lower or nonexistent prior to LBJs ‘War On Poverty”.

        • Yes, after decades of pouring money into their wallets, we can see the results. Millions of them. I don’t buy the 12%figure. Every big city has a black or Hispanic mayor, police chief, city council, or school board. Cities are jam packed with nonwhites. I’d say they’re at least 30% of the population and you know the census folks are going to be aggressive about determining their numbers. To say their numbers haven’t changed in d’decades is nuts. It doesn’t even consider all of the mixed race ones.

  5. Fortunately for pro abortion people, the ruling makes abortion more available than ever, since it is a matter for the states. Roe placed restrictions on Blue States (legislating from the bench).

    The answer to your fine points is that we need a New Nation Now. Only with our own nation can we have a sensible Family Law.

  6. This is a victory for nationalists because it says we value our native born White population. If the court is steering to constitutional purity then that is a turn of good events. Based on the reasoning of this ruling, every far left decision in the courts for the past 60 years is now fair game to being over-turned. The reasoning of the ruling is that rights not mentioned in the constitution have to have historical context in order to be considered constitutional. There is no historical context for gay marriage, trans, the immigration act, Brown vs. Board, there is even no historical context for legalizing interracial marriage. None of these things would be considered rights when the constitution at the time was written.

    • @KT-88,

      Indeed. Non-ethnic Germans inside the Greater Reich still needed to have their abortions rubberstamped by the state.

      The fact clearly illustrates that abortion, and interracial and homosexual marriage are not necessarily a package deal.

  7. Abortion has also fueled the decline of Whites because many White women are not having babies due to abortion being readily available.

    • The Whites doing that are genetic liberals. Personally, I believe genetic liberals should be exterminated, so I’m not going to shed any tears when a genetically defective White libtard decides to murder her White libtarded kids (or sterilize them by turning them into trannies or whatever). Abortion should still be illegal, though.

    • @John,

      A bigger driver of White women not having children has more to do with pursuing a college degree and career. Add to that the creation of “the birth control pill,’ and even with a legal ban on abortions, these women would be childless, or maybe one or two, before their fertility crashed.

  8. Abortion is murder of the innocent, and a breaking of our Covenant with God. Anyone attempting to justify it with demographics is being short sighted at the very least.

    Either way it remains murder of the innocent.

    • Yes I agree. There is an evil spiritual element in its official legal endorsement as “the law of the land” that is extremely harmful in ways we don’t fully understand or comprehend. Granted not as bad as China’s “one child” policy of forced abortion, but endorsement of evil does not work out well for any society in the long run. As the ancient Chinese would say, it’s a sure path to losing the “mandate of heaven”.

      • “One Child” was a Deng revisionist policy to meet the U.S.’s demand and trade deal requirement that China must reduce its population. While the U.S. population is exploding due to immigration, China’s population was supposed to shrink.

  9. 70% of abortions are sought by nonwhite women. Some percentage of white women getting abortions are carrying nonwhite fetuses as well. Without Roe v Wade, the black population in America would be twice what it is today. Abortion is one of the few liberal institutions that is actually good for whites. Eliminating it will only hasten our demographic decline.

    • I used to hear this argument often from Alt-Right pagans and atheists.

      As I pointed out above, Alabama was 74% White in 1970 on the eve of Roe v. Wade. This was the whitest Alabama had ever been in all of American history. The same is true of Georgia, South Carolina, Mississippi, Louisiana and other Deep South states. The country as a whole was similarly whiter than it had ever been before in the 1960s. After 50 years of legal abortion, we have gone in reverse. Georgia has gone from 74% White in 1970 when abortion was illegal there to 52% in 2022. Things have gotten worse.

      How come? We have legal abortion because we have a permissive, degenerate liberal modernist culture. Abortion is not “actually good for Whites.” We have legal abortion because we also have deracination and divorce and drug abuse and birth control and consumerism and feminism and gay marriage and gay rights and interracial marriage and miscegenation and “trans.” All of these things are symptoms of a liberal culture that romanticizes self expression and puts the individual and novelty seeking above the group.

