1. When did these Indians and Pakistanis become the face of moral authority and trust. Dinesh Dsousa for Fox, Fareed for CNN, the barely literate heads of Twitter. In everyday life on the street now all i see are them as well. Running 7-11, owning the local businesses, buying up the entire neighborhood as they jump on any elderly white death and keep out whites.

    We have seen black issues for centuries but these people came overnight. And most of them are unexceptionally average in all regards. Smallish, not overly bright, zero charm or compassion

    • “When did these Indians and Pakistanis become the face of moral authority and trust”

      When WHITES became tolerant fools.

    • @Captain Shill,
      Well I had to visit my doctor last week to have my blood pressure and cholesterol levels checked. My own doctor was off for three weeks, so was saddled with an Indian fill in who looked about 26………and couldn’t understand a fucking word he was saying. In the end, I got the impression that my blood pressure and cholesterol levels needed reducing. All I wanted to know was the best foods to consume to aid this. Instead, I’m now on two sets of medication which I don’t want.
      Our own doctors seem to be going to third world countries to help out there, whilst all their doctors are coming here!
      In addition, all our truck drivers, 7/11 workers, security guards and cleaners, etc are Indian. My question is this:- doesn’t India need them?

      • I have a great Nurse Practitioner that does telemedicine visits for $40. Call her, hushed sends in the Rx and I’m done. Awesome and no ESL Docs!

    • He is not U.S. (((THEY))) are not U.S. Sodomites and Lez-beens are not even human, but demon possessed sexual pervs. Aborting whores are cannibals.

      Secede? Gladly. But I’ll gladly throw the first stone, as well….once it’s lawful. And it’s gonna be.
      Josh. 24:15

  2. We’ve been in a state of low-intensity war since 1964. I’m one of the 3%. Unless it’s a nigger or mestizo, abortion is murder.

    • It’s a one-sided war unfortunately. Kind of like the Morlocks versus the Eloi in The Time Machine by H.G. Wells.

  3. These women like “Spooky Spam” are demon possessed. Only a demon would be so passionate about killing one of God’s creations.

    This isn’t a legal battle, it’s a spiritual one.

    • @SC Rebel——she is just a lost soul. She has just lost her way, but she is still one of Gods flock.

      • She hates Christ, so that makes her my enemy.

        Trying to convert people like this is casting pearls before the swine.

  4. There was only twenty people in front of Brent Kavanuagh’s house. I expected more.

    Everybody knows this is ugly ugly business and nobody wants to be a part of it. Only the shameless, the ugly and the Jew can protest in favor or abortions.

  5. I don’t care what any macaca says. Or any movie a macaca makes. But the National Divorce, that gets my attention. Endorse.

    Meanwhile Bong Bong Marcos is the new President of the Philippines. Just a word on that. This is what you get when they attack you savagely and throw you out in a color revolution and vilify you for decades, and openly steal the VP election from you six years ago, but the whole family holds strong, and never once apologizes. The wheel turns, the years pass, and the son is elected President in a landslide.

  6. Gimme the tldr of what he said. I don’t plan to feed views to CNN’s videos.

    • The country is deeply divided by class, culture, religion, region and density. Dems losing Roe will accelerate division

  7. “I’m ready for the National Divorce when you are.”

    Come on, Hunter. This talk of “national divorce” is pure fantasy. As a Southerner you should know that. “National divorce” is all that the Confederacy wanted in 1861, and look what happened.

    These people are not going to let a “national divorce” happen. They want to conquer you and occupy your state and force you to submit to their Satanic ZOG/Homo agenda. And if you resist they will be more than happy to kill you and they will feel 110% morally justified in doing so.

    • “These people are not going to let a “national divorce” happen. ”

      No, natural forces will cause it to collapse.
      (( They)) are not powerful enough to hold back nature.

    • This is a good point. It always goes a long way to explain why they’ve been importing millions of military-ages males to cross the border in organized “caravans” for a decade running now. The “Grand Army of the Yankee” will be resurrected. It was one of Housenigga Hussein’s promises as I recall. Repukes are of course fully on board with it, along with various groups of cucks: chamber of commerce, Chistian Zionists, etc.

  8. Well, if we are going to do this the possibility of a nuclear war with Russia should be a motivating principle for secession far more than should abortion. So let us not just take red states but red counties and red Congressional districts currently held hostage in blue states as well as a sizable portion of Western Canada. If we had a serious movement already in place I can see where a lot of nations would like to see us secede. Some of them might even secretly finance us.

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