      The last 50 years have shown that a culture which 1.) repudiates Christianity and 2.) romanticizes self-expression and 3.) which would sever the bond between a mother and her child – the strongest of all biological bonds – will also inexorably devolve into a deracinated culture which is hopelessly nihilistic and degenerate. It is a slippery slope from miscegenation to legal abortion to “trans.”

      • Paganism has nothing to do with retarded NRX edge-lord arguments for abortion. There is no “pagan position on abortion.”

      • You have a long established pattern of pivoting away from arguments you can’t answer. Here it is pretty transparent.

        Alabama is less white largely due to immigration.

        It would be even less white without abortion.

        If America had no non-white immigration and free access to abortion, the non-white population would dwindle over time to almost nothing, because non-whites abort more of their children per capita than whites do.

        Legal abortion is one of the few liberal policies that is demographically good for white people.

        It is foolish to celebrate its end.

        Overturning Roe v Wade simply hastens the end of the white race on this continent if nothing else is done.

        The Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade is not a change in the culture, either. It is a political victory that leaves the overall culture unchanged. It is analogous to Trump’s win in 2016. Political victories that leave the culture in the hands of the Left are random flukes and ultimately will be fleeting if we make no progress on the metapolitical front.

        • I’ve answered your argument.

          Abortion is a practice. It is one practice among others that reflects the Left Modernist shift in values that occurred during the 1950s and 1960s. It is not a shift in values that began here, but one which was imposed from the outside by activists in the federal courts. Previously, the South had strong segregation laws, anti-miscegenation laws, anti-abortion laws, etc. Both White racial identity and our evangelical Protestant culture was strong and our state became whiter over the course of the early 20th century. That’s not just because so many blacks moved to Eastern and Midwestern cities. The whole country became whiter after immigration was restricted. The country would have been even whiter in the 1960s if that hadn’t happened in the 1920s.

          Tell me something, Greg. Why is California the way it is today? Why does the Pacific Northwest where you are from and which is still largely White in big metros like Portland look the way it does? My explanation is that there was a shift in values. The culture changed there. As a result, White attitudes changed across a wide range of subjects. Your culture became far more permissive. Politics changed. It is funny that you of all people are unable to grasp this because you are the one who is always emphasizing the importance of metapolitics. I agree and what happened to your state is one of the best examples of this process which comes to mind.

          In the early 20th century, California had its own Jim Crow laws. The Western states had been a hotbed of immigration restrictionism. If memory serves, California had an anti-miscegenation law and even banned abortion, but that all rapidly changed after World War II and before it did here. California was still 76% White in 1970. It was about as White as Georgia. By 1965, California had desegregated though. It had repealed its anti-miscegenation law. California was one of the first states to legalize abortion in the 1960s. Whereas our segregation laws, anti-miscegenation laws and anti-abortion laws were overturned by the federal courts, this was done willingly in California.

          How has this great experiment worked out for California? Abortion was legal there even before the Roe decision. Ronald Reagan signed California’s abortion law. It wasn’t just abortion. The same shift in values toward abortion and toward a more permissive, left-libertarian culture of the sort that gestated and flourished so famously on campuses like the University of California in Berkeley also entailed the demise of segregation and anti-miscegenation laws. It heralded the rise in divorce, the use of birth control, the decline of Christianity and especially a more liberal attitude toward legal and illegal immigration. It heralded the acceptance of feminism and gay rights and gay marriage and “trans.” It heralded deracination and the triumph of antiracism. It heralded the rise of childless DINKs. Most recently, it has gotten so bad in California that shoplifting has been legalized across the state. After over 50 years of legal abortion, California is now down to something like 33% White in 2022.

          Go ask Californians what they think about abortion. They strongly support abortion. Abortion and homosexuality and antiracism and all the rest reflect their anti-traditional, liberal, Left Modernist values. California looks the way it does because it reflects of the values of the people who live there. California isn’t down to 33% White solely because of immigration. This is also due to the fact that millions of people have fled the state or weren’t born in the first place. The cause isn’t so much Hispanic immigration as it is due to the sort of White people who inhabit California’s coast and who push for this insane nonsense and who dominate the state’s politics.

          How about Oregon? Go look at Portland which is still overwhelmingly White. How do you explain the huge spike in crime? All the drug addicts? The graffiti that covers the streets? The homeless people sleeping all over the streets? The anarchists who thrive there? The destruction of all those small businesses? The absurd COVID restrictions? That’s what the White people who live in Portland believe. That’s what they celebrate … like abortion, which is just one part of their overall left-libertarian worldview. Portland reflects their values.

          There is no such thing as an America with 1.) no non-White immigration and 2.) free access to abortion. The worldview which rationalizes killing unborn children – a worldview which by definition is godless, nihilistic, hedonistic and neglectful toward future generations – is the same worldview which is hostile to White identity and which welcomes non-White immigration because it changes the demographics of the country. It is the same worldview which tolerates homosexuality and absurdities like “trans” because it glorifies self-expression above all else. It is the same worldview which causes people to disfigure their bodies with hideous piercings and tattoos and to dress and to speak in a way which would have shocked their own great-grandparents.

          A culture which severs the mother-child biological bond is … wait for it, a totally deracinated, degenerate wasteland. I’ve yet to hear you explain why people who will kill their own children will somehow care about the future of their race.

          • Your argument seems to be abortion = open borders = white demographic decline = everything else we don’t like. So defeating abortion will defeat those other things. That doesn’t follow. Ending abortion won’t close the borders. Ending abortion won’t raise average white fertility above non-white fertility. Thus ending abortion will simply hasten the demographic decline of whites.

            People who kill their own children don’t care about their own future or the future of their race. But people who let the sort of trash who kill their own children to get on with it are allowing our enemies to remove themselves from the future, including future demographic competition with our race.

            Ending abortion, especially in the Bible belt states with huge black populations, is white suicide. You can’t argue that Jews are doing this to us.

          • My argument is that a elite value shift toward Left-Modernism occurred in the 1950s and 1960s. The culture changed and laws were changed to catch up with this shift in elite values and consensus. That’s why in the span of 10 to 15 years we got contraception, legal abortion, interracial marriage, multiculturalism, gay rights, feminism, cosmopolitanism, no fault divorce, the demise of segregation and the onset of deracination. The whole culture became much more permissive because the values of our elites changed.

            Do you think these things are all separate issues? Just on marriage alone, the dominant culture changed more radically in this period of 10 to 15 years than it had in the previous 2,000 years. The reason we have legal abortion in this country is because we have a permissive, degenerate, expressive individualist culture that permeates our entire society. Once again, the way women talk, look, dress and act radically changed. The way both men and women are expected to behave in public radically changed. What’s more, abortion was legalized, not because of some eugenic cope, but because of the nihilistic attitude of just not caring about future generations. What mattered was hedonism and selfishness and greed and getting rid of restraints to behavior which had always been considered immoral.

            Where do you live, Greg? Weren’t you recently living in San Francisco? Wouldn’t you agree that San Francisco is the way it is today – notorious for being a magnet for homelessness, drug addicts passed out on the street, a poster child for homosexuality, shoplifting and so on – because that reflects the values of people who live in San Francisco? Isn’t this their preferred way of life? I’m not blaming it all on Jews. This is their own left-libertarian bohemian values. They choose to live in filth like this. They hate people who don’t want to live that way. They truly believe that, say, evangelical Christians here in Alabama who don’t pay astronomical rents are “backward.”

            As a non-Christian, I don’t expect people like you or Richard Spencer to grasp this, but when you jettison Christianity and choose to treat life and the family the way that you would prefer … racial preservation doesn’t follow. Eugenics doesn’t follow either. Instead, the social order unravels and collapses into a cesspool of cultural degeneracy. People who kill their own offspring are sick. A society which tolerates infanticide for the sake of cultivating and pursuing lifestyles is also sick by definition. It is nihilistic. It doesn’t believe in the future. It is abandoned to pleasure seeking and novelty chasing which is what we see everything. That’s a feature, not a bug.

            Here in the Deep South, the whitest point in our entire history was reached in the 1960s. A society which restricts abortion will also take a dim view of homosexuality and divorce and mass immigration because it will be based on different values. These things are all related. Restoring one limit which breaks the cultural consensus makes it easier to smash other norms and impose other limits.

          • Hunter- “Just on marriage alone, the dominant culture changed more radically in this period of 10 to 15 years than it had in the previous 2,000 years”

            This is untrue. The biggest shift was the Council of Trent abolishing traditional marriage in favor of love marriage (and protestants adopting this standard over time by osmosis, due to the lack of any systematic social philosophy in protestantism). Trent pulled marriage out of the social realm into the individual realm. It altered the telos of marriage from its traditional social function of serving as the basic social unit of society and producing children, connecting the past to the future, to the telos of affirming the emotion of romantic love between two individuals. This was a much larger step than simply expanding that telos to affirming the romantic love between two same sex individuals. It is only a short step from Trent’s “the basis of marriage is the love between two rootless individuals” and Obergefell’s “the basis of marriage is the love between two rootless individuals regardless of sex.” Love is love, after all.

      • Maybe that’s because so many Deep South niggras were still in Detroit on auto assembly lines that have long been shut down. Now they are coming back to the South.

        • Even with internal migration, America had reached its demographic apogee in the 1960s. Most states were de facto ethnostates and even the Deep South was 2/3 to 3/4 White

          • “America had reached its demographic apogee in the 1960s”:

            That was the apogee of Caucasian versus non-Caucasian. The REAL apogee – of Anglo/British ethnicity versus non-British – was reached almost two centuries earlier. (Only the state of Maine still has both a Caucasian super-majority and a majority of the Caucasians of English descent.) By the 1960s the “American melting pot” was already very far advanced, Talmudism was dominant, and Papism (Roman Catholicism) had already surpassed every Protestant denomination. It was certainly not a golden age.

    • Here in Alabama, miscegenation and abortion were both illegal and deeply taboo. The same was true of sodomy and gay marriage. There were limits in place which deterred these unwanted social pathologies. Insofar as there was miscegenation, the one drop rule ensured that mixed race people simply became black or colored. We were far better off under the old system and the fact that Alabama had become 74% White by 1970 is proof that whatever negligible demographic gain from black abortion is more than outweighed by the negative effect that this liberal atheist culture has on Whites. Also, it is worth noting that college educated liberal White feminists vote at far higher rates for progressivism. Alabama is one of the most conservative states in the country despite having one of the blackest populations.

  10. Off topic: Why do Alabama people worship, and I do mean worship, their nigger college football players? As a lifelong resident, I’ve always found this unseemly. And I’m a (renegade) Bama grad!

    • I don’t think they do.

      They enjoy team sports. There is an entire culture around game day. It is an occasion for socializing, partying, eating out, having fun. The only thing that matters is cheering on the team. Most people don’t give a shit about the faceless players. The only thing they care about is whether the teams wins or loses.

      This is what I observe here in Auburn. Players transfer in and out. Winning is what matters. Auburn fans turned on the White quarterback Bo Nix because he kept losing. A bunch of players transferred this year. Again, it is an excuse to go out and get drunk at the bar and BBQ

      • Years ago, I bought a 1970 Auburn yearbook (Glomerata) at a Salvation Army thrift store. The football team was still all white.There was one black on the basketball team. All of the school beauties were white.

          • With Niggra thug-a-letes who get to bang White co-eds in the harem provided by all the White cuck-daddies in the booster club.

    • TW: I propose a new national anthem to be sung by all White people who attend such games as it more accurately reflects what is going on as sports has become a form of virtual Negro worship. It’s sung to the tune of Auld Lang Syme:

      All Hail to thee the God race
      Thy sacred Blackness be
      To me and mine a symbol of
      Thy African divinity

      The White race will be no more
      Their time on Earth now done
      Behold the rising here today a new black sun!

    • “Why do Alabama people worship, and I do mean worship, their nigger college football players?”


  11. The CDC reported that in 2019 approximately 630,000 legally induced abortions took place in the USA, so if we make a conservative estimation that 60% of those were by non-whites that means that “Whites” accounted for 252,000 of that total, while non-whites had 378,000 of them.

    Overturning Roe v Wade is a pyrrhic victory for White Christians at the best. It does not do anything to address more pertinent issues that plague us such as interracial violent and property crimes, the leaking sieve on our Southern border, discrimination against Whites in hiring, promotions, and admissions into selective universities, it did not advance the issues involving a “judicial system” that favors non-whites, nor does this distraction from Washington’s bumbling into World War III enhance our rights to privacy, free association, or remove us from Ashkenazi jew Merrick Garfinkle’s DoJ HVT list, nor Sephardic jew and DHS head honcho Alejandro Mayorkas’ lie of “White Nationalism” as the number one domestic threat to Americans.

    It should also be noted that allegedly Justice Alito’s majority opinion, at least rests partially on the 1964 Civil Rights Act of the outcome of Roe v Wade being disproportionally harmful to negros.

    The timing of the “leak” rallies the unhinged woke leftist when polls wear showing the democrats were in line for a historic losses in November’s midterm elections. What a cohencidence.

    • It would advance our goals by allowing pluralism in state handling of abortion. We want to eliminate the idea of a single monolithic “American” culture, so the cultural fragmentation that is already underway can be furthered and ultimately the USA can be broken up and destroyed.

  12. With pro-lifers moving from abortion permitted states to abortion illegal states, this possibly could accelerate an already very polarized nation towards Balkanization. So there is a huge potential Whitepill.

    • If you have a good job and a nice house in a nice neighborhood, are you going to just pull up and move 200 miles to another state just because abortions are performed at some OB-GYN clinic five miles away? How about if they build some Section Ape AhPahrtmints accross deh skreet from yo’ crib??

  13. I think that Steve Sailer must be monitoring this thread as he has a very interesting piece over at UNZ on this very topic. A lot of cites from Freakanomics and some charts and graphs and such, but Sailer seems rather agnostic on the whole matter of real vs. hypothetical demographics and demographic change.

  14. The current debate on abortion is what happens when you live in an anti-nation. (That is what the United States has become-the American Anti-nation) If we had our own nation we would not have to engage in this idiotic debate with all its racial implications. The Ethno-State resolution is the only solution!

  15. Once again, the cultist religious are destroying us. Their morals get in the way of saving our race. They care more about “what God wants”… The same God that has our lands being destroyed and doesn’t intervene to help us.

    • We turned our back on Him, what did you expect?

      God blessed this nation because we were following His will. We then spit on Him and decided we were wiser than He is.

      We have reaped what we have sowed.

      Turning to Him and getting back in line with His will is the only way.

  16. I don’t agree that Roe was the result of “left-libertarian expressive individualism,” unless you mean by that Jews. I think legalized abortion was almost entirely a cause of New York Jews. Contraceptives, which opened the door to abortion, was a WASP project. The WASP elite we’re concerned that undesirables (I.e., blacks and Catholics) were having too many children and that would weaken their demographic power. Rockefeller Jr tried to convince the Pope to change Catholic dogma on artificial birth control but that went nowhere as it is clearly prohibited by God in the Bible. Unfortunately, the Protestants allowed it and concracepted themselves out of existence.

  17. In a non-degenerate culture, Whites even as smaller minority than we are now would be much stronger.

    I agree with Hunter.

    I’ve switched back and forth on this issue but unleashing women from their historical roles and duties to the family and wider community with on demand abortion, no fault divorce, and careerism as the highest goal was a nuclear weapon against White America.

    It’s the reason I am not pro-White in sentimentality. I’m not anti-White but just agnostic due to the conditions that exist in much of America which preclude a strong pro-White sentimentality from forming.

    The Alt-Right was a phenomenon that is now over. What still exists is the indispensable counter-semitism, historical criticisms and revisions, racial analyses, metapolitics, global politics, dissident/skepticism mentality, anti-neoconservatism, anti-MIC, anti-Deep State, pro-nationalism, desire for cultural awakening and transformation, and a push for self-improvement. All good things which thankfully still persist.

    The former leader of the Alt-Right is now a champion for Ukraine just like every other CIA/Regime bootlicking libtard, Con Inc/RNC scum, and the entire J-Left to J-Right spectrum.

    It’s embarrassing to behold but it’s exactly what an Alt-Right intellectual would do……..

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